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George Lincoln Rockwell Discovers the Jewish Problem

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Edited by Andrew Hamilton

From George Lincoln Rockwell’s autobiography This Time the World [2] (Arlington, Va.: Parliament House, 1963), pp. 76–81.

But this was also the time [1951] that General Douglas MacArthur was being summarily fired by the midget of history, Harry Truman, in the most humiliating manner; while Senator Joe McCarthy was belting away at the coterie of reds, queers and pinkos in Washington who were basically responsible for the general’s dismissal. I began to pay attention, in my spare time, to what it was all about. I read McCarthy’s speeches and pamphlets and found them factual, not wildly nonsensical as the papers charged. I became aware of a terrific slant in all the papers against Joe McCarthy, although I still couldn’t imagine why.

I had known and respected Douglas MacArthur, and we have since corresponded. I thought he would make the greatest president of the United States. When there was a campaign to get him the Republican nomination in 1950, I wanted to do what I could to help. I read a letter in The San Diego Union from a woman who lamented that no one would help her get a MacArthur rally going, so I called the lady, whose name I have forgotten, and offered what help I could give. She was very grateful and invited me to her little cottage where she lived in retirement with her husband. I started to tell her all the things I thought could be done, but she smiled with a patient, sad smile and stopped me.

“No,” she said, “you can’t get a hall so easily, even if you pay. They won’t rent one!”

“What do you mean?” I blurted. “Who won’t rent one?”

She looked queerly and quizzically at her husband, clearly asking him with her eyes about something. He just shook his head.

“Who won’t rent you a hall?” I repeated, looking from him to her.

She took a deep breath, looking pained, and said, “The Jews.”

“The Jews!” I exclaimed. “What have the Jews got to do with it? What do they care whether you get a hall or not?”

“They hate MacArthur!” she said, and started to say something else when I interrupted her.

“Hate him? That’s silly! I suppose some of them do, but certainly not all of them, and certainly none of them hate him enough to stop you from hiring a hall for a MacArthur rally!”

She took another deep breath, looking hurt. “It’s true,” she said. “They all hate him! Look at this, for instance.” She handed me a copy of The California Jewish Voice. There it was: “MacArthur Approaches: Hitler Enters the Chancellory!” The paper went on to rave about how General MacArthur was a threat, another potential Hitler! I couldn’t believe it.

“That’s only one paper!” I countered. “It’s probably just an extremist sheet. I’m sure the Jews don’t imagine MacArthur is really another Hitler!”

She showed me another Jewish paper. Its tone was more dignified, but same message was there. She showed me still other Jew papers. In most of them were vile pictures of Joe McCarthy, terrible charges against him and MacArthur and unmistakable venom for both these men.

This is the experience which awaits every honest American, but is usually hard to come by, as might be imagined. I had suddenly been exposed to a whole secret world which the average American never even imagines and never sees: the world of the Jews. In the same Jewish Voice I saw the headlines by the editor, Sammy Gach: “Thank God!”–the day the Soviet Union got the A-bomb!

I saw hundreds of similarly treasonable items, but our people are too insulated and easy-going to look into this Jewish press. Sooner or later, no matter how long the average American is kept in the dark or keeps himself in the dark by imagining that discovering treason against his country and people is ‘bigotry’, he will find the naked evidence of this unified, alien, fanatical Jewish world in the midst of his own people—implacable, hateful, spiteful, bitter and diabolically clever at appearing to be only a persecuted religious group.

The whole thing, however, still didn’t register with me. It was too fantastic. I felt sure there was some misrepresentation, somehow. But the lady gave me some books and papers to take home to study and I left.

When I got home, I looked at the first paper. It was called Common Sense and the headline was “Red Dictatorship by 1954!” I figured right away that I had found the source of this monstrous ‘Jewish scare’ which the lady had told me about. The story was all about a Jewish world plot and I couldn’t finish reading it. It seemed too silly and disgusting for an intelligent man to waste his time on. But in the few lines I did read, Common Sense gave what it claimed were startling “facts” about the Jewishness of Communism and the ‘Russian’ Revolution. It listed as the sources of some of these unbelievable facts The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia and various official U.S. Government documents.

This seemed like an excellent opportunity to spike such a fantastic idea as that of Communism being Jewish and I decided to check out these supposed “facts”. I went over to the San Diego Public Library in Balboa Park and dug around in the volumes mentioned in Common Sense. Down there in the dark stacks of the library, I got my awakening from thirty years of stupid political sleep, the same deadly sleep now closing the eyes of our people and making them cooperate with their enemies in their own destruction—all in the name of ‘good citizenship’, ‘brotherhood’ and all the rest of the shibboleths of ‘nice’ people—the same hypnotic sleep which we are breaking up with our calculated and dramatic Nazi tactics!

