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Ab Aeterno . . . ad Infinitum

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Ab Aeterno [2] (since always) was founded in 2010 as the “Journal of the Academy of Social and Political Research,” edited by Dr. Dimitris Michalopoulos in Greece and published by Dr. Kerry Bolton in New Zealand. 

I received Ab Aeterno from the start. In its 15 issues, Ab Aeterno published a distinguished roster of writers including Alexander Dugin, Michael Walker, Michael O’Meara, and Tomislav Sunic. Thanks to its editor, Ab Aeterno had especially good coverage of Greece.

Much to my surprise, however, Ab Aeterno’s circulation peaked at about 40. Thus to give its many excellent articles the impact that they deserve, Counter-Currents will be publishing select Ab Aeterno articles online. I want to thank Drs. Michalopoulos and Bolton for this opportunity and for their hard work on Ab Aeterno.

Greg Johnson