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A.C.A.B. & Romanian Ultras

ACAB [1]988 words

A.C.A.B. is a subculture acronym frequently employed by skinheads [2].

An example of its use can be seen in the short video clip “Saga Live in Finland [3],” filmed at a skinhead bar in Finland in 2007. 

Saga is a Swedish white nationalist singer. For background, see “Voice of Swedish Nationalism: Saga & Her Music [4].”

In the clip, Saga is wearing a blue baseball-style cap, as are a couple of male skinheads. You can clearly read the A.C.A.B. logo stitched onto the front of her cap at about the 1:33-1:35-minute mark, after she turns and looks directly into the camera, which zooms in on her.

I should add that the music and lyrics there are less than optimal. To hear her studio recording of the same song, listen to “Hail the New Dawn [5].” It is a cover of a 1980s song by Ian Stuart and his skinhead/white power English band, Skrewdriver [6]. In both Finland, and on the studio recording, Saga sings in English.

Most skinheads had a strong dislike for government and the police, and the acronym A.C.A.B., which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards,” reflects this.

A Polish equivalent also exists: HWDP [7]—literally, “a dick up the police’s ass.” However, it is associated not with white skinheads, but with the dres subculture [8] of soccer toughs. “HWDP” has spread to the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well.

Jews worldwide hated the skinhead movement from the beginning because it represented a militant white youth subculture they could not control.

As National Alliance founder William Pierce noted in an American Dissident Voices radio [9] broadcast in 1995, “Skinheads and the Law [10],” “Young working-class Whites weren’t supposed to fight back against the Jewish policies and programs which were aimed at the destruction of White society and eventually the destruction of the White race. They were supposed to roll over and play dead. They were supposed to become Politically Correct.”

Jews responded vigorously to the alarming skinhead phenomenon.

They initiated a propaganda campaign in the mass media, including the entertainment mediums of movies and television.

Thanks to their powerful racial pressure groups with tentacles extending deep into law enforcement and secret police agencies, they offered themselves as “experts” on “hate crimes” and “hate groups” to enthusiastic police organizations, providing seminars and training programs for society’s enforcers.

Finally, they sponsored “anti-racist” (i.e., anti-white), communist, homosexual [11], and other Left-wing counterparts that encouraged rap music, race-mixing, and drug use among white youth. Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) and Red and Anarchist Skinheads (RASH) were examples of this initiative. Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and Red Action (UK) are among the groups in the murky Establishment underworld of anti-white violence that have supplied members to such skinhead bands.

In 1990, three members of the UK’s powerful Anti-Fascist Action were even jailed for a brutal assault on a white skinhead. Worldwide, such criminals are rarely punished seriously by the law. Domestic terrorism is their intended function.

This Jewish/government response seems to have worked. As early as 1995 Pierce noted that “many skinheads in the United States have no racial consciousness, no sense of racial identity or loyalty” . . . a “minority of them are consciously and even outspokenly pro-White.”

Moreover, Pierce deemed only some of the latter to be potentially salvageable:

There remains the problem of the drunkenness and lawlessness of many skinheads. We cannot condone drunkenness or mindless brawling or vandalism or drug use, even if we understand the reasons for this behavior, even if we understand that skinheads are alienated from this society because of what it has become.

What we have to do is encourage in every way we can the growth of the racially conscious portion of the skinhead community. We have to give young people back their sense of identity. We have to give them purpose and direction again. We have to help them value self-discipline and clean living again.

It is difficult to say whether a vital pro-white skinhead culture still exists. Everywhere, the white population is aging and shrinking rapidly [12]. Keep in mind that were Ian Stuart alive today, he would be 55 years old. That’s the boat the entire “Back with a Bang! [13]” generation is in.

Use of the A.C.A.B. acronym is not limited to pro-white skinheads. The ersatz Left-wing groups use it too. For example, an anti-white Malaysian skinhead band whose songs include “Skinhead 4 Life,” and whose members were educated in England, calls itself A.C.A.B. It is a slick group with industry backing.

Oidoxie, a German right-wing band, has a song called “A.C.A.B.” [14] The lyrics are in German, with the exception of the acronym and the English phrase “All cops are bastards.” Musically, it is not striking, and is additionally hampered by the severe technical limitations and lack of access to professional production facilities characteristic of most pro-white music.

A better song called “A.C.A.B.” [15] is by the Left-wing German punk band Slime. Their lyrics are in English. Of course, it’s a studio album; their recordings were issued by professional labels. It’s true, though, that the debut album Slime I (1981) on which “A.C.A.B.” appeared was banned by the German government.

Romanian Ultras

Romanian ultras [16]Finally, “A.C.A.B.” has been adopted by the (implicitly) white ultras subculture [17] of fanatical soccer team fans in Europe, whose use of the acronym is widespread and pervasive.

In theory, such subcultures—like minority elements among skinheads, disaffected cops, soldiers, private security contractors, and the like—possess the elements of a nascent social racialism that could potentially evolve into nuclei of resistance against the destructive order.

But in order for such impulses to develop or actualize, the state and dominant Left-wing elites would have to stand aside. At present, they seem acutely conscious of such dangers, and monitor such social tendencies closely.

This is vital, because fewer and fewer nodes of genuine white cohesion survive anywhere—family, church, clubs, institutional or community networks. (“But now the whole ROUND TABLE is dissolved / Which was an image of the mighty world . . .”)

Elites seem bound and determined that whites will have no way out.