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Freemasons Against the Modern World

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The Masons are the focus of intense curiosity and at times controversy in France. Our main weekly news magazines have cover stories on Masonry at least twice a year, typically their best-selling editions. France is probably the only country in the world in which lodge membership is growing at a steady pace and the average age of members is stable.

This article will focus on the memoir Un Maçon Franc (a pun on “Freemason” and “Frank Mason”) by Christophe Bourseiller, in which the author recounts how he unwittingly joins a Lodge captivated by Traditionalism and divided between devotees of Julius Evola and René Guénon. His motive in writing this memoir is the fact that most books on Masonry in France are either superficial unveilings of secret handshakes or exposés of financial or spiritual corruption. His goal was to write about his own personal and spiritual development over a decade in which his involvement in Masonry was a focal point of his life.

Unlike in the US, France has several groupings of masonic lodges, called Obédiences. On the Left there is the Grand Orient de France (GODF), the largest of these groupings, which accepts atheists and recently women. They are closely linked to the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions, CRIF), France’s Anti-Defamation League, and also play an anti-Christian role in France similar to the American Civil Liberties Union in the US. Trotskyites have tried, en masse, to infiltrate and turn lodges of the GODF, and — perhaps surprisingly — the GODF publicly rooted them out in the 1990s. The film Forces Occultes and the “Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy” are based on the GODF. Its international affiliates are strongest in Catholic countries and, in the early 20th century, have been linked to atrocities against Catholic clergy.

The Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) and the Grande Loge Française (GLF) only accept men who believe in the Grand Architect of the Universe. While they contain members of various points of view, the political center of gravity is to the Right. The Sarkozy administration was heavy with Brothers of the GLNF. The GLNF was until recently the only Obédience recognized by Anglophone masonry and despite its recent schism is probably still the second largest in France.

The Memoirist Finds a Lodge

Christophe Bourseiller issues from an artistic family whose lives revolved around avant-garde theater. He was the first Mason of his family, though his family had a great deal of respect for them as the “Guardians of the Republic.” This is a common view in France, held by the Radicals de Droite and Radicals de Gauche, now subsumed in the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire and Socialist coalitions. They are (or were) radical in that they want an impermeable barrier between the state and the clergy. They are Right or Left depending on the extent to which they want redistribution of income.

Bourseiller is an academic expert on the extreme Left, to which he is opposed, and usually occupies the center or center-Left of the French political terrain, well to the Right of his family. He occasionally acts in small roles on television or film, following the family tradition, and participates in roundtable discussion shows on television and radio.

Bourseiller published Un Maçon Franc in 2010. It was meant not as an exposé but as a balanced memoir of his voyage “towards the light” and his relationship with his Brothers from 1984 to 2000. He joined the GLNF, but states “one doesn’t join a Lodge in the same way one joins a political party . . . the GLNF chose me, I didn’t choose it.”[1]

After he arrived he found himself struggling to “look beyond the surface . . . [where] good taste had been banished [from the Lodge] . . . hammers were made of plastic . . . [and other decorations had] zero aesthetic value” (p. 51). He had to overcome the superstitions he received from his family of actors regarding the “evil eye” and the presence of three lit candles on a stage.

In his very first Lodge meeting following Initiation, his ambivalence began. At the time, his day job was hosting an afternoon TV show that featured songs by new artists. Before the meeting began, he went to the bathroom when a Brother at the next urinal struck up a conversation. The Brother’s nephew was a musician, and he asked Christophe to invite the young relative to his show to sing his song, “Request for Whores” (Demande aux Putains). This immediate, undignified request sent him into a spiritual crisis. His mother convinced him that Masons were better people who protected the Republic. Now he wondered, “is it really the universal Hydra” described by its detractors?

Getting to Know the Brothers of the Lodge

He was immediately given to the Second Surveillant (Second Warden) for Instruction. “Gilles” was a kind man who flourished in the world of Masonry yet was floundering as a businessman. He had a “starving artist fashion sense that bordered on the folkloric.” Christophe learned side-by-side with “Raymond” who was a fellow Apprenti. Raymond was also an “operative mason,” that is to say, he worked in the construction trade. He was a sympathetic character with a big moustache who was fond of dirty jokes and only read one book in his life . . . a book about construction. Twice a month they would meet at Gilles’ apartment, near Père Lachaise, for Instruction.

The instructor gave me the works of Luc Benoit, Antoine Faivre, Mircea Eliade, and Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. Under the astonished gaze of Raymond we discussed for hours and hours René Guénon. Gilles held him up as the greatest theoretician of Initiation and Spiritual Realization. With him I forgot my doubts and “Les Putains.” Fraternity acquired a new significance. I could finally live my poetic dream [of masonry]. . . . Can one make sense of this terrestrial passage? Does Masonry hold the secret key? Could these symbols soften the passage through this tumult? Does secret knowledge allow one to extract oneself from the chaos? We have no certitude. We search for our place in the universe. One day, Gilles made a passing remark that was both touching and enlightening: “I believe the important thing is to ask these questions, more so than to have an answer.” (p. 63)

Slowly, he got to know the other Brothers of the Lodge. He also saw that there was a very un-fraternal rivalry between “Gilles” and the Premier Surveillant, “Bruno.” Once a generalist doctor, Bruno abandoned scientific skepticism to become an Auriculotherapist, practicing a kind of acupuncture focused on the ear. Bruno had a very successful practice at Trocadero, and he loved ostentatious displays of luxury. Bruno’s spiritual path was driven by his own passion and sense of drama. He was even rumored to practice magic. Christophe noted that Gilles was jealous of Bruno’s professional success and popularity with many Brothers. This jealousy was exacerbated by Gilles’ sense of being a more serious man than Bruno.

Sitting above these two rivals, the Venerable Maître (Worshipful Master) of the Lodge was “Armand,” an accordion player and friend of Christophe’s mother who sponsored Christophe’s entry. Armand had a lax approach to his leadership role in the Lodge and often referenced his Jewish roots to strengthen his pretension of a higher understanding of Kabbalah. Others in his lodge included two opera singers, one a highly accomplished retired professional and the other making ends meet by acting as Cantor in his Synagogue. There was an executive of a missile manufacturer, a pianist, and several more doctors, both generalists and specialists. Another Brother was the voice actor who did the French dubbing of Columbo, the television detective, and every time he spoke, Christophe felt as if he was suddenly living in a police thriller. Christophe hit it off immediately with “Stephane” who was a professor of theater, a practitioner of martial arts, and had experimented at least once with every drug he could find.

