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We Sure Wished Those Boston Bombers had been Jews

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In his recent Salon.com article [2], Democratic partisan and AIPAC-credentialed blogger David Sirota expressed his sincere hope the Boston Marathon bomber would turn out to be a “white American.”

Not that he could possibly be accused of too-quickly politicizing a terrorist bombing in which so many were maimed and killed; not that he and his spiritual mentor Tim Wise didn’t display utmost sympathy and tact by waiting a full day before ushering us into what Sirota rightly calls the “Political Aftermath period” of racialized commentary; but, given that his article elicited the typical baleful howls from right-wing reactionaries, from dullards who can do naught but hiss when confronted with profound wisdom beyond their ken, Sirota has been forced to clarify (dumb down, really) his position, and I have similarly felt the need to issue this missive proclaiming how I stand with him, and how I will, in what follows, defend his genius, to a point.

His reasoning, brilliantly stated, is that since whites enjoy “white privilege,” we are essentially immune to being “collectively slandered,” which is what happens to other groups when one of their own goes on a murderous killing spree. While a white man will be seen as a “lone wolf,” non-whites get subjected en masse to “surveillance or profiling (or worse);” they are “targeted;” they are “denigrated,” and “dealt with as systemic threats.”

And this is why he wanted the killers to be white, so that larger groups, white and otherwise, won’t face a hateful, multi-pronged backlash in the media, or from law enforcement, or on the street from the general public. For everyone knows that, now that the killers have turned out to be Chechen Muslims, there will be an all-out invasion of Chechnya. Chechens in the US will be subjected, collectively, to mass slander; half-witted xenophobes from Kentuckee mountain hovels will poke fun at Chechen accents through the gaps in their teeth; hateful, hillbilly white girls will no longer submit to charming, sincere, Chechen advances.

The History of Non-White Terrorism

Recent history proves that Sirota is right in expecting these kinds of reactions. I remember how tragic it was to see the public backlash against blacks nationwide only two months ago. Remember when Christopher Dorner went on that terroristic anti-white killing spree? Gangs of whites doing revenge flashmobs in every downtown mall; the government herding-up of blacks into camps “for their own protection;” hockey teams storming theatres showing Django Unchained, smashing projectors with their sticks, chanting “Down with Harvey Weinstein!” I guess in their narrow-minded bigotry they assumed, without even seeing the film, that it overtly celebrated the murder of whites at the hands of a self-righteous black guy. Anyway, I’m with Sirota in assuming that if Dorner had been white, none of this would have happened.

The Dorner affair made me think it was 2002 all over again. Remember when the DC sniper, whom everyone assumed was white, turned out to be a black guy and his black-kid sidekick? Remember how our African American pals nationwide, by the millions, were rounded up and deported to Liberia?And then there was that 2009 “Underwear Bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. His tighty whities didn’t explode killing scores of innocent holiday travelers, but still there was that horrible anti-black knee-jerk reaction among white racists and xenophobes nationally. Remember that? So much “collective slandering,” so much “denigration:” Protesters surrounding the Nigerian Embassy, showering it in soiled underwear and toilet paper; Glenn Beck sending out researchers to find Nigerian products to boycott. These seemed almost measured, appropriate responses until NATO launched those bombing raids on Lagos. We whites are so out of our minds with hate. But if Abdulmutallab had been white, the event probably wouldn’t even have made the news.

And then remember the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre? Again, everyone assumed the perp would be a white guy. That would have been so much better than what we got. For when it turned out to be a kid with the very non-white, very “other”-sounding name of Sueng-Hui Cho, there was an instant top-down racial profiling of Koreans nationwide.

Then there was Nidal Malik Hasan, that poor Palestinian American who did the 2009 Fort Hood massacre. The true tragedy was how we went totally apeshit on the Palestinians afterwards. Remember how our revenge flashmobs of bulldozers razed their serene neighborhoods? Remember the arrests and the forced relocations? And then we had the nerve to set up our own ethnostate—on their land! Even now, in reprisal, we subject them to insulting search and seizure raids and the inconvenience of an occasional civilian bombing. Of course, if Nidal Malik Hasan had been white, you know thousands of dead Palestinian children would be living in peace right now.

