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Triumph des Willens

nuremberg_21 [1]259 words

“nein Nein Nein!
ich will und werde es nicht
kein Lust dazu, wirklich nicht
Weiß ganz ganz genau, daß ich
niemals Beamter werden will
Nein Papi!
Ich will es einfach nicht, oh nein
Ich will, ich will Künstler sein!”

You opposed your father’s wishes
You cried, you shook
Your fists at him the first time
You defied his ordered little world
A rumbustious obdurate ten-year-old
Predisposed to be an artist
Running off to Vienna on dreams
Dick Wagner and Whittington themes
With an artist’s hold on beauty’s terror
And worlds untold: will and idea undisputed
Master you dreamed your wishes
Ich will
And they were and will be
Dancing to Pan Pipes to drums
Under crooked suns
Wheels of fire dazzled the world
Burning hearts out to frazzles of the old self
You spilled words of danger which cauterised and finalised
We are willed to survive or die out
They or us you said
He who has no stomach for this fight….
The eternal laws of Providence…
So oder So Entweder Oder
In this world of eternal struggle…
Said Providence His Master’s Voice
Those too weak to fight die out
Stop now, turn, spin, start, rejoin, march, march, sing rejoice
Schnell! Schnell! Schneller!
Verdammt noch mal!
Rejoice and hail the sky,
blue so very blue und
Hail death, all dominion…
Victory Hail!
Victory Hail!
Victory Hail!

With a sorcerer’s breath you turned clay
Into living mannequins on dazzling parades of strength.

They fear you burned and buried still,
The Power of your rodomontade
The Triumph of Your Will.