Digression: A Third View of Masonic Conspiracy Theory

In France there are two dominant themes when it comes to critics of Freemasonry. The theme found in news magazines like Le Point, Nouvel Observateur, and Marianne emphasizes the clusters of Masons found in the highest posts of our largest public-private corporations, i.e., EDF, GDF, Areva, SNCF, etc. There is definite circumstantial evidence of the power of this network, though the only common thread between the beneficiaries is that they are republicans who do not wish for a monarch and are probably not devout Catholics (since there is a Latae Sententiae excommunication in place for Catholic Masons).

The other kind of criticism is the classic Catholic criticism of Masonry as a force of anti-clericalism. There is an open hostility to Christianity at the highest levels of the GODF. Their effect is similar to that of the ACLU in the US. Like the ACLU, their membership lists are not published, but there is certainly a great deal more intimacy between members who meet in Lodge once or twice a month. There remain though some remnants of the Taxil Hoax in the Catholic criticism of Masonry. The fact is that if the visions of the GODF and the Catholic Church were put to a vote, the GODF would probably have a plurality of support.

I propose a third, net-centric conspiracy as being the truly dominant one. Both those who speak of THE Masonic Conspiracy and those who say none exist are wrong. There are in fact thousands of conspiracies, more or less thought through or executed. Estimates of the different kinds of professions present in the GLNF and GODF have placed “Profession Liberal” between 40–70%. That is to say lawyers, doctors, independent accountants, and all kinds of freelancers are dominant in French Freemasonry. These men all depend on references to make their living, and the lodge is the easiest way to build a network.

Though Christophe Bourseiller ignores this “Freelance Conspiracy” in his memoir, the majority of his Brothers fall in this category. Because membership grows mostly through sponsorship of current members, doctors tend to sponsor doctors, entertainers tend to sponsor entertainers, etc. leading the lodges to “specialize” in certain trades, depending on who their most active members are. This tendency toward specialization through sponsorship is also demonstrated in the memoir. Of course the dull hustle that these atomized Freelancers suffer will never sell a magazine or book, so it will always take a back seat to the more fantastic conspiracies.

“Voyaging” to Other Lodges

When Christophe rose to the second degree he had the right to visit other Lodges. At the encouragement of Gilles he visited as many as he could. At every Lodge Meeting a “planche” is presented by a Brother who prepares it in advance, covering subjects including “Comparative Religion, Initiation, Myths, Traditions, [or] Mysticism.” Specific symbolic and philosophical topics included “the cathedral, the Light, androgyny, Mithraism, the mountain, pilgrimage, and the acacia” (p. 74).

At dinner, each Brother takes turns speaking about his reflections on the reading presented. By voyaging to other Lodges he could step into dozens of different subcultures with different views and areas of interest. For example a Lodge of musicians would listen to symphonies in Lodge and engage in esoteric discussions of their meanings over dinner.

While Christophe belonged to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite[2] he could now visit the Anglophiles of the Emulation Rite, who remember all their lines and infuse a strong sense of the sacred in their ritual, and the Rectified Scottish Rite, which is a heavily Christian Rite focused on the Grail Quest and includes Christian Gnostics among its members. At that time the GLNF in Paris prided itself on avoiding mundane political issues and barring petty conspirators and corrupt businessmen from entry.

He visited lodges of aristocrats who spoke endlessly about the spiritual benefits of being high-born, there were “The Indo-Europeans” focused on the Aryan spiritual tradition, and to Christophe’s surprise there were “Brown” lodges, as in Brown Shirts, whose members were of various tendencies of the anti-parliamentarian Right. Christophe remained an enthusiastic seeker and an enthusiastic Mason, but he was struck by the irony of joining the “Guardians of the Republic” then being told that he was part of a spiritual elite of Indo-Europeans who detested democracy.

Guénonians vs. Evolians

Another aspect of passing to the Second Degree is that Christophe’s Instruction would now be handled by the Premier Surveillant, Bruno. Bruno’s first act was to pass along Ur and Krur by Julius Evola!

How could a Mason calmly endorse a writer from those dark years, who positioned himself to the right of Fascism, who saw in the SS a response to the Bourgeois-ification of National Socialism? The doctor was not for a moment moved by my concerns. By condemning Evola in advance I revealed, in his point of view, a narrow and conformist soul. . . . Could Masonry be insidiously driving me in the direction of Fascism? This idea seemed too fantastic to be real, but this focus on Evola was a bad sign.

Gilles was much more secure for me. He gave his absolute devotion to René Guénon. Under his direction I discovered the forgotten works of a theorist with a dry and classic style. I read Perspectives on Initiation, The Crisis of the Modern World, The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, Initiation and Spiritual Realization, The Multiple States of the Being, Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power among others. There is nothing in common between Guénon and Evola. The Italian theorist called for the eradication of Masonry and its replacement by a new order, with all Jewish influence removed, while Guénon affirmed the primacy of the Masonic Path [sic]  . . . both presented, for different reasons their deep criticisms of Democracy. In the case of Evola, the rejection of democratic forms to be replaced by totalitarian regimes, that Tradition must “revive.” René Guénon saw in the triumph of Democracy a symptom of the inversion of values. He defended the “Natural Castes.” In the ’30s he went even further. Taking the side of the extreme Right he denounced the Republic and Parliamentarism.

To my great surprise, Gilles felt the same way, and he wasn’t alone. The entire Lodge had a troubling hatred for democracy. According to them, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite constituted an organized response to the subversion of Democracy.

Masonry rehabilitated a certain form of Aristocracy. . . . The Supreme Council of France, who bestowed the higher grades, were never elected. Freemasonry was in rupture with the ideology of the Enlightenment . . .