For everybody knows that, unlike these poor souls, when a murderer is white (or merely portrayed as white [3] by a media who, like Sirota, actively hopes—fingers crossed!—for white criminality) we as a nation remain calm and collected and reasonable. We take out the kid gloves. There are never any attempts to defame or slander [4]; there are never any race-based backlashes [5] against innocents who happen to be, or happen to be perceived to be, of the same ethnicity.

Nor are there any evil, insensitive attempts, when whites are the perceived perps, to spin the tragedy to suit some political agenda [6].

No. Nor are there ever any jumping to conclusions about the lone actor’s associations with larger malevolencies [7], conspiracies, or systemic threats [8].

Take, for instance, the case of mass murderer Jared Loughner. When he killed six people in 2011, he was perceived as just a lone wolf, a bad apple. There was no attempt by the media or the federal government (and certainly not by the Department of Homeland Security) to connect him to some greater existential threat and dubious organized enclave of his ethnic peers [9]. And the mass murder was treated with utmost sensitivity. It was never even politicized at all [10].

You can think back, even, to when Timothy McVeigh did Oklahoma City. Remember that? Another white, lone wolf. There was never any large-scale, systematic FBI investigation linking McVeigh to an existential threat to the government, linking him to groups of demonized ethnic reprobates [11]. No. The White Privilege groups to which he belonged were seen by the feds as so benign and benevolent that all he had to do was simply flash his “White Privilege Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” card to receive a nothing sentence of 20 hours of community service. Remember?

Indeed, these “white privilege” groups, like the ones that Loughner and McVeigh were suspected of frequenting, are never systematically maligned in the media [12]. They have so much privilege that they are never subjected to surveillance [13] or targeted for investigation, arrest, or extermination [14]. They are given, you know, the “white privilege” treatment.

And unlike Blacks or Mexicans, who get demonized again [15] and again [16] and again [17] and again [18] in the media and by the government for promoting their own ethnic interests, we whites are always allowed to openly acknowledge—even celebrate—our ethnicity proudly, openly, and explicitly. We can promote our group interests with no danger of losing our jobs [19] or tarnishing our reputations [20].

How could groups of whites, explicit or implicit, ever be considered a systemic threat [21] or get harassed by the government [22]? White privilege assures us this will never happen.

The History of the Privileged White Terrorist

To help bolster his argument regarding “white privilege,” Sirota turns to his fellow Jew and nationally-ranked high-sorcerer of anti-white religious dogma Tim Wise.  Indeed, Sirota cites an entire paragraph-long quote from Wise, uncritically copied and pasted as if to be taken by the reader to be a kind of sacrosanct divine revelation. Though I usually hold such in-bulk citations to be the technique of the intellectually lazy and the pre-convinced, what Wise says is so true, so convincing, and so backed-by-history, that I give Sirota a pass here. In fact, I’ll cite the sage myself. According to Wise, if the bomber “turns out to be a member of the Irish Republican Army we won’t bomb Dublin. And if he’s an Italian American Catholic we won’t bomb the Vatican.” That is so true! History tells us that there is this persistent hesitancy to strike back on larger, associated groups when terrorists are white. This goes back even to the days of the white terrorist Guy Fawkes. The Christian sect to which he belonged was never disparaged in the English media; its members were never singled-out for abuse or property redistribution. No. And Fawkes even got his own holiday out of the deal: a whole day named in his honor, in celebration of his glorious whiteness.

Stride through the centuries towards our own period and you have the same kind of logic of privilege. When the USS Maine got bombed by white terrorists in 1898, we thought: why go to war with our white brothers and sisters in Spain? When the Germans torpedoed the RMS Lusitania, Woodrow Wilson was totally turned off from the idea of retaliating against Germany. “Go to war? But . . . They’re white!” He thought. And, more recently, we never bombed a white nation like Serbia whose terrorist leaders were demonized in the media and hit with war crimes tribunals on behalf of Madeline Albright and a bunch of unwashed Islamists. That never happened! You see, the Serbians are white. They’ve got the privilege.

The Unspeakable Privilege of Being a Huge Jew

Now, I know many of you may have been wondering why this piece is called “We Sure Wished those Boston Bombers had been Jews” when I have been, hitherto, totally agreeing with Sirota that it would be best if the bomber were the most Nordic of Nordics from the cast of Der Ring des Nibelungen. Well, I have come to the conclusion, based on the logic of privilege that Sirota himself endorses, that it would have actually be for the best for the nation at large if—rather than Chechens or Nordics or Aryans or Anglos or Celts or Basques or Bavarian Minnesingers—the Boston bombers had turned out, rather, to be stereotypically dwarfish, hairy, sidelocked, bagel-toting, money-lending Orthodox Jew boys. And I would like to suggest to Sirota and his intellectual ilk that this is, in fact, is what we should have been praying for with zealous Amens all along.

