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George Zimmerman’s White Knight Nightmare

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George Zimmerman did absolutely everything by the book. He married a wife to whom he’s remained loyal. He acquired a home with a mortgage in the suburbs. He enrolled in college to further his education. He even found time to volunteer on behalf of his community, risking his own safety to ensure the safety of the other families in his neighborhood. He’s the kind of guy who runs up to a burning vehicle to save its occupants without a moment’s hesitation.

Zimmerman’s not white, but he’s definitely a “white knight.” He embodies a traditional spirit of stewardship and self-sacrifice our forefathers would have admired and upheld. America’s emergent mocha blend Anglo-Brazilian phenotype isn’t what I want. And that identity wouldn’t have a spirit and culture that I would belong in. It would still be an entirely different country than the one our forefathers designed for us. But it wouldn’t necessarily be bad if it had enough men like George Zimmerman, who would offer the only possible hope for a post-white America.

The decline of America is as much about the decline of its traditional values as the decline of its tribal identity. While reading comic books as a child, I always found the premise that everybody despised the hero hackneyed and unbelievable. Surely, people who’ve been saved from a burning vehicle would be eternally grateful for having been rescued, with the nation rejoicing in Zimmerman’s heroism. Nope. He saved a contemptible American family. The family refuses to thank him [2], and he was met with a cacophony of conspiracy theories and contempt.

Don't Be Their Hero

Don’t Be Their Hero

George Zimmerman attended an American college, one which expelled him [3] for being accused of and tried for murder. He was directly persecuted by an American president who personally sicced his attack dog Eric Holder on the poor bastard, forcing a trial which established legal precedent never would have allowed. The American media flagrantly fabricated and manipulated facts [4] to turn popular opinion against this man. The more he tries to behave honorably, the more this monstrous horde of cackling jackals pile on their death threats, bounties on his life, and attacks on his character.

Now George Zimmerman’s wife has filed for divorce [5], accusing this man of being “selfish” while wriggling her chubby little American fingers around everything he owns and will ever acquire in the future. He had attempted to go to counseling with her, and had begged her not to leave him, but it’s no use. There’s no room for loyalty in her patriotic little heart, just a cool and calculated decision about whether standing by him or betraying him would be the shortest route in her pursuit of happiness. Given how much the neighborhood and nation boil with contempt for him for having risked his life on their behalf, it was a no-brainer.

During my recent adventure protesting outside the Marxist bookstore Boxcar Books [6], a few white Americans made a special point to walk up to me, their faces snarling with contempt and their eyes stabbing mine, to personally inform me that they despise me, see me as subhuman, and wish me ill. Getting a random phone call or email to that effect on roughly a weekly basis (it’s a reliable trailing indicator of my productivity) is routine for me, but there’s no substitute for the thrill of feeling a deeply hateful and bigoted brainwashed Modern American directly coughing up his or her bile on me, face-to-face.

Shellie Zimmerman

Shellie Zimmerman, Modern American Woman

Of course, George Zimmerman’s wife would have us believe that he is the one who’s selfish while she’s breaking her solemn vow and grabbing up everything that’s not nailed to the floor. The Anti-Defamation League would have you believe that it’s the group fighting nationalism and interracial violence while it feverishly promotes Israeli imperialism and celebrates its founding mission of defending interracial violence [7] against whites. The mob at Boxcar Books would have us believe that they are the ones promoting peace and opposing violence while they vigorously support the warmongering Barack Obama and stand in solidarity with the Tinley Park Six who viciously assaulted a restaurant full of customers and staff.

At this late stage in the Kali Yuga, this sort of decadence, depravity, and inversion of traditional morality is to be expected. It’s a historical mega-trend, and there’s little an individual can actually do about it. The one thing we can and must do about it is ensure that those of us who remain Traditionalist refrain from squandering our honor, loyalty, duty, discipline, and courage on men, women, and institutions that deserve to burn. Doing so only strengthens the decadent society. If Zimmerman had never volunteered to protect his neighborhood, the neighborhood would have continued being burglarized and terrorized by Trayvon Martin . . . which it evidently desired and deserved.

Don’t help promote “conservative” causes in contemporary American politics. Stop trying to conserve it. Don’t hold open doors for modern American women. Don’t invest in your local community. Spend your time and energy networking with and building relationships with and loyalties to the remnant hidden among the degenerate mob who are the torchbearers of Tradition. Be their hero and only their hero. If you must act, act only on behalf of those too young, mentally ill, or unintelligent to be properly accountable for consenting to this system. If you’re called to a public position, accept and embrace your role as the outcast and villain of these people and everything they stand for.

Heed the lesson from George Zimmerman’s ceaseless series of woes. This society, by and large, is our enemy. Napoleon cautions us to “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Stop interrupting this society’s self-immolation.

Be a hero, and be a white knight, but not for this modern world.