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The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser 
It’s Good Business

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It may not seem like it, but we are making progress. What can loosely be called the Alternative Right is slowly reaching towards a program in politics, ideology, and even spirituality. There is a remarkable consensus among the famously fractious personalities of the North American New Right about the desirability of an ethnostate, the moral foundation of Tradition, and even the organizational and aesthetic tactics to be used to build our constituency. More importantly, though white advocacy remains at the margins of political debate, it is also, in a strange way, at the center. There is no politician nor party that is not obsessed with rhetoric about the specter of “white nationalism,” even when supposedly discussing issues such as taxes or health care.

Where the System Opposition falls short is in the building of institutions. There is a great deal of rhetoric about thought about the organizations that “should” or “could” exist, but few of them do. More to the point, those that exist are busy chasing a small pool of donors. There are no multibillion foundations building an army of activists and scholars that can march their way through the institutions.

The bottom line is that the main obstacle we face is not ideological, social, or even moral – it is financial. The climate of fear that prevents ordinary Americans from speaking out about the destruction of their country is derives from their fear of losing their job or standard of living. Scholars and intellectuals who keep their heads down about controversial issues are afraid of permanently destroying their career prospects. Young activists who would be willing to throw themselves across the barbed wire suddenly lose their courage when they begin thinking about what they are going to do for a living once they turn thirty. Each person lost to the movement through this fear is a casualty of war, a theft from our people.

It’s all very well for people to just scream that activists should “have more courage” and work publicly. However, most of the “public activists” quickly find themselves cut out of even low level jobs and pursued by ideological commissars even in their utterly nonpolitical activities [2].

Activists can’t really complain about this – after all, this is the business we have chosen [3]. That said, it does impose a certain obligation on those of us who work behind pen names or who quietly support for the sidelines. Our activists and writers should be able to derive at least subsistence – not because of anything that is “owed” them or out of a kind of duty, but because every hour spent chasing dollars in a random job to pay bills or rent is an hour taken away from the struggle.

We are never going to be able to outfundraise the enforcers of System orthodoxy. After all, a guaranteed paycheck is the main point of aligning with the System. But we don’t need to. With a remarkably small number of people contributing a remarkably small amount of money, we can provide a “safe space” for our side, a base for activists and scholars that can have an impact far outweighing their numbers.

Therefore, I’m not asking for donations because of Aryan duty, or the promise of a glorious future, or even because it is the right thing to do. All of these are true, but that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that one dollar donated to the North American Right will go further than just about any other investment you can make.

After all, the point of money is to be able to craft the kind of way of life that you want. It’s for that reason that so many wealthy people who love to talk of the glories of diversity do their best to live apart from it. Nonetheless, think of the amount of waste – in dollars, opportunity cost, time spent – for those who pour the best years of their lives in order to get away from a collapsing culture in some McMansion somewhere.

How much more effective, intelligent, and efficient to support a vanguard that is already creating in miniature a safe space for culture, ideology, and activism that can build real communities worth living in? To sustain activists that are making a real difference in the world? To serve as the vanguard of not just a movement that can change the world – but the only kind of movement to change the world?

Another world is possible. Sacrificing luxuries, or waste, or comfort to bring about this world isn’t just a moral act or a dutiful act – it’s an intelligent act. With a small donation, you make a practical, concrete difference in building a different kind of community and a better way of life. With a large donation, you can ensure that community’s survival. How much more intelligent a use of your resources is that than buying cable, or frittering away on luxuries, or donating to charities that despise you? What we offer is a real return – a positive investment that no other cause can offer.

Please support the North American New Right [4] with all you can, not as a sacrifice, but as an investment. The rewards are far greater than anything you can imagine.