One day, I visited a very strange lodge that constituted the fulcrum of the Evolian dissidents. In this Lodge, when they opened the Bible to the Gospel of John, instead of saying “in the beginning was the word” they said “in the beginning was the Logos.” The Greek was used to highlight their Indo-European Roots. How did I know this? This Lodge of intellectuals was an annex of the Nouvelle Droite. They regularly cited texts from the journal Nouvelle Ecole and spoke often and highly of Neo-Paganism (pp. 82–86).

Apart from his rejection of Evola, Christophe comes across as a fairly open-minded intellectual. Everyone has a limit, and for Christophe that was Evola. It is worth noting that despite his strong opposition to the ideas of Bruno, he claims that he always had a certain appreciation for his style of intellectual inquiry, that was, like his clothing, flashy and dramatic. But all strengths have a tragic, dark side, and for Christophe, seduction by Evola was a symptom.

Is my Lodge constituted with a majority of adepts of an extreme right far more radical than the Front National? Should I hide this trait? From where does this Black Wind blow? I contest, reply, and protest . . . the Brothers never fail to remind me of my low degree. I am only a Compagnon and the Evolians belong to the higher grades; therefore, I haven’t perceived the nuance.

If all the Brothers of the Lodge don’t share the vision of Bruno and his clan, this Evolian tone of our discussions doesn’t seem to bother them. At first I couldn’t believe it. (pp. 86–87)

At least three of the Brothers of the Lodge are Jewish, including the Venerable Maître. Christophe does not recount any stories of anti-Semitism within the Lodge towards the Jewish Brothers, and it is Christophe alone, and not the Jewish Brothers, who feels that Evolianism should be banished. This is fascinating. Furthermore, since no other tendency is mentioned within the Lodge, the Jewish Brothers are all at least Guénonians, if not full blown Evolians. This must have indeed seemed like a carnivalesque house of mirrors to this young centrist, raised by avant-garde actors.

I plunged into the works of Julius Evola: The Bow and the Mace, Ride the Tiger, Men Among the Ruins, The Path of Cinnabar, Meditations on the Peaks, Fascism: Viewed from the Right. Yet nothing changed my first impression. . . . What irony! The GLNF pretends to chase politics from their temples, in order to focus on the sacred. But what are they talking about when they put in question Parliamentarism and discuss their hatred of “the slobs” ? . . .

I raised my concerns in private with an arrogant, ruddy cheeked young man who seemed to be in a constant struggle to keep his sanguine temper down. He acquiesced to my complaints. Certainly it’s out of the question to broach the subject of politics in the Lodge. We leave that to the lower Adepts of the GODF and their “Substitute Path.” We have evolved to a superior sphere. We don’t discuss politics, rather we discuss metapolitics. The nuance is sizable. We reflect on principles.

Well, does the spiritual path really imply meandering through the extreme Right? I never expected to find in Freemasonry such thought experiments. This was not just a scandal but a monumental scandal. How am I to react in the face of these “Black Knights” of esotericism?” (pp. 87–89)

Christophe doesn’t seem to realize that, like Bruno, he too has a strong sense of the dramatic and casts his own minor squabbles as epic struggles of Good vs. Evil. He tires of arguing with his brothers. His first act of rebellion is to invite a gay Algerian into the Lodge. The day after the young man is accepted, the pianist quit the Lodge, claiming to have no more free time.

Christophe visits more lodges to see how deep this goes. By his estimation there were only three other lodges out of the 400 in Paris at that time where the thoughts of Evola and Guénon were dominant. Within his own lodge, the rivalry between Bruno and Gilles grows. At times the other men separate them when their discussions turn into shouting matches. This is in fact due to the coming election of a new Venerable Maître. Normally, Bruno would be the uncontested choice since he was Premier Surveillant, and Gilles would take Bruno’s post. However, Gilles hopes to leapfrog over Bruno. The lines are drawn between Evolians and Guénonians. Christophe has all the zeal of a Knight Templar in this battle. Gilles wins a narrow majority.


Gilles invites Christophe to accompany him to a national convention in Strasbourg. Christophe welcomed the chance to distance himself from the Lodge and hoped for an experience of Fraternity without the emotional and political baggage of his own Lodge. He noted with irony the difference between the public face of Masonry and his own experience.

The Opening Ritual of the Grande Loge was rich with Christic influences. Nothing could seem more normal than this. Belief in the Bible and in the God it reveals constituted the Landmarks of the GLNF that make it the only “Regular” Obedience in France. In the secret of the Lodge, things are more ambivalent. Gilles is an unfailing atheist. Bruno believes in a kind of magical paganism. Each day I find myself in an ambience that is far from Judeo-Christianity.

I am very sensitive to the Sacred Texts. I am interested by Meister Eckhart and by the Kabbalah. I consider myself an agnostic with mystical tendencies. (pp. 94–95)

Later on, Christophe is given the Third degree by Gilles, Bruno, Armand, and the rest of the Brothers. He then goes on to receive the fourth degree and joins a Lodge of Perfection, in addition to his Blue Lodge. This is based at the headquarters of the Scottish Rite rather than at the headquarters of the GLNF. This Lodge is much bigger with over 50 brothers present. This is an ostentatious location with the feel of a London City Club. He is surrounded by successful and rich people.

I was chosen among the other Master Masons of my Lodge to advance. The truth is they don’t hold grudges. I had never stopped criticizing Evola, and even Guénon was starting to lose his appeal for me. I argued in favor of openness, renovation, and a tolerant approach. They still would respond with a smile: “you’ll understand later.” Has later finally arrived? I am now a “Maître Secret.” (pp. 108–109)

In the Lodge of Perfection he joins five Brothers from his Lodge, including Bruno and Gilles. He also recognizes several “Indo-Europeans” and “Brown Brothers.” Christophe continues to draw unflattering caricatures of ideological enemies while also recounting the death of his mother. Obviously, “fighting fascism” gave a great deal of meaning to his life during a difficult time. After all, that is the only explanation he gives for not moving to a Lodge with a better fit much earlier. He subjected himself to a great deal of headache and strife to merely prevent Bruno from leading 20 or so guys in a bimonthly discussion group! He seems to have failed to convince anyone to change his mind about the virtues of Democracy. And, as there was no further mention of the gay Algerian, it’s clear Christophe wasn’t doling out a favor by inviting the young man to his Lodge. Regardless of the meaning offered by this combat, this is obviously a negative spiral. After seven years in The Craft, Christophe wrote his letter of resignation.

