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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 41  
The Trial of Socrates:
Plato’s Euthyphro, Part 2 of 2

Counter-Currents Radio
Counter-Currents Radio
Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 41  
The Trial of Socrates:
Plato's Euthyphro, Part 2 of 2

Greek votive relief from a healing sanctuary, circa AD 100-200, from Mílos, British Museum [3]46:12 / 416 words

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This is the second of two parts of a lecture on the Platonic dialogue Euthyphro, which deals with the nature of piety. As with the Theages [6], I interpret the Euthyphro as in part a reply to Aristophanes’ Clouds.

There are a couple of “jumps” in the lecture where removed inaudible portions of the discussion but left in my answers. The questions can be inferred from the answers. Also, in a couple of places, my voice gets quieter as I stepped away from the microphone to write on the marker board.

The Source of the Lecture

In September and October of 1998, I gave a course of eight, two-hour lectures on “The Trial of Socrates.” We covered the following topics and texts:

The whole class was taped, but the tapes of the first lecture, which was an introduction to the whole course, and the last lecture, on the Phaedo, have disappeared. Nevertheless, the six remaining lectures, which I will release in 12 separate parts, contain a lot of useful material.

The books for the class are:

If anyone is interested in producing a transcript of this lecture, we will gladly publish it. Ideally, we would like one person to do a draft transcription and then place it online to allow other listeners to offer corrections. Please contact Greg Johnson at mailto://[email protected] [10] before starting work, so we can prevent wasteful duplication of efforts.

Greg Johnson