I found that Communism was not only Jewish, but the Jews boasted about its Jewishness in their own books and papers! Rabbi Stephen Wise, for instance, the acknowledged leader of American Jewry for many years, openly and arrogantly laid claim to the Jewish nature of the Communist doctrines with his oft-repeated statement in regard to the Jewish religion: “Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism!”

I found, in unimpeachable documents and intelligence studies by our own U.S. Government that the Russian Revolution was not ‘Russian’ at all, but almost wholly led by Jews! In the Overman Report to President Wilson, for instance, it said: “. . . out of 388 members of the first Soviet Government, sitting in the Old Smolny Institute in Petrograd, 371 were Jews and 267 of these Jews were from the Lower East Side of New York City”! Not even Russian Jews, but New York Jews!

I learned, from the article called “Khazars” in The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Jews, that most Jews are not even Semites or descendants of the Hebrew people of Palestine, and thus of Christ’s people, but mostly the descendants of a semi-oriental tribe in central Russia called “Khazars” or “Chazars”, whose king, Bulaban, in the sixth century after Christ, ordered his people en masse to become “Jews”. I discovered that these ‘Jews’, called ‘Ashkenazim’ in the ‘trade’, as distinguished from the real, Semitic Jews, called ‘Sephardim’, constitute the bulk and the leadership of the people we call “Jews”. It is swarms of these ‘Khazars’, with their oriental heritage, who are pushing us around, forcing integration on us, degrading our culture with their filthy ‘art’ of chaos and pornography and, worst of all, spreading the disease of Communism – all the while hiding in the robes of the Jewish ‘religion’.

[Rockwell here endorses the Khazar theory of European Jewish origins. The weight of the genetic, anthropological, and historical evidence is against it.]

I went on to find, in old copies of The New York Journal American, that Jacob Schiff, then head of the gigantic financial empire called “Kuhn, Loeb & Company” and grandfather of the woman who now owns the super-left-wing New York Post, “sank over twenty million dollars in the Russian Revolution”, financing another Jew, Bronstein, alias Trotsky, in the murder of the masses of Christian and anti-Communist White Russians!

Most surprising and revealing of all was the often invisible connection between a seemingly pure Gentile Communist and the inevitable Jew, lurking just behind. Lenin, not a Jew [Lenin was a quarter-Jew], was married to Krupskaya, a Jewess [Krupskaya was apparently a Russian non-Jew]. Stalin, also not a Jew, was married to the sister of Lazar Kaganovitch—Rose, a Jewess. Stalin’s son married another Jewess and it turns out that Khrushchev was the protégé of this same Jew, and married another Jewess in the Kaganovitch family!

The pattern was the same in the United States: Alger Hiss, a non-Jew, was the protégé of Felix Frankfurter, a Jew, of course. Elizabeth Bentley was the mistress of Jacob Golos, supposed to be a ‘Russian’, but actually another Jew. Frederick Vanderbilt Field, the Gentile millionaire Communist, again, was married to a Jewess. Whittaker Chambers, another Gentile Communist (who recanted), married to still another Jewess!

In the satellite countries, it was the same. More Jews! Even that sacred ‘friend of America’, Tito, is the protégé of Moise Pijade, another Khazar Jew, who does the ‘suggesting’ for the strutting Mr. Tito.

In the U.S.A., the F.B.I. was catching hordes of Jew spies: Rosenberg, Greenglass, Soble, Coplin, Moskowitz, Weinbaum, Fuchs [Communist atom bomb spy Klaus Fuchs was reportedly German], Golos—the names alone were unmistakable, although some were changed, as in the case of John Gates, editor of The Daily Worker [the newspaper of the American Communist Party], whose real name turned out to be Israel Regenstreif! But the pictures of these camel-like faces were more than enough to identify these Jew spies!

Out of forty-one workers with Communist records at our secret radar laboratories in Fort Monmouth, thirty-nine turned out to be Jews! Out of fifteen Americans convicted of espionage for the Soviet Union since 1946, thirteen were Jews. Out of twenty-one convicted of Communist conspiracy to destroy the U.S. Government by illegal force and violence, eighteen were Jews. When the F.B.I. nabbed the “Second-string Politburo” of seventeen, fourteen of the traitors were identified as Jews! Out of the “Hollywood Ten” who took the Fifth Amendment when asked if they were Communists, nine were Jews! [Three of the Ten appear to have been non-Jewish: Ring Lardner, Jr., Dalton Trumbo, and Adrian Scott.]

