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Why I Support Counter-Currents

Grant Wood, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" (1931) [1]

Grant Wood, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” (1931)

1,291 words

Counter-Currents is a platform for a variety of viewpoints aimed at a variety of groups, several of which I was unfamiliar with before the site went online. Not everything appeals to everyone. (Its editor truthfully observed that a reader would have to be schizophrenic to approve of everything Counter-Currents publishes.) 

Whites are characterized by psychological heterogeneity. Our people aren’t Jews (thank God), each a shard of a shattered hologram containing an identical image of the whole. Our heterogeneity is a strength from a civilizational perspective, but a serious weakness from the standpoint of group survival in the present social environment.

Everything occurs within a context. What people consider important depends upon their values, their ability to distinguish truth from socially-generated falsehood, and their capacity to transcend conformity and blind obedience to perceived authority.

From my perspective, essential components of Counter-Currents’ mission include the following.

It recognizes that our race is deliberately being destroyed—laws and moral precepts against genocide notwithstanding. Deeply racist, totalitarian elites and governments are obsessed with wiping out our people. Against this tide, Counter-Currents’ mission includes the survival of the white race—encouraging whites to radically and without apology take their own side.

Biological race overrides secondary values, including now-outmoded 19th-century-style nationalisms, regionalism, language, religion, and colorful individual cultures. This is the significance of the statement that if our race—our Aryan gene pool—survives, Western civilization may reappear, but if our people die, our unique culture and values vanish with them.

Counter-Currents does not evade the taboo, the extremely uncomfortable fact, that Jews play the leading role in our destruction, intellectually, morally, and by instilling their goals and their hatred into elites and masses alike. Such recognition is vital, because those who fail to acknowledge the Jewish role, whether their denial is honest or dishonest, cannot, and therefore will not, save our race.

Finally, Counter-Currents recognizes that a radical solution to our problem is now necessary. Conservatism will not do. Our enemies have nothing but contempt for freedom of speech and democracy. They have rendered peaceful fundamental change impossible.  Those destroying us do not and will not obey laws or heed the dictates of justice in pursuit of their evil goals. They are incapable of playing “fair” even by their own crooked rules, using their own stacked deck and loaded dice!

Ideas do not automatically propagate themselves. In pursuance of the above precepts, Counter-Currents publishes this website and hardcopy books. It recognizes, more than most publications or organizations—some of which have adopted an unrealistically parochial stance—the need for a pan-European outlook. Our population is collapsing too rapidly for anything else to work.

Anti-colonialism quickly stripped us of our global dominance, then destroyed several full-blown First World nations in southern Africa—including one nuclear-armed state. Next, anti-white elites, with the intention of destroying our people, instantaneously swamped all European homelands, everywhere, with non-white aliens and assiduously blocked the ability of the natives to respond defensively in any way—even verbally (this they call “terrorism”)!

As a consequence, translations of material into and out of the numerous Indo-European languages have been an important Counter-Currents project, enabling whites to speak to one another across international boundaries, breaking down to some extent the deadly, insular mindset that linguistic balkanization and excessive parochialism fostered for too long. Genocide is a transnational program perpetrated by a cosmopolitan criminal elite backed by government, and revolutionary opposition to it must be transnational as well.

As a final point, there is a definite sense that we are approaching an historical inflection point. Yes, Jewish, Leftist, and governmental power and anti-white actions continue to intensify. And yes, things are becoming more and more totalitarian every day.

And yet, these people cannot rule. They are biologically incapable of running societies or governments on their own—and that is precisely the position they are now in. Formerly, there was a white West that could be cozened into subsidizing and breathing continued life into Communism, so it lasted much longer than it otherwise would have. The same is true of Zionism.

But fiscal irresponsibility on a gargantuan scale, endless Jewish-instigated slaughters and overthrows of nations abroad, arrogant, untrammeled Jewish-Leftist imperialism on an unimaginable scale with complete contempt for the maligned victims, “Holocaust” blackmail, destruction of families, gross, unnatural sexual behavior designed to destroy within-race reproduction, importation of tens of millions of coloreds from all over the world motivated by ever-intensifying hatred of rapidly disappearing whites, against whom more and more fury is directed the less power they have and the more insignificant they become, will bring a swift end to this cynical shell game. It does not take a genius to see that advanced civilization cannot persist for long under such circumstances. There will be a wreck.

The West was destroyed through the rulers’ own hatred, intolerance, and greed. But soon there will be no West, no outside force, to bully and milk. The only plausible substitute for the “Western” role will be China and East Asia. I believe this substitution can be accomplished. But as soon as the aliens have established their dominance there, the destructive process will begin anew. It is their nature. It’s who and what they are. It is the only way they can relate to other human beings: big lies, hypocrisy, racism, hatred, blame, insatiable greed, selfishness, perpetual anger, self-righteous indignation, obsessive spying, domination, censorship, destruction of traditional religion, pornography and sexual dissolution (extremely important in destroying Gentile societies), violence, oppression, and, finally, murder and obliteration of native populations.

Tell the locusts to stop devouring the wheat field. (Good luck with that.)

In light of all this, William L. Pierce, the radical founder of the National Alliance, taught:

We should never think, Well, I am only one person. What I do or don’t do isn’t important. I can’t make a difference by myself.

That kind of thinking is wrong. We can make a difference. Courage is contagious. It spreads from person to person.

And it is powerful. One courageous truth-teller can back down a thousand cowards and liars and hypocrites.

There has never been a time in the long history of our race when we were more in need of a few honest men and women, a few people of courage and integrity. There has never been another time when a few good men and women had the opportunity to make such a big difference as they can make right now. (“Brainwashing in America,” American Dissident Voices broadcast, 1995)

History is always made by a minority, even—in the case of Aryans at least—by the individual. What you do, what one man or woman does—and, ultimately, what we do collectively—matters.

It has ever been thus.

* * *

Beneath, in the churchyard, lay the dead,
In their night encampment on the hill,
Wrapped in silence so deep and still . . .

He springs to the saddle, the bridle he turns . . .

A hurry of hoofs in a village street,
A shape in the moonlight, a bulk in the dark,
And beneath, from the pebbles, in passing, a spark
Struck out by a steed flying fearless and fleet;
That was all! And yet, through the gloom and the light,
The fate of a nation was riding that night;
And the spark struck out by that steed, in his flight,
Kindled the land into flame with its heat. . . .

A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo for evermore!
For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The people will waken and listen to hear . . .

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