I reject by definition all ideology and certainty . . . the man who searches hasn’t found. The quasi-catechistic reference to the Traditionalist Ideology of Guénon and Evola seems too pat to me. It fences the world within a totalitarian enclosure. I was bothered as well by a certain Indo-European polemic. I don’t deny that the cultural identity of the West rests upon a substrate of Indo-European languages. However the militant affirmation of paganism seems at the very least surrealist and misplaced, though it is true we are all pagans, monotheists, Latins, Greeks, and Biblists [sic] . . . I met among you many exceptional men, many I hold in high esteem. I have also lived through a strange feeling of confusion and distraction. It is as if I had lost my way. A spiritual path that is exclusively Pagan does not work for me.

This poorly constructed letter was read in Lodge during Christophe’s last visit. When it was finished the heavy silence was broken by an Evolian of the 30th degree who said: “He has understood nothing.”

What was it that Christophe did not understand? The memoirist is the least qualified to answer this question. Why was Gilles, who also rejected Evola, spared the snide remarks about not understanding? The Brothers certainly seem tolerant of those who disagree about Evola, but only certain kinds of disagreement deserve respect. If one were to speculate, the answer to this question, like the answer to the peaceful presence of Jewish Brothers, may be found in his failure to comprehend the Evolian concept of the “Race of the Spirit” vs. “Race of the Flesh.” While Christophe was playing the post-war blame game, the rest of the Brothers, Jew and Gentile alike, were speaking an entirely different language. Likewise, one might imagine that Gilles’ opposition to Evola would sound very similar to that offered by Charles Upton when interviewed on this site. Such a spiritually developed riposte to Evola was absent from the memoir.

Christophe then joined the Grande Loge de France. He spent several years there that merited little mention in his memoir before quitting Masonry altogether in 2000. In his interviews with the press he vehemently denies that this is a denunciation of Masonry. There are touching moments in the book, primarily as he struggles with the slow loss of his mother, as well as many amusing caricatures. While he clearly saw the shortcomings of Gilles, there was a strong mentor/student relationship that provided the spiritual guidance Christophe needed at that time, though he tries to downplay it in the text. There is an undoubtedly negative tone to the book, despite the distance of years between the events and the time he wrote his memoirs. Much of the memoir is recounting, with unintentional irony, how he always considered himself superior to the Elitists. Nonetheless, he passionately says he has no regrets and benefited greatly on a spiritual level from this period of engagement with Masonry.

Where Are These Evolians Today?

Christophe left the GLNF in 1991. Since then the Obedience has more than doubled in size under the controversial leadership of Francois Stifani. In the 1990s he courted African Heads of State to join, in the hopes of making the GLNF an axis in the France-Afrique corruption circuit. He has promoted rapid growth within France and gave the Obedience an indelible connection with the UMP-led municipal corruption of the Southeast regions of France. Stifani’s personal corruption has more recently led to the GLNFs excommunication by other “Regular” Masons throughout the world, including the US, and to a schism last summer in which perhaps a third of the Lodges (particularly those in Paris) have left to form a new obedience.

The author has made some effort at finding these Evolians. It seems there was never a purge, but because French Masonry is probably more secretive than anywhere else in the world, finding them is a difficult task. Perhaps, after their quasi-exposure and in the context of a civil war, the far Right elements of French Masonry are keeping an even lower profile than usual.

Lessons Learned and Next Steps

The question, “what is Masonry?” seems even more difficult to answer after having read this memoir. This book is a unique exposition of what happens in a Lodge, beyond the exposés on the rituals. The final effect the Traditionalists in the GLNF have on society is uncertain. In France, at least, Masonry continues to be an underground rallying point for extremists, as it was for Jacobites, Whigs, Jacobins, proto-Wiccans and Druid Reconstructionists, Fénelonian Quietists, Martinists, and radical secularists. That is probably an incomplete list. Because Masonry is non-sectarian, Jews were certainly present for much of Masonry’s known history and have found common cause with the Whigs, Jacobins, and Radical Secularists in particular. However, as captivating as the image in Forces Occultes of a hook-nosed shadow behind the Venerable Maître, this is an over-simplification undeserving of our respect.

In North America, Freemasonry is a shrinking organization eager for new members. It is a place where one finds mostly white men who are neither Christian Fundamentalists nor atheists (that is to say college graduates indoctrinated with PC). It is a group which underachieving conspiracy theorists would never join. It is probably full of Implicitly White men, who are striving to succeed in America’s freelance professions. These men probably have an underdeveloped concept of Makers and Takers that can be enriched by certain esoteric ideas presented in the calm, fraternal environment of the Lodge Room.

Freemasonry in the US and Canada is ripe for entryism. Regardless of its potential spiritual value, its emphasis on leadership development and fraternity (or in 21st century terms, network building) can only yield positive side effects for New Rightist infiltrators. A potential infiltrator should educate himself on the subculture of the Lodges, giving preference to those which are more “Symbolic,” which is code for “minimally Judeo-Christian.”

Note that Lodges may also be focused on a particular profession or ethnic group. While its “brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God” rhetoric may be irreconcilable to HBD-focused White Nationalism (of which I am certainly a partisan), the non-political works of Collin Cleary, Mark Dyal, and others of the non-biologist New Right would probably receive a fair hearing if presented as a “planche” in many Lodges. Such ideas would have certainly been welcome in Christophe Bourseiller’s Lodge, though, as his testimony proves, not everyone exposed to New Right ideas will become a convert.

Though Evola and Guénon may be unheard of in North American Lodges, keep in mind that Albert Pike[3] and Manly P. Hall are revered there. These men were many things, but they were not small “d” democrats nor were they friends of Modernism or Post-Modernism. While some lodges have given in to the “Reign of Quantity,” focusing on rapid, mass initiations, charity fundraisers, and family events, others regard themselves as Aristocrats of the Soul and would enthusiastically welcome young men who come to “Receive the Light” from them.