I looked into The Daily Worker and found the atmosphere to be strictly ‘kosher’. There were touching “In Memory of” ads to “Our dear Mother” from Bernie, Abie, Izzy and Nathan Ginzberg; notices of picnics at “Weinbaum’s lovely Grove”, etc.

In Russia, where I had understood anti-Semitism was running rampant, I found the Jews boasting that the head of Soviet propaganda was a Jew: Ilya Ehrenburg! With all the Jews being caught red-handed as Red spies, is it surprising that the Jew, Ehrenburg, head of Soviet propaganda, wishes to spread the idea that the Communists are “anti-Jewish”?

Even in Japan and China, I found the early planters of the Communist seeds were Jewish. In Japan there was an Anna Rosenberg, and guess who turned up in China as advisor to Sun Yat-Sen? Good old George Sokolsky, our ‘conservative’ columnist!

To an intelligent man, the facts were undeniable. They might be explainable, but they were simply undeniable. Communism was Jewish! And the Jews in the United States were almost unanimous in their venomous hatred and suppression of anybody who so much as asked about this fact. Even noticing the number of Jewish Communists and race-mixers brought the unfortunate victim an hysterical campaign against him as a “hate-monger”! The same people who screamed the loudest for ‘academic freedom’ to preach Communism were the ones who were most merciless in their campaign of suppression against anyone wishing to discuss the Jews in anything but the most fulsome and disgusting praise. The Jews were unanimous in hating McCarthy and MacArthur, with one or two negligible exceptions—which I later found were planned so there would be exceptions, such as Joe McCarthy’s “Rabbi” Shultz.

I found this exciting, interesting and frightening, but also very depressing. Far down in my soul I could feet the cold dread of our fate, if what seemed to be going on was going, on. I, too, had been brought up never to say the word “Jew” right out, but always “Jewish person” or “person of the Jewish faith”, because of what the Bible calls “fear of the Jews.” I could imagine the result of my own temperament and my reaction to a challenge if I were to find out that there really was a Jewish plot against my country and my people!

I went back to the papers and books the lady had given me and read them carefully. The tone of the articles, in most cases, repelled me. They were loose in their charges, poorly gotten up, and full of rabid sensationalism, but they kept revealing new pearls of fact, which I found checked out. And when I put all the facts together as best I could, there was no question about it: There was a Jewish plot of some kind or another and it definitely involved Communism and moral subversion.

I went back to the lady and we talked some more, with me doing the listening this time. She was mixed up and confused in many ways, but she knew there were dark forces at work to destroy her country and our White people, and she had the fundamental ideas right. She asked me if I wanted to go hear a man named Gerald L. K. Smith. I remembered the name vaguely, as some kind of horrible radical or other. But she said he was a great American patriot and a great speaker, and gave me a ticket to a speech he was making in Los Angeles.

I was afraid to go, since I was in the Navy, and the whole thing seemed so wild and radical and dangerous. I went to the F.B.I. office and asked to see an agent. I was ushered into a private little chamber and seated opposite a handsome, Nordic-looking man. I told him about Smith and asked if it would be all right to go to his lecture.

“Yes, if you don’t participate,” he said.

So I went to the speech, and what a thing that was! Few Americans today have ever heard an orator. They have heard talks, speeches, even ravings, perhaps, but it is doubtful they have ever heard an old-fashioned, roof-lifting, earth-shaking, soul-shattering oration. Gerald Smith is the master to end all masters of the human voice. Whatever else he may be, he can seize you by the lapels of your soul, jerk you out of your seat and hold you helpless and spellbound as long as he wants. He does not just roar and bellow. He whispers, he sighs, he wheezes, he coos; then he blasts with the power of a locomotive roaring through a tunnel. He laughs, he cries, he howls, he cajoles, he mimics, he screams, he begs, he goes back to whispering, sneers, leers, yells, bursts into hysterical laughter, then whimpers some heart-rending bit which leaves you limp. I sat in the balcony, literally on the edge of my seat. If Smith had said suddenly, “Jump!”—I think I would have done it.

I have not heard him for almost ten years, now, and he is perhaps losing his steam. He will have nothing to do with me any more and hides under an assumed name in the Congressional Hotel when he comes to Washington, D.C. But he is still the grandest master of the spoken word alive today, and I would walk twenty miles to hear him again.

But it was not just the way he spoke which captivated me—it was what he said. When you peeled away all the emotional overtones of his speech, and got down to the raw meat, you found the basic elements of recognizable truth, beautifully put together to show, at last, the clear pattern of what it is the Jews are trying to do with their conspiracy.