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Republican National Committee Report 2013: 
A Declaration of War on White Americans

elephantbones [1]829 words

The RNC’s apparatchiks recently published a landmark report, The Growth and Opportunity Project [2], on their strategic challenges and potential responses to those challenges. It’s bursting with info-graphics, tables, and charts which lend an air of gravitas and finality to what’s essentially a bundle of biases and conclusions drawn from the false premises cherished by Beltway elites.

The report arrives at three basic conclusions:

1. We need to silence our ignorant and bigoted constituents;

2. We need to actively replace White party leadership with minority tokens; and

3. We need more wonks generating more reports with bigger computers.

To recap, the 2012 election was one in which the most data-driven wonk in the entire history of national politics was crowned by these party elites against the protests of the disorganized and splintered majority of the Party. Mitt Romney focused almost exclusively on economic talking points, minority outreach, and ignoring social issues, as if he had somehow received an advance copy of this very report at the beginning of his campaign and obeyed it faithfully (save for an obligatory, disingenuous, and temporary nod to border security during the tight primary race).

The result was a disastrous loss, one caused almost exclusively by an unprecedented implosion of enthusiasm [3] among his Middle American conservative (read: White) base. While Barack Obama’s campaign patiently and pragmatically pandered to and whipped up the people who were his natural base, Mitt Romney pursued the strategy outlined in his report: churning out reptilian economic talking points to historically hostile groups through a vast analytically-driven political machine.

According to this report, Mitt Romney wasn’t reptilian enough, and his mainframe he used to track and extract money and votes didn’t have enough vacuum tubes and flashing lights on it!

As a White male from a humble Midwestern background, I know exactly what all the talk about “promoting representatives of the [anything but my own] community” boils down to. It doesn’t boil down to ejecting White elites. The blue-eyed and redheaded sons and daughters of the lobbyists and politicians who run the party aren’t going to be ejected from their seats to make room for the Pacific Islander tokens they’ll be propping up. Ambitious and talented White males and females who aren’t from a privileged background are the targets of these zero-sum diversity initiatives.

Renouncing White Privilege always amounts to renouncing the Whites who aren’t privileged.

Not that I object to that. I believe White males should be insulted, demoted, marginalized, and deprived of a voice until they awaken. I’m glad that Affirmative Action and racial quotas lock untold millions of ambitious and talented White men and women out of this nation’s elite institutions [4]. The single most damaging thing one can do to a community is to take its most promising individuals and systematically extract them from the community. It’s my opinion that our opponents are making a mistake which will be their undoing, and you won’t hear me join other White Advocates in objecting to Affirmative Action.

I don’t want a seat at this table. I want to take a proverbial chainsaw to the table. I don’t want a voice in the Republican Party, I want it to implode under the weight of its lies, delusions, and betrayals of the people who’ve been supporting it in vain. Perhaps I’m being melodramatic, but this report is nothing short of a declaration of war on White Americans. It’s an overt program to eradicate the last implicit vestiges of White interest and White identity from the party.

Imagine for a moment an Indian chief releasing a statement that given the large number of White settlers flooding into the region, he has decided to place the interests of these settlers over the interests of his tribesmen, and actively replace his tribesmen with settlers in the prominent roles within the tribe. This chief would be a traitor, would he not? Of course, contemporary White tribes are understood to be the only tribes which have no legitimate group interests, no right to a voice, and no right to resist their displacement and replacement. Our chiefs are the only chiefs who fight over which one of them is most thoroughly and effectively betraying his tribe.

While minorities are jockeying for better seats on the bus, we’re busy throwing each other under the bus.

This report marks a definitive and final departure from the GOP’s failed “universalist” message which ignores race altogether. The GOP is now going tribal, descending on all but one tribe in America to actively pander to their interests. It acknowledges that Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders are to be reached out to in tribal terms, appealing to their tribal interests in their own tribal voices. “Civic nationalism” is officially dead.┬áThe GOP has (accurately) concluded that Pacific Islanders don’t care about what’s best for America, they care what’s best for their extended family of Pacific Islanders.

Soon, White Americans will begin to realize that there’s daylight between what’s best for “America” and what’s best for themselves.