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Syria’s Business

This is Syria's Bullshit! [1]877 words

Opinion polls [2] leading up to our imminent invasion of Syria confirm that the public mood is sour on bogging ourselves down in yet another Middle Eastern bloodbath. Bill Clinton scolded Obama for his tepid and hesitant effort to sell the conflict, as if the real issue were whether or not he’s a “total wuss.” For all Clinton’s deceptively folksy bullshit and childish taunts, the deep politics behind his remarks are serious business, and his public rebuke of the President is indicative of a contentious struggle within the inner party.

According to Clinton’s framing, Obama knows that escalating our already profound involvement in this civil war is obviously the right thing to do, but he’s just too cowardly to defy those ignorant American voters. Given Obama’s back-story, motives, and track record [3], the more likely dynamic is one of Barack Obama pushing back as much as possible against the Jewish and globalist oligarchy’s schemes. I agree with President Clinton that Obama’s a total wuss, but only for his failure to truly stand up to President Clinton and his cronies, not the American people.

Is this tepid and hesitant effort to sell the conflict due to this lame duck’s purported fear of popular opinion? To me, it feels more like the tepid and hesitant tone found in videos of hostages insisting that they’re being treated very well and have sincerely converted to Islam. Yesterday, he even pulled the ultimate cop-out card in his half-hearted attempt to excuse our upcoming invasion, declaring [4] “You can’t fathom the complexities of the Syrian conflict if you haven’t been in the Situation Room.”

He’s definitely correct. We who aren’t privy to intelligence briefs and in regular private contact with the major players in the conflict can’t possibly understand the conflict on the level that he does. Global politicians can’t simply lay all their cards on the table and bare it all to their constituents. A necessary conceit of mass democracy is the delusional proposition that a vast seething mob of people with an average IQ score below 100 (and falling like a rock . . .), who aren’t even paying attention, and who don’t have access to the inside information, can arrive at the right decision.

But when is that not the case in any policy battle . . . ever? And what President in his right mind would offer that explanation unless he genuinely no longer cared what the American public thought, or was deliberately neglecting and sabotaging his job of whipping up support for this war? While the oligarchs are going to fuck the American people whether they consent or not, convincing your target that she’s a willing partner making love is always easier and less problematic than rape. They may not necessarily need American popular support for the war, but they desperately want it.

Clinton, McCain, and the rest of the visible and invisible oligarchs need Obama’s boundless energy and charisma behind this project. Instead, he’s doing the bare minimum necessary to claim that he’s not defying them. People might wonder why Obama doesn’t speak out, unmasking the Zionist menace controlling our foreign policy; but he still has domestic policy goals, he has his coveted “legacy,” he surely has some scandals he would rather remain under wraps, and he has his family to consider. If you look hard enough, you’ll find American politicians willing to openly and meaningfully defy the War Party . . . in graveyards, in prison, and in obscurity. But you won’t find them in office.

Obama claims to have been influenced by the book Team of Rivals, a book which celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s adept reliance on powerful men with strong egos to achieve his aims. Up until recently, he pretty much completely delegated all those awkward and prickly zero-sum foreign policy matters to his rivals/frenemies, the Clintons. He has only invested genuine time, interest, and political risk in his domestic policy goal of making life better for brown people. That’s the only thing he actually cares about, and he’s largely outsourced every other function of the Presidency.

As odd as this will seem coming from a White Nationalist, a President singularly intent on helping brown people is actually–if accidentally–a superior alternative to the oligarchs. He’s a man who doesn’t care about Syria’s business, and doesn’t consider it serious business. The notoriously strong personalities of the husband and wife duo previously running America’s foreign policy are no longer directly running America’s foreign policy, and John Kerry’s simply not up to the job. As such, Obama’s in the unenviable position of being the foreign policy decider for the first time in his career (a job he doesn’t want and can’t handle) at a most inopportune moment.

Obama’s interest in anything outside American borders begins and ends with peddling his anti-colonial anti-Western narrative to friendly cosmopolitan audiences. Meanwhile, outside the banquet hall, America’s attempt to follow the Arab Spring script of noble freedom-fighting rebels championing democracy and freedom is descending into a disaster of Al Qaeda affiliates, regional mercenaries, and even cannibals. The anticipated local support for regime change did not materialize, and the regime proved more stubborn and resourceful than they had presumed. Putin’s getting more than his money’s worth trolling our regime, and Obama’s bound to wade even deeper into Syria’s business, because he’s a total wuss.