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The Psychology of a Turncoat

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The SPLC [2], a powerful Southern Jewish hate group and anti-First Amendment organization with extensive ties to the media, police, secret police, and judiciary, has announced triumphantly that Derek Black, 24, the activist son of Stormfront founder Don Black, has renounced his views and joined the bloated ranks of the anti-white multitude. (“Activist Son of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism [3],” July 17, 2013) 

Not too many years ago the media, goose-stepping like Soviet troops to the SPLC’s tune, muttered darkly about young Black’s AM radio program (paid for out-of-pocket, we now learn, by his father) and activist outreach to white youth. We were assured once again that Jews and “minorities” were under dire, imminent threat from white speech. Next . . . the ovens!

As ever, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The same old racist defamation.

In what follows I assume for purposes of argument that the statement by Black to the SPLC [4] is a) reported accurately and b) sincere on Black’s part. (He wrote, “I realize not all will instantly believe me, or may perceive this as a seemingly abrupt change when it has been instead a gradual awakening process.”)

I have no reason to doubt his confession, which is why I discuss it. Indeed, denunciation of whites and genuflection before Jews is the social norm.

Since I wrote the last two paragraphs, the SPLC has released a new Internet article [5] clarifying the issue. Derek’s father Don Black is quoted as expressing his “shock” on Stormfront:

Derek was here all weekend, helping us build and replace old windows [at the family home in West Palm Beach, Florida]. He’s made it annoyingly obvious over the past few months he was no longer interested in WN [white nationalist] activism, but he always said he was still WN. I knew the Jews at the Poverty Palace were working hard, since he would be such a big prize for them.

But he didn’t give us a clue as to what he planned today.

I don’t want to talk to him, but his big sister called him, and he confirmed that he had written what the SPLC posted. He says he doesn’t understand why we’d feel betrayed just because he announced his “personal beliefs” to our worst enemies. Oh well. Just when I thought I couldn’t lose anything else.

Some threshold questions come to mind.

Why did the SPLC release Derek Black’s statements? (In part, obviously, to hurt and demoralize his family.) Why did it publicize his conversion the way it did in light of its usual target audiences—Jews, anti-white and anti-First Amendment international, federal, state, and local police and secret police agencies [6], sympathetic politicians, prosecutors and judges, high-level federal and state bureaucrats, academics and university administrators, mass media outlets and, finally, antifa domestic terrorists?

What is the SPLC’s motivation? What purposes does the information, presented the way it is, serve among these moderately diverse constituencies by enabling them to work effectively toward shared goals of white dispossession and oppression and development of increasingly racist, illiberal, anti-Constitutional, and anti-democratic social structures?

Secondly, why was the story not picked up by the mass media? At the very least, there should have been a handful of stories, and conceivably even widespread coverage, as in the recent arrest of anti-Breivik Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes in France. It is, I assume, within the SPLC’s power to determine to some extent the level of media coverage of its material.

In the same article the SPLC quotes reactions from various whites on the handful of Web forums that still exist. One post advocating exile to Africa was by a “Maxfield Parrish” on Occidental Dissent:

He is a traitor, one without hope and one without redemption. Should WN’s ever seize power his name should figure prominently on the “Hunt Down List” . . . softened up with brass knuckles to the face and groin, then water-boarded, reducing him to a quivering, gelatinous lump of obedient flesh.

It appears the values of the US government (which the SPLC diligently serves), Israelis, neocons, and Ivy League “civil libertarians” like Alan Dershowitz have now struck deep roots in American culture.

The Jews overthrew 500 years of painfully-won humanitarian moral and legal progress overnight in their contempt for human rights and greedy demands for torture and assassination. Congratulations!

The SPLC added that “there were those who acknowledged the most obvious conclusion—that it’s an error to indoctrinate young children” (i.e., teach your children to care about the fate of their own kind). Not until you fully grasp the true nature of the Jew will the arrogance, irony, and self-righteous hypocrisy of this genocidal sentiment hit home to you.

Black’s public confession has a ritualistic quality. Further, it contains elements of what in the Soviet Union was known as self-criticism, and in Red China jiǎntǎo (检讨).

The most striking feature of the statement is its triteness. It could have been lifted directly from any college professor, textbook, Hollywood celebrity, or TV commentator. Or, for that matter, from the SPLC’s or ADL’s own propaganda. There is nothing original in his beliefs whatsoever. Americans have heard the identical clichés thousands and thousands of times before.

In the confession, Black denounces an alleged “white power” configuration responsible for the “structural oppression” of Jews and non-whites.

Brain teaser: If Derek Black were to send a letter to the white power structure he decries, castigating its members for their sins, where would he mail it? To the White House? To Microsoft’s Jewish CEO? Wal-Mart? Wall Street? Hollywood? (Remember, for Black, as for most whites, Jews are not the problem—indeed, they are not part of any problem, and cannot be criticized.)

The Jewish answer, of course, is: Whites as a group are inherently racist from birth [7]— “the cancer of human history” as one of their most eminent and revered spokesmen famously put it. The only way to eliminate “racism” is to eradicate the whites who carry it (ultimately, all of them).

What else do you do with “cancer”?

What are they doing?

Revealingly, Black made his confession directly to the SPLC, a Jewish organization in bed with the government. He thereby abased himself simultaneously before the “Party” and the US’s ruling race. His compulsion—unerringly correct from the perspective of a turncoat—was to propitiate the Jews. He did not confess to the Negroes: he ignored blacks and confessed to those who rule.