If an entryist can coordinate with other infiltrators, a sort of “chain migration” of Initiates can be arranged. Furthermore, in many US states, only seven Master Masons are needed to start a new Lodge.[4] This new Lodge can then be used as a base of operations for local political activism, discussion, and fraternal support. This is useful in a time when Freedom of Association is denied to White Nationalists by the combine of government, corporations, and NGOs. Freemasonry is the oldest and perhaps only institution through which White men have exercised “mind-weaponization,” as Taqiyyah and Asabiyyah are translated and made commandments within the Lodge. And the best part is, if a North American New Right Lodge is ever uncovered, the public face of the Lodge can just roll his eyes and say, “Oh boy, another Masonic Conspiracy Theory.” The journalists will be laughing along with him.

As Kievsky says, “Go out there and hide your views.”


[1] Christophe Bourseiller Un Maçon Franc (Monaco: Éditions Alphée, 2010), p. 36. Un Maçon Franc is only available in the original French.

[2] In the US, the first three degrees are universal and resemble the Emulation Rite. American Masons may pursue further degrees either in the York Rite or the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The York Rite exists in England but not France. The Rectified Scottish Rite (the remnant of Martinist heretics who sought refuge in the secrecy of the Lodge) contains many of the themes of Chivalry and Christianity familiar to the York Rite.

[3] In anticipation of anyone making the Satan-Worshiping claim, I invite readers to visit to read any of several versions of “Morals and Dogma” in order to give context to the famous quote. Also the “Three World Wars” letter has been thoroughly debunked. A history of the text’s development as memes from the Taxil Hoax passed through the hands of several other writers is documented here:

Since I am writing about Pike, I can’t help but recall also, one of the most bizarre conversations of my life. A middle-aged, soft-spoken bachelor who had recently begun attending the FSSPX Traditional Mass claimed that Darwinism was a Jewish plot. After I laughed in his face (not usually my style, but this was a special situation) he explained that Gnosticism was created by Kabbalists who infiltrated Christianity. Darwin was a Gnostic (how he knew this, I don’t know) et voila, Darwinism was created to destroy the Church. I pointed out that Gnosticism was around in the century after Jesus and the Zohar was written in the 13th Century by the circle around the publisher who claimed to have “found” the text. Undaunted, this man later sent me Albert Pike’s citation as proof of the antiquity of the Zohar. Like the Zohar, Albert Pike’s writings may be a source of spiritual nourishment for some, but historical accuracy, academic rigor, and unbroken links to antiquity are not to be found in either. As for this Judeo-Gnostic-Darwinist theorist, I have always wanted to know how and with whom he spent his time before he showed up at the Latin Mass, but it’s not worth another mind-numbing conversation.


  1. Deviance
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    Free-masonry is a pretty pathetic association (in its symbolism and rituals, in its ignorance of where true power really lays) for goyim desiring to play the Jews. It has never had real influence on the march of society, except in the true elite lodges up to the first half of the XXth century, and it is dying off because of modern technology (cellphones, social networking, etc. rendering the need for dinner parties and meetings nil.) Real powerful and rich people secretly laugh at Freemasons. Real powerful and rich people secretly laugh at members of the Club du Siècle too.

    It is not the first time I hear about the existence of traditionalist, and even anti-Semitic lodges. My reaction is always: “well, either they are not really anti-Semitic, or they do not hold any actual power”, because the curb of ascending Jewish domination was never even slowed down once in the last century.

    Free-masonry is not relevant, except as a footnote in history. Interesting article nonetheless.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

      We probably agree more than you realize.

      I don’t think there is anything to be gained by joining. It depends on what is done afterwards in terms of creating a safe environment for WN and NANR to have “a base of operations for local political activism, discussion, and fraternal support.”

      This will take an investment of time and effort, a leap of faith really, but reclaiming the freedom to assemble with people who hold our views is essential. Victory will still be far away after that.

  2. Jaego
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:08 am | Permalink

    A much less personal and scholarly article or series of articles is needed on this subject. Firstly, some say they are still powerful. And if so, are they are for us or against us – or would that vary among the many different Lodges? For example, the Scottish Rite has a very racist history as Albert Pike was associated with the Confederacy. And like most American Lodges, entrance to Blacks was denied. Some of that has changed, but how much? Significantly, no criticism from about this policy was ever issued in the popular media – the Jews didn’t want to alienate their Gentile allies perhaps. The Protocols say that the Mason is the Servant of the Jews and that “they know too much”.

    Evola thought Masonry to be almost completely Counter Initiation, although he had good relations and respect for certain individual Masons. The writer’s experience indicates extreme confusion in French Masonry on the Right at least.

    The Christian critique is not so easily dismissed. Apart from calling it a Religion of its own, they are correct that the Scottish Rite is overtly anti-Christian and pro-Revolutionary. As is the Grand Orient as well of course. And all Lodges promote a Morality of favoritism to Brothers even up to the point of perjury. This must be inimical to any Civilization, not just a Christian one. So, to get the ball rolling – would we allow them into our new Republic(s)?

  3. Guest Lurker
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:18 am | Permalink

    I joined a lodge in Southern California about 10 years ago out of curiosity to see what the hype was all about. All in all, I’ve found American masons to be of the flag-waving conservative patriotard stripe. I have yet to speak to any Mason who has ever even heard of Evola or Guenon.

    The point about how simple it is to gain access to a dying American masonry is spot on. I made the point on a while ago that it would be really easy to infiltrate, rather than just bitching about how masons are yet another society being instrumentalized by judaic forces to subvert society. The Filipinos are doing just this. They are joing masonry in droves because it’s still highly secretive and taboo in the Phillippines and difficult to get into a lodge there, so they join here in the U.S. and then go pursue political careers back in their islands. Yet as the previous commenter stated, it is hard to see what real power, if any, masonry really still holds here in the U.S. I, too, doubt its relevance at this point.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

      I was hoping to hear from a current Mason.
      I would imagine the Filipinos did the same kind of Chain Initiation I’m suggesting. For California that would mean they had to infiltrate 25 Master Masons, including some who became experts in ritual, then petitioned for their own Lodge. Is there any hand-wringing about their Lodge not being integrated?

