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The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser 
Free E-Book Promotion: Irmin Vinson’s Some Thoughts on Hitler

SomeThoughtsonHitlerCover [1]312 words

In the first week of the Counter-Currents Summer Fundraiser, we received seven donations totaling $6,550. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by October 31, so we are $43,450 away from our goal. I want to thank our donors for their generous support. Without it, Counter-Currents could not continue.

To thank all of our readers — and maybe win a few new ones — I would like to announce a week-long free E-Book promotion. For the next week, Counter-Currents readers are welcome to download the E-Book of Irmin Vinson’s superb and provocative book Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays.

Kevin Slaughter’s simple but superb cover design has led the book to be banned for sale by iTunes in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In fact, they banned all of our books with the same form letter. When I pointed out that none of the other books in question — our titles by Andy Nowicki, Collin Cleary, Kerry Bolton, etc. — had Hitler on the cover, they sent us the same idiotic form letter again. (This is what happens when one outsources one’s moral reasoning to Jews and customer service to semi-illiterates in the Third World.)

The purpose of Counter-Currents/North American New Right is to change the world by changing how people view race, politics, and the Jewish question. Because we are first and foremost about spreading ideas and changing minds, virtually everything in our books is published free online first. It is the support of our donors that allows us to put ideas first rather than creating artificial scarcity merely to make money.

Many Counter-Currents/NANR readers have donated in the past. Many thousands are able to donate but have not done so yet. Seven munificient donors have gone before you, getting our new fundraiser off to a rousing start. Now it is your turn.

Thank you for your loyal readership and generous support.

Greg Johnson