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The Counter-Currents Moving Sale: 
New Items & Slashed Prices

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We’re moving, and that’s good news for you. We’ve decided to reduce or eliminate our stocks of certain items. 

New Items:

1. Sir Oswald Mosley, Mosley — Right or Wrong? (interviews with Mosley) (London: Lion Books, 1961)

2. Paul Rassinier, The Real Eichmann Trial: The Incorrigible Victors (Silver Spring, Md.: Steppingstones, 1979)

3. Ragnar Redbeard, Might is Right [2](Springfield, Mo.: Dil Pickle Press, 2005)

4. Welf Herfurth, A Life in the Political Wilderness [3] (Finis Mundi Press, 2011)

5. Lars Holger Holm, The Owls of Afrasiab [4](London: Arktos, 2011)

6. Steven J. Rosen, The Agni and the Ecstacy [5] (London: Arktos, 2012)

7. Porus Homi Havewala, The Saga of the Aryan Race, vols. 1 & 2 [6] (London: Arktos, 2011)

8. Porus Homi Havewala, The Saga of the Aryan Race, vols. 3-5 [7] (London: Arktos, 2012)

Prices Slashed:

1. Arthur Moeller Van Den Bruck, Germany’s Third Empire [8] (London: Arktos, 2012), the 1923 conservative revolutionary work that coined the phrase “Third Reich”

2. Tomislav Sunic, Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right [9], Preface by Alain de Benoist, 3rd ed. (London: Arktos, 2011), an excellent basic introduction to the European New Right

3. Jonathan Bowden, Eddy Butler, and Adrian Davies, eds., Standardbearers: British Roots of the New Right, Foreword by Antony Flew (Beckenham, Kent: The Bloomsbury Forum, 1999), with essays on such figures as Henty, Disraeli, Burke, Belloc, Chesterton, Enoch Powell, Keynes, Arnold Bax, and Bill Hopkins by Jonathan Bowden, Derek Turner, Adrian Davies, and others.

4. Erik Norling, Revolutionary Fascism (Finis Mundi Press, 2011) on Mussolini’s relation to socialism

5. Winifred Faraday, The Edda: The Divine and Heroic Mythology of the North (Finis Mundi Press, 2011), two seminal essays by Faraday plus Ramon Blau’s essay “Paganism as Weltanschauung

6. Steven J. Rosen, The Jedi in the Lotus: Star Wars and the Hindu Tradition [10](London: Arktos, 2010), on some of the Eastern religious and philosophical sources and resonances of Star Wars

7. Dan Houser Music and Narration, The Lightning and the Suns: The Words of Savitri Devi, CD: Savitri Devi’s words over ambient, industrial soundscapes

Already Announced:

1. Back issues of Wilmot Robertson’s magazine Instauration, most issues in very good to new condition (some staple rust), a few in merely good condition, issues ranging in length from 20 to 36 pages: $10 per copy

For information about the contents of each issue, click here [11].

To inquire about condition, reserve copies, and get a shipping quote, please email: [email protected] [12].

2. Leo Yankevich, Tikkun Olam and Other Poems [13]

3. Anthony M. Ludovici, The Lost Philosopher: The Best of Anthony M. Ludovici, ed. John V. Day

For more details about the contents, click here [14].

Wholesale inquiries welcome.

For orders of five or more, contact us to determine postage: [email protected] [12].

4. Select issues of The Occidental Quarterly (quantities are limited): $10 each

For more details about individual issues, click here [15].

5. Samuel Francis, ed., Race and the American Prospect [16], with essays by Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Wayne Lutton, Richard Lynn, Richard McCulloch, and others.

6. Ward Kendall, Hold Back This Day [17]

7. J. Philippe Rushton, Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, abridged edition

8. Louis T. March, Harvest of Lies: The Black Farmer Lawsuit Against the U.S. Department of Agriculture

9. James Mason, Siege: The Collected Writings of James Mason [18]

10. Samuel Francis, Ethnopolitics: Immigration, Race, and the American Political Future [19]

For orders of five or more, please contact us for special shipping rates: [email protected] [12].