      It sounds like the men in your Lodge are not about to be converted to WN or NANR, but if you presented an elitist anti-democratic speech would you views be tolerated?

      Do you think a Lodge would have the potential to “be used as a base of operations for local political activism, discussion, and fraternal support”?

      Ignoring whether there is a sacramental character to the rituals, does the Initiation effectively forge fraternal bonds and provoke deeper introspection?

      • Guest Lurker
        Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

        >I was hoping to hear from a current Mason.
        >I would imagine the Filipinos did the same kind of Chain Initiation I’m suggesting. For >California that would mean they had to infiltrate 25 Master Masons, including some who >became experts in ritual, then petitioned for their own Lodge. Is there any >hand->wringing about their Lodge not being integrated?

        The way it works here is a Filipino or an Armenian (Filipinos’ closest clannish rivals) join a lodge and soon sponsor every Filipino or Armenian they know to also petition to join their lodge. Through their persistence and tenacity, they come to predominate in a lodge and move through the officers’ line. Technically, the fully Armenian or Filipino lodges aren’t exclusionary (the Filipino lodge even had a white Master last year), but the fact that they are known as ethnic lodges deters others not of those ethnic groups from petitioning those lodges. Even if they did try to petition, all if would take is a black cube to vote down their application by any of the lodge brothers for them to be denied admission. No reason for the rejection need be given. And no, there is no hand-wringing about this. When the “Armenian” of “Filipino” lodge is mentioned, it is as a given fact of life. In theory, there is nothing that would prevent a “White” lodge from pursuing the same strategy. It’s just that most whiter lodges are looking at the bottom line and trying to gain new membership to maintain the lodge’s budget. It just so happens that many of the newer candidates are simply non whites, so it’s a numbers game.

        Bear in mind that this is my experience of SoCal. We had a black member who travelled back to his native Atlanta and tried to visit a local lodge there. He was politely asked to leave and told that the white brethren were uncomfortable with his presence. He told us he had seen some kind of registrar of lodges there and that it had classified our lodge as a “Prince Hall” lodge because we are racially integrated, even though we are considered a fully regular lodge under the Grand Lodge of California. American masonry is by no means monolithic and certainly varies region to region.

        >It sounds like the men in your Lodge are not about to be converted to WN or NANR, but >if you presented an elitist anti-democratic speech would you views be tolerated?

        Unlike in other areas or countries, we aren’t even required to present papers or talks in lodge. All we do is have stated meeting dinners where we introduce new candidates, and then we confer degrees on our other lodge nights. I’ve already made my pro-white opinions known to several people in my lodge in at least a subtle manner. Just recently in mixed racial company, somehow Britain and Enoch Powell came up, and I stated that I supported Powell and his “rivers of blood” speech and that it was a travesty that Europe is being flooded by incompatible cultures and peoples who are dispossessing the indigenous Europeans. There was a momentary awkward silence as they all looked at each other not knowing how to respond. One of the white males finally responded that he could understand why Europeans would want to survive, but that that sort of ideology wouldn’t fly here in the U.S. because we’re a nation of immigrants and a proposition nation. In the past, I’ve made known my displeasure at the predominance of the zionist narrative in our media and how it directs foreign policy, as well as with immigration policy in favor of non-whites. We’re not supposed to discuss politics in lodge. However, if you make your thoughts known to certain brethren outside of lodge over a drink for example, there is the understanding that this is done in confidence and that as “brothers”, we are supposed to be tolerant of each others’ views. So far, they have been.

        I’ve actually know at least 2 other racially aware and anti-semitic members, but they got demoralized with the multicultural climate and stopped coming to lodge. That’s key. The clannish minorities are persistent and ambitious. Whites just become demoralized or bored and simply drop out and leave the field to the non-whites. Robert Stark recently ran an interview with a Filipino who stated that minorities, for all of their griping against whitey, want to become even more western than whites. They want to own modernity and whitey’s former institutions. You can definitely see this with the Filipinos in masonry as well.

        >Do you think a Lodge would have the potential to “be used as a base of operations for >local political activism, discussion, and fraternal support”?

        I don’t see why not. Again, arguments about politics or religion are strictly forbidden in lodge under regular Anglo-American masonry, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be circumvented by networking with like-minded masons outside of lodge. As to speeches or papers being read in some lodges on religion or politics, this would have to be delivered in an academic manner where it’s not perceived as trying to persuade other members to your view of thinking. Lodges are supposed to be about fostering harmony between people of various backrounds and viewpoints, so if such work is presented in lodge, it would have to be presented in a way where elitist poltics would have to be placed in context as a secondary byprodcut of the metaphysical principles being presented for consideration. We’ve had members in the past suggest we adopt a format of giving talks in lodge, if for no other reason than to make our lodge seem more appealing and less boring and to keep members interested and involved. So far this hasn’t happened, but it could if it was more energetically lobbied for.

        >Ignoring whether there is a sacramental character to the rituals, does the Initiation >effectively forge fraternal bonds and provoke deeper introspection?

        I imagine it really depends on the initiate himself. For somebody who was never previously had a spiritual bent, masonry might light the spark placing him on the seeker’s path. On the other hand, somebody who was already a seeker going in might be disappointed. I know I was. It probably also depends much on the rite being practiced. I’ve spoken to visiting brothers from Peru who practice the Rite of Emulation who were disappointed by our seemingly watered down moralizing didactic approach based on York Rite ritual, whereas they claim they received a true gnosis based on their lived through initiatic ordeal. It probably depends on circumstances.

  4. Mark Robinson
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    A French jewish author called Jacob Cohen, said that the Mossad recruits the sayanim in the Freemasonry: at 1:05

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

      Maybe that is another explanation of the Jewish Brothers being cool with their Evolian Brothers. It is hard to ever know with such things. That is why, when creating “Inner Party” nodes we have to have a strict exclusion policy and have due diligence on the backgrounds of other members.

