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Remembering Anthony M. Ludovici:
January 8, 1882–April 3, 1971

389 words

Anthony Mario Ludovici was born on January 8, 1882.

Ludovici was one of the first and most accomplished translators of Nietzsche into English and a leading exponent of Nietzsche’s thought. Ludovici was also an original philosopher in his own right. In nearly forty books, including eight novels, and hundreds of shorter works, Ludovici set forth his views on metaphysics, religion, ethics, politics, economics, the sexes, health, eugenics, art, modern culture, and current events with a clarity, wit, and fearless honesty that made him famous.

A passionate, principled defender of aristocracy and conservatism and a fierce, uncompromising critic of egalitarianism in all its manifestations, Ludovici was consigned to obscurity after the Second World War.

But in recent years, through the power of his thought and the promotional efforts of John V. Day, Ludovici’s writings have found a whole new audience.

In commemoration of Ludovici’s birth, we are publishing “Anthony Ludovici: Conservative from Another World,” originally published in Instauration.

See also John Day’s “What is Best Will Rule: Anthony Ludovici on Aristocracy and Democracy.”

I also wish to draw your attention to John Day’s extensive online archive of Ludovici’s writings:

John Day is also the editor of The Lost Philosopher: The Best of Anthony M. Ludovici, which is now available at deeply discounted prices:

  • Hardcover (limited edition, numbered): $10 [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=19]
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For more details about the contents, click here.

Wholesale inquiries welcome.

For orders of five or more, contact us to determine postage: [email protected].

The following excerpts from The Lost Philosopher are available on this website:

Other works on this site by Ludovici include:

Because of the renewed interest in Ludovici’s work, many of his writings have recently been reprinted and are available at



  1. Jim Stark
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    Social/Aristocratic Hierarchy will become more and more of an important concept. Thanks for reminding us of Ludovici’s important contribution in this area.

    One glaring absence in right wing thinking is exploring any kind of depth in the field of psychology. Most of these great right wingers from the early 20th Century talk generally about psychology. For instance, Spengler mentioned that you are either the hammer or the anvil. Yockey made the friend/enemy distinction, without much elaboration, as if it were obvious. And Ludovici says that Christians lack “psychological insight,” but does he provide much of it? You will get more of an explanation about human psychology from liberals, than from right wing thinkers. In fact, liberals practically own the field of psychology. No wonder they’ve been so successful.

    Only Nietzsche, in this regard, can possibly provide some psychological tools, and the liberals tried to co-opt him as well.

    • Jaego
      Posted January 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

      Christ said “Love your Enemies”. Modern Church Men interpret that to mean that Christians have no Enemies. Of course they see Conservatives as Enemies and hate them as such. Real Christians don’t treat their Enemies the same way they treat their friends and family. They might pray for their Enemies, hope for reconciliation, accept sincere apologies, not hold grudges, be fair in business with them – and honorable in war. None of this has to mean being a doormat or a fool. These are way of loving an Enemy.

      The old Pagans were quite capable of admiring an Enemy’s strength or bravery. The Jews in contrast, seem peculiarly incapable of seeing anything good about anyone who opposes them.

      • Jim Stark
        Posted January 10, 2013 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

        I understand what you’re saying. Christian Ethics are the future. But you need some tools for recognizing the type of person you’re dealing with. You need to manage people on a psychological basis. I don’t see any of that on the right. The right seems to abhor psychology as Jewish, which it’s not. The right has mainly ideology. And ideology doesn’t help you when society is in anarchy mode. My point being that the right wing has made many mistakes in these times. Maybe that’s just a necessary part of the process. But many White right wingers would benefit from a further explanation of psychology.

      • Sandy
        Posted January 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm | Permalink

        Yes. You should love your enemies as Christ said to the people but he never told them to love his enemies. He was taking to “the multitude” at the time; not the government. And he certainly has no intent of forgiving his enemies. Once again it is a matter of perspective and the painful reminder that the church, like political parties (with the exception of A3P) have been co-opted.

        I would recommend The WASP Question which can be purchased on this site.

  2. Hyperborean
    Posted January 11, 2013 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    “I understand what you’re saying. Christian Ethics are the future. But you need some tools for recognizing the type of person you’re dealing with. You need to manage people on a psychological basis. I don’t see any of that on the right.”

    The right may lack an all-encompassing psychological theory, but the general principles it has developed are important . In terms of classifying and managing people, the right al least recognizes there are profound psychological differences between elites, who are capable of independent thought, and the masses who are molded by them; and that these differences are profoundly important.

    Accepting that the great mass of the population are irrational sheep, who feel a deep psychological aversion to independent thought was the biggest mental barrier I had to overcome in breaking free of the Marxist worldview. Recognizing that your family, your friends, almost all your peers, and that you yourself have been completely brainwashed is one of the most alienating experiences an individual can go through; which is why many who are capable of understanding the problem choose to swallow the blue pill and embrace their illusions.

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