Detroit’s Downfall . . . & Japan’s

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The most depressing thing about Detroit’s bankruptcy [2] isn’t the hours victims wait for police responses, sprawling neighborhoods reverting back to nature, historic buildings crumbling to ruin, or the once-vanquished problems of illiteracy and sex slavery climbing out of their graves. It’s certainly not the financial quandary the city’s in, or the uncertain fate of its pensioners and employees. The most hopeless thing about Detroit is the false hope which hangs on despite reason and sanity. It’s the radio host this morning bubbling about how this is an exciting opportunity for Detroit to “turn the page” and “start from a blank slate.”

Only a neutron bomb would afford Detroit the blank slate they’re hoping for.

A couple years ago, while giving a speech [3] to a room full of General Motors retirees in Northern Indiana, I noted that Hiroshima was devastated by our most monstrous doomsday device. A nuclear blast obliterated its infrastructure and vaporized much of its citizenry. But like those contemptibly eager and industrious citizens of Whoville [4], they arose from the radiation radiating with as much honor and intelligence as they had exuded before. Militarily, the strike defeated Japan, and its surrender was a foregone conclusion. But Japan’s defeat was merely a military one, leaving its heritage and identity intact. We didn’t truly defeat Japan in the more comprehensive sense. Japan rose from the ashes stronger than it was before.

America’s back, and this time we’re prepared to defeat Japan with a more devastating doomsday device than the payload we delivered last time. This attack will accomplish what the last one couldn’t. This weapon of ours ensures that the ruined buildings will never be rebuilt. This weapon of ours ensures that not only will Japan’s imperial ambitions be vanquished, but its grip on its ancient homeland will slip. This weapon of ours will ensure that not only will the rape of their women and slaughter of their offspring be a horror in the heat of war, but an institutionalized and perpetual reality grinding through daily life.

This doomsday device of ours is Modernity and its Multiculturalism.

Japan’s under increasing pressure to respond to its demographic crisis of aging from our helpful “experts” in the West, which is pressuring Japan to solve their crisis by goading more young women into the workforce and relaxing their strict immigration policies. The latest news, OECD Urges Japan to raise female employment [5], and news of the government’s interest in taking this advice, highlights how Tribe and Tradition are inseparable. Japan’s at an existential impasse, and it must either double down on natalist policies and traditionalist values or double down on the American Dream of outsourcing the job of rearing up a future generation to hostile aliens while pissing away their golden years on an unsustainable financial pyramid scheme timed to collapse shortly after they’ve exited stage right.

A Future Without Families?

A Future Without Families?

Unless Japan makes some unlikely turn from its current trajectory, we’ll witness the rapid unraveling and permanent implosion of one of this world’s most remarkable tribes. The diseased West’s cancerous agenda will have infected the East, and all the hope for Japan’s future will be lost. In the 20th century, Tokyo took up Detroit’s legacy as the world’s automotive manufacturing capitol. In the 21st century, Tokyo stands poised to take up Detroit’s legacy of its indigenous and industrious peoples dying out and being driven out by a seething mass integrally incapable of cleaning up after their own waste . . . much less building and exporting valuable things.

Its women will waste their youths chasing ever-inflating currency. In time, they’ll pass laws allowing them to vacuum-suck any unwelcome impediments to their productivity goals out of their wombs. After all, Japanese women are far too educated and ambitious to stoop to the menial chore of raising a replacement-level brood of children. That vacuum-sucking noise of Japan’s demographic crisis will be heard around the world, and will attract the swelling mass of refugees from the world’s chronically illiterate, innumerate, and hopeless fever swamps. Cheap young laborers will grasp and claw their way in to fill the void.

My critics highlight my remark about Detroit’s influx of Blacks as being more devastating than an atomic bomb as proof that I’m a vile racist. The Japanese still complain about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, insisting that they were vile war crimes. My critics and their audiences can think what they want of me, and the Japanese can believe what they wish about World War II history. I don’t tell this truth about Detroit not having any hope as part of a mean-spirited effort to pour salt into Detroit’s festering wounds. I say this truth because there’s still a flicker of hope for Japan and other scattered enclaves of racial integrity both in North America and around the world.

DetroitHiroshima [6]There’s authentic hope left for a bright future in this world, not the magical thinking parroted by desperate and deluded fools beset with the impossible dream of resurrecting Detroit’s former glory. A renewed attack on and invasion of the great nation of Japan is coming from America, and we with eyes to see have a moral obligation to forewarn our allies abroad of our government’s New Manhattan Project, a scheme to carpet bomb the entire world with Modernity and Multiculturalism which they’ve already detonated over all of its own major cities. This payload is delivered in the tempting Trojan Horse of ephemeral prosperity and elite acclaim. If successfully delivered, Japan as it’s historically, poetically, and genetically understood will be definitively defeated by America once and for all.