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Video of the Day 
Holding the Moral High Ground

7:02 / 142 words

http://youtu.be/o8dSWfW0Wgw [1]

I have to congratuate the woman in this video for her cool comportment under pressure. She defended herself without seeming defensive. She stood firm while remaining relaxed and open. She radiated moral certitude and self-confidence. She maintained the moral high ground in all her interactions, using her opponents’ liberal premises against them. Unable to defeat her in debate, they were reduced to chanting slogans at her. It was wise of her to have the entire event videotaped, not only to share it with the world but to deter violence against her.

I would love to interview this woman for Counter-Currents Radio. If anyone out there knows how to reach her, please put her in contact [2] with me.

Share your thoughts about strengths of her performance, areas for improvement, and ideas for how to apply these lessons below.

Greg Johnson