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Europa Blues:
By & for Sick Minds

Dead neuroscientist  hanging in Stockholm cemetery [1]

On a balmy summer night, a Jewish neuroscientist is found strung up by his feet above a grave in Stockholm. Note the yellow Star of David on the black headstone near the knee of the rightmost A-team member.

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Translated and annotated by Andrew Hamilton

Films that pervert reality by associating National Socialism with murder, torture, sexual slavery, and the like are nothing new for Hollywood and the rest of the Jewish entertainment industry. Such films came to Sweden through screen adaptations of Steig Larsson’s books.[1] The latest film with such themes is Europa Blues.

Europa Blues was filmed in 2011, released on DVD in March 2012, and shown on SVT in Autumn 2012.[2] The movie is based on the crime novel of the same name.[3] The book, in turn, was written by Jan Arnald under the pseudonym Arne Dahl. Arnald is a literary critic for the Bonnier newspaper Dagens Nyheter.[4]


An old Jewish man named Scheinkman, a “Holocaust” survivor, is brutally murdered in a Jewish cemetery. Police suspect a racist gang only to discover that there is something more behind it. The murder is linked to two other cases, the disappearance of six Russian women from a refugee facility and the dead body of a man found at Skansen [an open air museum and zoo located on an island in Stockholm].

The film conveys a demonized view of nationalism. In one scene, for example, the national anthem is used to instill fear in immigrants by a bunch of ordinary young Swedish men singing the song—as one of them unbuttons his shirt and displays a swastika tattooed on his chest. After subjecting the immigrants to the wickedness of “Du gamla, Du fria” [“Thou ancient, Thou free [2],” Sweden’s national anthem], the gang proceeds to desecrate Jewish graves at the cemetery where Scheinkman is later murdered. This leads to the police taking in and questioning one of the men from the gang.

Attack on the Resistance Movement?

The lion tattoo 1 [3]Besides the racist perpetrator being portrayed as stupid, the police make fun of a tattoo the suspect has, a lion with a crossbow—a symbol associated with the Swedish Resistance Movement. The police claim the lion with the crossbow is one of the Jews’ oldest symbols, that it was the Jews who introduced the symbol to Europe. This appears to have been inspired by Stieg Larsson. For it was Larsson who introduced this theory during his time at the Expo Foundation [publisher of the antifa magazine Expo, co-founded and edited by Larsson from 1995 until his death in 2004]. The theory is false.

Sex Slaves, Nazi Professors, and Experiments

The lion tattoo 2 [4]The film revolves even further around organized crime. In the movie, the mafia has butchered women because they fled from prostitution. The dead man at Skansen turns out to be their pimp, and the murder of Scheinkman their work. The mafia’s godfather is an old Nazi professor who worked at a “research center for pain,” where horrible experiments on Jews were conducted. Scheinkman is actually also a professor who worked at the research center, but stole a Jew’s identity. The film evolves into an exaggerated mass of implausible events.

After three hours of propaganda revolving around “Nazis” who urinate on gravestones, the Lion of Judah, sex slaves, torture and experiments, we conclude that the film Europa Blues was not written by or for healthy people.

Nordfront gives the film its worst rating, five Stars of David out of a possible five.

Opening of Europa Blues:



1. See reviews by Trevor Lynch of the following movies based upon Larsson’s phenomenal international bestselling novels. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [5], The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: [6]The [English-language] Remake [6], The Girl Who Played with Fire [7], and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest [8]. Steig Larsson was a Communist and professional anti-white racist. I.e., like the Jew Tim Wise, or the staffs of the ADL, the SPLC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and countless others in the United States and elsewhere, he made a living promoting anti-white lies, racial hatred, discrimination, dispossession, and repression full-time at the highest levels of society.

2. Government-owned SVT (Sveriges Television, Sweden’s Television [9]), is the largest TV network in Sweden, with an audience share of 36.4%. Through the transnational government consortium Nordvision [10], founded in 1959, many Swedish TV programs are seen in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, and vice versa. (The Greendlandic Broadcasting Corporation (KNR) and the Faroese Broadcasting Company are associate members of Nordvision.) Therefore, I suspect Europa Blues was ultimately broadcast to most of the Nordic countries, especially since it was co-produced by Denmark-based Nordisk Film Production [11], in cooperation with YLE, the government-owned Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Government-owned German TV channel ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Second German Television) [12] also co-produced and broadcast the show. ZDF’s broadcasts are seen in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Kosovo.

The lead producer of Europa Blues was Stockholm-based Filmlance International AB, which shot on location in Sweden, Germany and Italy. Filmlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Shine Limited [13], founded in 2001, owned, and operated by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch, until she sold the firm to her father’s News Corporation, the current owner, in 2011. Formerly married to a black Ghanian employed by the Rothschild investment bank in New York City, by whom she had two children, she is currently married to international PR executive Matthew Freud, the son of former UK MP Sir Clement Freud and great-grandson of Sigmund Freud, with whom she has had two more children.

Also furnishing support was the MEDIA Programme of the European Union [14], which provides financial subsidies for productions like Europa Blues.

DVD/BlueRay copies of the TV movie with and without subtitles (and voice dubbing) are available from local and online retailers throughout Europe.

For complete cast and production credits, including the names of the companies listed above, see this document [15] (in Swedish) on SVT’s website.

3. Europa Blues [16] (2001) is part of a bestselling series of 10 novels [17], the Intercrime series, about a fictional Swedish police group, the A-team. The series, which has been translated into many languages [18], has sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide and won numerous commercial awards for its author.

4. Dagens Nyheter, whose editor-in-chief is a Jew named Peter Woladarski, is Sweden’s largest morning newspaper, with a readership of just under 1 million. It provides an editorial platform for many of that Left-wing nation’s opinion leaders. DN is owned by the privately-held Bonnier AB [19], a multibillion dollar Swedish-headquartered European media empire consisting of newspapers, magazines, book publishing, radio and television broadcasting, movie studios, and more. Bonnier AB is controlled by 75 members of the Jewish Bonnier family [20], some of whom are seventh-generation heirs. Arnald’s novel, Europa Blues, was published by another division of the company, Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden’s largest book publisher.

Source: http://www.nordfront.se/europa-blues-av-och-for-sjuka-hjarnor.smr [21], August 12, 2012