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NPI 2013: Outside the Conference

Outside the NPI Conference [1]831 words

The National Policy Institute’s recent conference in Washington, D.C. was a well-organized, informative, and inspiring affair. I expected nothing less from Richard Spencer and the rest of the NPI team. The first-rate line-up of thinkers on tribe and tradition spoke against America’s current trajectory. They explored a range of topics, breaking up formal speeches with more casual and inclusive panels.

American Renaissance has published a definitive overview of the event [2] itself, but what’s equally compelling for me is the outside world’s hysterical reaction to our polite fellowship and exchange of ideas.

Around a dozen anti-White “antifa” desperately tried to intimidate and harass us throughout the weekend, running through one of our hotels in search of “nazis,” barking insults and threats at us as we entered and left the building, and even assaulting one foolish attendee [3] who attempted to step out of the conference for a quick smoke.

But they were pikers compared to the snarkiness the journalists from Salon and Vice had in store!

According to Salon’s Lauren M. Fox, “Young white supremacists gather in D.C. to talk Ayn Rand, race and IQ, economic collapse [4],” adding triumphantly that she “crashed the sad event.” Any discussions about Ayn Rand or race and IQ took place in the lobby, if they happened at all. What actually happened at the event was Roman Bernard openly mocking the cranial measurement hobby in favor of a focus on finding, defining, and refining our traditional identities.

Both Lauren and C. J. Ciaramella from Vice desperately worked the conference for somebody, anybody, who would go on record with something authentically supremacist. They feverishly scribbled notes through hours and hours of talks but didn’t find one serviceable example of us being all mean and hateful.

Lauren warns, “One might have expected a gathering like this to be full of swastikas or skinheads committed to a common cause or united in a call for uprising, but that’s not the aesthetic Richard Spencer is trying to cultivate.” Aesthetic. You see, it was all a pose. She’s convinced that every last speaker and attendee was in on an elaborate ruse. Either Richard Spencer has managed to train and assemble the most disciplined and clever nazis this side of Operation Barbarossa . . . or Lauren and C. J. are projecting.

Honestly, only a Leftist with no intellectual curiosity and little if any background research could confuse us with the Ayn Rand scene.

To their credit, they both accurately reported the most important news from the event: NPI was packed with young attendees [5]. Since I first started doing this work in my early twenties, the Left has teased us for being a dying breed, a handful of crusty geezers who are “afraid of the future.” There was some truth to the charge when I first started, but the tide’s been turning for a while now.

Yet Lauren’s still displeased. In fact, a venue packed with intelligent young people left her feeling “cramped” and surrounded by “nerds.” C. J.’s article mocks the young attendees for being cowardly for guarding their identities, then gloats later about photographing and taunting some attendees. Both journalists cleverly likened our meeting room to a bunker. Both tittered about us being shunned by hairy feminists. Both made light of us being targeted for discrimination. Even Arthur Goldwag of the SPLC managed to embed himself and write a hit piece on the previous conference [6] without being so boorish.

Personally, I would start feeling self-conscious if they stopped insulting and denigrating me. If defending our people is a noble and necessary calling, then it’s noble and necessary in every hour, especially the darkest hour. The scrappy “antifa” outside understood us a bit better than the hipster bloggers sitting beside us. The antifa know that the only hope for stopping us lies in blocking our path, in physically stopping us. Like a bacterial infection tested by wave after wave of antibiotics, we’re immune to social shaming and occupational discrimination tactics.

Any Westerner outside the past century would take NPI’s message as self-evident and uncontroversial. So would any member of a traditional society outside the West today. The anti-white dogma that all groups except ours have a right to cherish and preserve their identities is quite new and obviously vulnerable to critique. Their view that we’ve arrived at an end of history in which natural human ethnocentrism has been conquered once and for all by Homo Americanus is the extreme and utopian one.

The reporters from Salon and Vice, and the contemporary Western elite groupthink they channel, are truly provincial, discredited, and dim when viewed from the perspective of science, history, and contemporary traditional cultures. Most of today’s smug Leftists were born into a worldview they’ve never seriously challenged or contextualized. But within the lifetimes of their grandparents, their own school of thought was marginal and despised, the province of eccentric, alienated, powerless, yet ambitious young people who turned the world upside down . . . just like the ones at NPI, who will set it right again.