Black is not the first turncoat to ritually confess directly to the SPLC. It seems that whites inside and outside of the power elite hold the Jews of this organization in quasi-sacred awe. Racialists even grant friendly interviews to these deadly foes.

At 24, Black is not a child. He has not grown more radical. Rather, he has gravitated to the far Left—to the Establishment. It seems unlikely that he will ever hold pro-white views again.

I have the definite sense that Black’s distinctive hairstyle and vaguely Amish- or Orthodox-style garb in past photos says something meaningful about his personality and psychology, though I am not sure what.

Black must have been exposed while quite young to a thorough understanding of our situation, given that his father was imprisoned by the state. Presumably, he was educated about the facts in a non-superficial way.

In a totalitarian state, cultural values proscribed by the ruling class cannot generally be transmitted successfully to children by their families. Under most circumstances the values of the power elite and the state will prevail instead. Also, it has been a core policy objective to thoroughly undermine the family, and it has been quite successful.

Without knowing the details, it seems certain that the mass media played an important role in altering Black’s beliefs. They are all-pervasive, and speak day and night with a fanatical, unified voice about race. You cannot go one hour without being exposed to anti-white or philo-Semitic messages.

The “educational” system was also a factor. Mark Potok, a Jewish racist employed by the SPLC, indicates that Black recently finished his third year at the “elite” New College of Florida.

I’ve never heard of this “elite” college, although I am familiar with elite Jewish universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Evidently an oppressive atmosphere of institutional and peer discrimination at the college caused Black last November to post a racial mea culpa to a private, students-only forum.

The Jews, natural communists, immediately recognized the psychological significance of the ambiguously-worded statement. Of course, they do lots of illegal spying besides, and thus had a rich context within which to interpret his words.

The abusive put-downs at New College probably involved a substantial face-to-face component, which Jews know is psychologically and emotionally extremely stressful to their prey. Not for nothing do they prattle endlessly about “hurtful” words and looks, epithets, and “bullying” for their favored constituencies while ruthlessly employing the same modus operandi against their white, conservative, heterosexual, and Christian victims.

Black mentioned in his private student post that “terrifying” accusations of hatred and racism “have been posted in [college] threads about me.” To refute the evidently hurtful and hateful messages he pleaded defensively (in part):

I am not a white supremacist, nor do I identify with white supremacy.

I have nothing against anyone because of their race, religion, or anything similar.

I am not a Nazi, nor do I identify with Nazism.

I’m also pro-choice (regulated by states), pro-gay marriage (with gov’t not defining marriage between people), and anti-death penalty (regulated by states).

The Jews call hurtful falsehoods of the kind propagated by New College “defamation” when done to them. No, that’s not right. They call truthful statements defamation.

But, it goes without saying that Jews are free to lie outright, spew hatred, and threaten violence against anyone. After all, they’re Jews.

The SPLC, which operates an elaborate spy network to monitor, harm, and bankrupt whites everywhere in America who speak out or organize, proceeded to expose Black’s private message in an article.

About the facts of anti-white racism and discrimination, ongoing genocide, Jewish power and privilege, and the tyranny under which we suffer, there can be no reasonable dispute. The facts are plain and irrefutable. The Jews know them, governments know them, the Left knows them, and we know them.

Imagine if the positions were reversed, with Jews treated like whites, with pervasive, systematic, institutionalized discrimination (“affirmative action” and “minority preferences”) the least of the actions taken against them. The terrorism and bloodshed they would have unleashed would have destabilized the government long ago.

Yet, while denying freedom of speech and association to whites, and any access to the mass media or role in the democratic process—i.e., all methods of peaceful change—they preach: “Don’t even think or speak of violence.”

And, of course, we obey. They ARE Jews.

Fascinatingly, Jews and governments are hoist by their own petard. Choose any buzzword, “principle,” or law you want—”racism,” “hate,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity,” “discrimination,” “offensive,” “hurtful,” “equal rights,” “religious bigotry,” and on and on endlessly, and you will discover a perfect description of their own behavior.

If you desire to see the Jew, the Left, the tyrant, listen attentively to the epithets they hurl against those they hate. The formerly Invisible Jew will materialize from the shadows, revealed in the starkest light.

It is not possible to credibly maintain, as Black does, that “white power,” much less “supremacy” or “(white) racism,” is entrenched in contemporary society, that whites lord it over Jews and non-whites, or discriminate against them, violently oppress them, are legally privileged, or that replacement migration in every white homeland worldwide does not threaten whites’ existence.

Endlessly repeated claims like these are nonsense on a par with “biological race does not exist” mouthed by genocidal obsessives for whom biological race is everything.

It is possible, or course, to advocate oppression, dispossession, discrimination, and genocide of the white race—or not to care about such evils. Ultimately, that is the position of Jews, the government, Left-wing elites, and now Derek Black.

We know that if Black were a Jew he’d be called a self-hating Jew, if Negro an Oreo [8] (black on the outside, white on the inside), if Amerindian an apple (red on the outside, white on the inside), if Mestizo a coconut, and so on. How instructive it is that no parallel epithet exists for whites—the race in greatest danger of extinction, and which suffers the brunt of ruling class enmity.

In many ways, “self-hating white” seems the appropriate label for Derek Black.

But run-of-the-mill whites like him are generally not self-hating. Rather, they are self-righteous. Internalization of prevailing dogmas invariably imparts a smug sense of moral superiority.