  5. Roman Bernard
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    I had already read “Patrick Le Brun”’s article about the (Pyrrhic) “tactical victories” of Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

    It was so full of factual errors that I’m wondering whether “Patrick Le Brun” is a pen name for an American writer. The fact that I have never heard of “Patrick Le Brun” in Paris in spite of my involvement in various right-wing and far-right organizations makes me think so. Here are the factual errors:

    – the presidential election during which Jean-Marie Le Pen defeated the then Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and made it to the second round was in 2002, not in 2001
    – the MNR was founded in 1998, four years before the abovementioned election, and not two years after
    – the last regional elections were held in 2010, not in 2009

    Now we’re taught that Freemasonry is a refuge of Radical Traditionalists getting themselves prepared for Project Mayhem. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. What is meant by “Freemasonry” in France is the Grand Orient de France. The two other obediences are not influential, unless you consider that their alleged influence on Sarkozy’s UMP has had any positive result. Facts have proven otherwise.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

      Your characterization of this article is a parody. Three mistaken dates in a previous article certainly do not support your dismissive tone. You are attacking straw men.

      • Roman Bernard
        Posted November 13, 2012 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

        Well, these are important dates, especially the first one. If an American contributor wrote at CC about Obama’s “2007 victory”, everybody here would question his credibility, and rightly so.

        I am not dismissive, I am supportive of CC and therefore critical of its (rare) dubious articles.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

      Part of the problem with writing about a subject that one thinks one knows is that memory is trusted and not every fact is checked. I apologize for any mistakes I made in the FN article.

      I do still stand by the thesis of the article.
      This is a conclusion that is held across the political spectrum in France, with the exception of those who dropped out of the FN because they can’t support a campaign where public communications are tailored to winning the sympathy of a majority of French voters.
      I will make necessary changes and forward it to Greg.

      Regarding this article, only 3 lodges were Evolian/Guenonian, plus one annex of the Nouvelle Droite, and an unspecified number of “indo-european” and “brown” lodges out of a total number of 400, at the time. This is indeed a refuge, where freedom of assembly is possible, though it is by no means the dominant culture.

      The GODF has about 50,000 members and the GLNF had about 40,000 members before their schism last summer. The GLF, which is in the middle of those two politically, has about 30,000 members. There are several other Obediences who number in the thousands and are thought to be more spiritual and less political.

      The presence of Masons around Sarkozy, including in a number of scandals, and in corruption in PACA (southeast of France) has been well documented by mainstream journalists at Le Point and Nouvel Obs, as well as the Leftists at Marianne.

      By the way, I’m not an important person so it’s okay if you don’t know me.

      • Roman Bernard
        Posted November 13, 2012 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

        @ Patrick Le Brun

        Do you remember Astérix‘s first volume, Asterix the Gaul? The druid Getafix brews a fake magic potion that the Roman centurion drinks, believing he’s become invincible.

        Then he tries to lift a tree. He fails. Then a huge rock. He fails again. Finally, he only manages to lift a very small rock, thinking he’s accomplished an exploit. That’s how I see Marine Le Pen’s “successes”. She dropped everything that made her father’s party threatening, i.e. race realism and anti-immigrationism. Now she’s only talking about assimilation, struggling against illegal immigration (and restricting legal immigration to workers), and fighting every form of “racism”, including that against Whites. Can’t you see it’s exactly the same path that the U.S. Republican Party has followed until now, leading to its own demise? Marine’s FN is no better than the GOP.

        As for the Masons’ influence on Sarkozy, in an ironic way, I’ll answer you that I hope for your thesis that they haven’t influenced him too much, given the absolute disaster that he’s been!

        More seriously, take Claude Guéant, one of the notorious Masons around Sarkozy: he’s started a controversy by saying that civilizations are not equal. He added that the “civilization of Human Rights” (not even the neo-connish “the West”!) is superior to other civilizations who’re not blessed by human equality. The Leftists could blame him for being a “supremacist”, while the right-wing voters could believe that Guéant was defending their culture, when of course he was defending his Masonic, liberal doctrine. This kind of deceptive speech is what you can expect when a renowned Mason speaks in public. I’ve never heard a Mason holding traditionalist views.

      • Patrick Le Brun
        Posted November 14, 2012 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

        Regarding the thesis of this article, permit me to reiterate that the presence of Radical Traditionalists in the GLNF was never more than a small minority in the 80s, and there is no testimony after that as to their fate.

        The point of bringing it up in this forum is that there is a lack of Freedom of Association in the US (see the dirty tricks used against the American Renaissance conference or the character assassinations carried out by the SPLC to get WNs who speak up fired). This is one method to overcome these very real constraints so that WNs can build on the idea sharing that occurs online by creating “a base of operations for local political activism, discussion, and fraternal support.”

      • Roman Bernard
        Posted November 14, 2012 at 9:12 pm | Permalink

        Why not creating a new secret society (if it doesn’t already exist)? Masonry, for all its advantages, will always be tainted by the liberal ideas that have been imposed on it (see the subversion of Masonic lodges by the Illuminati — who were very real — at the end of the eighteenth century).

  6. Roissy Hater
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    There was an interesting claim made by the author about the infamous Albert Pike letter being fraudulent. I’m not sure about that.

    Myron Fagan and Revilo Oliver affirmed their belief in the validity of Albert Pike’s chilling letter involving a plan for three world wars, whereby, after WW3, humanity would be unity in a one world, mongrelized dictatorship.

    Assuming this letter was forged 60 years ago (which I don’t think it was), the general trend is very accurate, much like the Protocols.

    • Guest Lurker
      Posted November 13, 2012 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

      You mean Pike predicted the rise of the nazis in 1871 and called them as such by name? Nazis? I’m not buying it. This is frequently the argument used by Anglo haters of Germany that Hitler was a Rothschild and that the rise of the nazi party was all part of some judaeo-masonic directed history. As to Pike’s personal racial feelings, if anything, he himself was a staunch racialist. In one of the early chapters in his “Lectures of the Arya,” he states his vision of an America that would be a country uniting the various Aryan stocks of Europe. I don’t have a copy of it so I can’t quote it verbatim, but I recall when reading it how astounded I was that there was no gap between what Pike believed in and how modern WN see things.

      • Roissy Hater
        Posted November 13, 2012 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

        Yes, he’s not predicting anything, he is saying that world events are pre-planned by a subversive commanding committee or one central counter-initiatory body (alpha lodges of Freemasonry).