For, in all seriousness, I would venture to suggest the level of privilege that makes whites such ideal candidates for hoped-for criminality is nothing compared to the privileged status enjoyed by Jews. In searching for the thin-aired heights of uber-privilege, Sirota and Wise need look no further than their own ethnic ingroup.

Sirota and Wise might show how Jews enjoy an exalted socioeconomic status on par with or even outstripping those of whites. But more to the point of this article, they might show how Jews also enjoy, collectively, the ability to slough off or shift blame from their group when one of their own goes astray. For instance, they might point out the fact that the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel by Israeli militants did not lead to reprisals on and repressions of Jews, collectively speaking, in the Anglo-American world. They might mention how, in the aftermath of the murderous rampage of David Berkowitz [23] (aka Son of Sam), Jews never faced mass expulsion from New York City or any kind of “collective slander” in the local or national media.

Quite the contrary: despite the serial, terroristic murders undertaken by American-Israeli Yaakov Teitel [24]; despite the bloodthirsty handiwork of American-born Israeli Baruch Goldstein [25]; despite the slaughter perpetrated by Eden Natan-Zada [26]—or, more spectacularly, the decades-worth of terror-bombings, assassinations, and oppressions instigated by the Israeli Army and the Mossad—still, Sirota and Wise could easily cite the exalted, untouchable, inviolable, hyper-privileged status enjoyed by Jews both here and abroad. They could easily demonstrate how, so warm is embrace by mainstream Americans of Jews and Jewish interests, that our most high-profile religious and political leaders literally fall over each other in attempts to see who can abase themselves more willingly and speedily to them, or who can heap praise on the Jewish ethnostate more effusively, who can speak most breathlessly of how “no space” exists between our two great nations.

And speaking of ethnostates: Sirota and Wise could also point to the fact that Jews have one—a rare thing in the modern world—and this might further demonstrate Jews’ lofty privilege. Moreover, while the white ethnostates of Gondor and Rohan may seem formidable on paper, they do not leverage quite the same level of influence over the government of the United States as Israel does through their lobbying arms AIPAC, CPMAJO, CUFI, or through their think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Security Policy, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hudson Institute, the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Nor do the aforementioned white ethnostates receive quite as much foreign aid as Israel does from US taxpayers. Thus Sirota and Wise might be forced to admit that perhaps, yes, as a group, Jews are slightly more privileged than whites.

But the most undeniable way in which Jews are more privileged than whites is stitched into the very fabric of Sirota’s article and mine. For one could not be openly white and publish, in a mainstream source, anything called “We Sure Wished those Boston Bombers had been Jews”—not if one wanted to stay employed. But, as a Jew, Sirota is allowed to express, openly and explicitly, un-satirically, in the mainstream, a wished-for increase of criminality among whites. And he can do so without fear of getting instantly sacked. Wise, too, as a Jew, is able to express, without fear of losing his lucrative position of full-time, university-hopping anti-white archangel, a similar hope that whites get blamed for as many terrorist acts and plots as possible.

Sirota and Wise can get away with expressing their inmost political and racial desires, even earn a nice paycheck for it.

Now THAT’S privilege!

And since they are so privileged, so immune, so swaddled in Teflon, Sirota and Wise and other Jews would be perfect to concoct and enact criminal behavior everywhere, so as to mitigate the harrowing ordeal that other ethnic groups might otherwise undergo. Thus we should have not only hoped for hugely Jewish Boston Marathon bombers, but for a Jewish Sandy Hook shooter as well. And we should even pray that the Texas fertilizer plant disaster turns out to be, rather than an accident, a massive Jew-conspiracy against Midwestern white agrarians. For if that were the case, those Midwesterners surely wouldn’t “collectively slander” anyone, but only prostrate themselves in homage to Israel all the more, maybe even line up to enlist into more Jew-friendly American military actions in the Middle East, or at least buy some shitty Amy Winehouse CDs.

How nice it would be to be so privileged.