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Kvetching about the Schvartzes

Time Magazine: Black vs. Jew940 words

Half Sigma, a Jewish human biodiversity blogger, recently threw in the towel [1]. This is one of many recent examples of how the HBD movement is losing momentum, compelling John Derbyshire to ask aloud, “Is HBD Over? [2]

Let’s hope it is.

Sure, scientific inquiry should carry on. Our cause should work to benefit from whatever truths bolster it. But the notion that drubbing away about statistical data is enough to save our people needs to be laid to rest. For it truly is tangential.

I, for one, think we would have a right to exist if all of HBD were proven bunk. My problem with the HBD subculture and community is the implied premise that we need to explain and defend our right to exist. What other group is expected to do that? What other group should be reduced to doing that? Even worse, the community subtly implies that our premises are vulgar and supremacist in nature. It implies that we should kick out the Mexicans because they’re filthy and stupid, that we should run Blacks out of our neighborhoods for being vicious sub-humans, and that we should perhaps marry ourselves intelligent and submissive Asian wives and grapple our way into the exalted ranks of the cognitive elite.

Repeatedly, in public and private correspondences, I’ve been cajoled to lay off the toxic Jewish Question and stick with the HBD-style “racial realism” and the Sailerite “civic nationalism.” The impression projected is that “antisemitism” is paranoid, low brow, and anti-intellectual. I agree that there is a lot of mean-spirited, vulgar, and paranoid stuff coming out of the racialist and nationalist Right. The thing is, I think a disproportionate amount of it comes from our Jews. I find it tasteless how Larry Auster carries on at length [3] about how ugly Black women supposedly are, as if there’s any reason to belabor that point. His left index finger is pointing out the giant muzzle on Michelle Obama while the right finger is wagging at those who dare challenge organized Jewry.

Nicholas Stix, whose contributions to American Renaissance and his original reporting on the Knoxville Horror are indubitably contributions, responded to my recent article [4] about Michael Bloomberg blustering (incorrectly) that, “Bloomberg is not a financier, he’s a media mogul,” adding pithily, “But don’t let the facts bother you. Way to go, guys!”

Why would a man as intelligent as he, one with a journalistic background no less, lose his temper in defense of an overtly and explicitly anti-White financier? It’s simple, and I don’t hold it against him: it’s tribal. Stix is reliably (and to his credit) pro-White when it’s between Whites and Blacks, and he’s reliably (and understandably) anti-White when it’s between Whites and Jews. On the topic of whether Jews are White, these people who are otherwise bright, even brilliant, suddenly run into trouble grasping basic concepts.

Half Sigma’s article, “Jews are White [5]” is a concise tour of easily unmasked falsehood and misdirection. First of all, he grossly oversimplifies the nature of Jewish identity by asserting that Judaism is merely a religion. Israel’s Right of Return and every other credible Jewish and objective source confirms that Jewishness is a complex phenomenon with a strong ethnic component, but he can’t even wrap his mind around the difference between race and ethnicity, so why bother explaining anything complex?

Half Sigma links to a graph on Steve Sailer’s blog confirming that they genetically cluster closely with Whites relative to other Middle Eastern groups, failing to draw his audience’s attention to the graph’s confirming that Jews are, after all, genetically distinct [6]:

So, Ashkenazis look pretty European on this chart compared to a few Middle Eastern groups. But, as the recent graph showed, genetics has progressed to the point where Ashkenazis (at least those with four Ashkenazi grandparents) can now be reliably distinguished from other Europeans.

There are some White Nationalists who overstate this case, asserting that the Jews are more racially separate than they’ve been shown to be. The fact remains that Jews are a genetically distinct ethnic group which is hostile to and averse to integrating with its White American host population. The fact remains that White Nationalism in America is integrally an ethnic nationalist movement, rather than some farcical movement favoring a pan-racial White superstate of some sort. Even if Jews were “White,” they still wouldn’t belong in our movement. A vanishingly small subset of Jews may find common cause with us in kvetching about the schvartzes, but that’s necessarily where the common cause ends.

As America continues to decline both socially and economically, we can be assured that more Jews will join Matt Drudge, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin in kvetching about the schvartzes. They’ll continue trying to stir up vulgar supremacism and strife between America’s various racial groups while carrying water for and covering the asses of the Jewish anti-White globalist financiers like Michael Bloomberg and his cronies. We White Americans should continue learning more about racial differences and we should continue reporting anti-White violence, but neither of those are substitutes for the vital work of reviving the spirit of our extended family of ethnic kinsmen and rallying them in defense of the rich inheritance our generation has been entrusted to preserve, perfect, and perpetuate.