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The Boston Bombings  
“We’re All Russians Now”

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It looks like the Boston Marathon terrorists are Chechen Muslims. Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim region in Southern Russia. After the breakup of the USSR, the Chechen separatist movement fought two bloody and destructive wars to break away from Russia but were defeated both times. Chechen nationalism has been increasingly affiliated and identified with Islamic fundamentalism. Muslim Chechen terrorists have inflicted bloody mayhem on innocents throughout the Russian federation. The Council on Foreign Relations lists the following attacks [2], which can be confirmed by Googling:

The most notorious act of Chechen terrorism is, however, the September 2004 Beslan school massacre in North Ossetia. This attack was apparently masterminded by Basayev, although only three or four of the 32 terrorists were Chechens. More than 300 people died in the three-day siege, most of them children.

Now Chechen terrorism has come to the United States.

There is only one conclusion: We are all Russians now. We must, therefore, re-evaluate our foreign policy toward Russia. We must purge anti-Russian voices in the Cabinet, State Department, and media. We must extend military aid to Russia, forgive old debts, ignore human rights abuses, give Russia and Putin glowing press coverage, and align ourselves with Russia in its struggle against Islamic militancy. To show our good faith, perhaps we should even invade a couple of Russia’s enemies for them. Most of our armed forces are in the region anyway. Perhaps we should even give them Afghanistan.

That, of course, is just a parody of the Jewish line pressed after 9/11. And even though it would be a good thing if the US had a more sympathetic, less confrontational foreign policy toward Russia, it will never happen, since American interests have played no role in our foreign policy for several generations now.

But in all seriousness: This attack has not happened because the United States has a pro-Russian, anti-Chechen foreign policy. Quite the opposite. It happened because the Chechen terrorists happened to live in the United States, and to them one white infidel is just as worthy of being killed or maimed as any other. They targeted white Americans because they are Muslims and we are not. This will continue to happen until we repatriate every Muslim who has arrived on these shores since 1965.

If it was feasible for them to come, it is feasible for them to leave.

If their ancient roots in their homelands did not matter to them, then their shallow “roots” in America should not matter to us.

Of course, the Boston bombers may not have been motivated merely by Chechen separatism but also by generalized solidarity with Muslims around the world, in which case the bombers would have ample provocation, given that millions of their brothers in faith do suffer due to US policies. But the primary cause of these American provocations is Jewish domination of American foreign policy, which will be ended only when Jews depart these shores as well.

Part of the beauty of being a White Nationalist is that we are not forced to choose between Muslims and Jews [3]. They are both our enemies to the extent that they occupy our lands and meddle in our affairs.

If white people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.