        This was Evola’s view as well.

        This letter surface right after WW2, so Pike’s ‘final social cataclysm’ and WW3 are still yet to have occurred. He said that ‘Christendom’ and the Soviet Union would be held as separate entities until they could be merged under ‘the true doctrine of Lucifer’ (what that means I don’t know). Israel and the Middle East would turn into a conflagration of destruction.

        Is this not what is about to happen?

        Go back and read that chilling passage about how ‘we shall unleash the atheists and the nihilists’… ‘we’ meaning that the engineering of our mass society of degeneracy is being manipulated.

    • Sandy
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 2:26 am | Permalink

      Homer Lea, an American military genius who died on 1st November, 1912 foretold of WW1 and WW2 in his books, Day of the Saxon and Valor of Ignorance.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

      First I have to say that I like your name.

      Regarding the 3 world wars letter the full story can be found here:
      But to summarize, the section “we shall unleash the Nihilist and Atheists…” was quoted by the supposed discoverer William Guy Carr (1958) from a work by Cardinal Rodriguez (1957 eng. trans.), who quoted “The Cause of World Unrest” (1920) a compendium of Masonic Conspiracies, which quoted “The Devil in the 19th Century” (1892-1894) by Dr. Bataille a.k.a. Leo Taxil, who admitted it was a Hoax.

      In the Taxil Version, it predicts Italian Masons sending the Pope into exile. The Pope eventually reestablishes the See of Peter in St Petersburg, Russia. The Orthodox flock to his cause. The Luciferian Masons find a natural ally in Hindus, Muslims, and Protestants (seriously) since they are open to Lucifer’s Light. They team up before the final battle with the Pope and the Slavs which precedes “unleashing the Atheists and Nihilists…”

      The “3 World Wars” aspect was added by William Guy Carr in 1958, after the first Arab-Israeli War.

      Catholics were credulous in the face of this hoax which came less than a century after the atrocities committed against Vendeens and Bretons who remained faithful to God and the King during the Revolution. There are also many aspects of truth regarding the hostility of Masons to Priestly Celibacy, the Primacy of Peter, and the Catholic Education establishment. In the 3rd Republic the Mason-led Parliament went on to reinstitute Republican Baptism (!) and Marriage, the replacement of Mary by Marianne, and passed the Separation of Church and State and Public Education Laws.

      In our time, we have many reasons to be credulous in the face of things like the 3 World Wars letter, but it is in fact a hoax.
      I’ve never looked into the Alta Vendita claims, from what I have been recounted it sounds more plausible, but I don’t know if there is any evidence for or against.

  7. Guest Lurker
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Traditionalism is by no means a peculiarity of French masonry alone. The Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, Most Worshipful Fabio Venzi, has written articles on what he considers to be traditional aspects of Freemasonry. He disputes that masonry is a product of the enlightenment, but rather that it was a reaction against it. On their website, papers written by him develop this line of reasoning, and he even references Evola and Guenon:



    The papers are at if any are interested.

    I can provide an article he wrote called “Julius Evola and Freemasonry” where he delves into both Evola’s and Guenon’s views and disputes over masonry, but it’s in .WPS format and I don’t know how I would embed it here.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

      I would really like to encourage you to contact Greg directly. I think there are others like you and you said you already knew a few WNs who dropped out. Southern California is a big place, but maybe there could be enough in the same area to petition for a new lodge or at least create a welcoming environment in an existing lodge.

      • Guest Lurker
        Posted November 14, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

        It would be no mean feat to pull that off, Patrick. First off, unlike Grand Orient Masonry, regular Anglo-American masonry explicitly forbids the formation of political lodges. Since what you are suggesting would require a vetting process, how long do you think it would take until word got around that we were questioning potential candidates about what their views on racial replacement of White people are? This might lead to masonic trials by the Grand Lodge of California and a revocation of our charter. That is, provided we were ever granted one in the first place. In order to form a lodge from scratch, we would need a certain number of members to be off and running with the formation of the lodge who can fill the necessary officers’ positions and know the degree work. This entails pages and pages of wrote memorization. The first degree lecture alone lasts about a half hour to fourty minutes. In order to be granted a charter, I imagine we would probably have to satisfy the district inspector’s review of our degree work to certify that we are capable of carrying out all three degree conferrals. Then there is the issue of simple operations and overhead in renting and maintaining lodge space. If we were to start up our lodge with, let’s say, a paltry 7 members, how would we pay our bills? Not to be a damper, but easier said than done.

        As an aside, in Scandinavia and parts of Germany, they practice the Swedish Rite, which is an explicitly Christian obedience, yet is considered fully regular. In Germany, they are under the Große Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland, which is their grand lodge for this obedience. There are no Swedish Rite lodges in the U.S. Having one would definitely allow its members to at least strain out Jews and Muslims from the get go.

  8. Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    For those who care, in 1938, the SS published a propaganda book about Freemasonry, titled “Freemasonry – Ideology Organization And Policy” and just short of 70 pages long. They also published an English translation of a later edition of the book, which you can find on

    The original German text (“Die Freimaurerei” by Dieter Schwarz) can be found here:

  9. Posted November 13, 2012 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

    I’m glad to see pro-Whites discussing freemasonry. Like many of you, I once thought that “it’s all the Jews” until I started looking into freemasonry. The average freemason in the US, as one commentor above pointed out, is a patriotard conservative. They’re what I call “country-club racists.” They may have disdain for the blacks, or illegal Mexicans, but they’ll always appose white racialists because their masters order them to. Masons are foot soldiers for the globalist apparatus. They’re heavy in the government, police, military and law fields.

    Masonry is the backbone of the internal spy apparatus in the US and Anglosphere. Orders come down from above, are disseminated in the lodges, and lower level masons carry out the dirty work. When they follow orders they get rewarded with better jobs or favors later on. The average freemason is someone who is self interested and willing to carry out orders to move up. The charity work they do is cover, or pretext to carry out their NWO. Masons have a duelistic view of right and wrong, so they can rationalize spying, murdering, and planting illegal contraband on people, because the next day they volunteer to “help the children.”

    The metaphysical system of the globalist elite is masonic. If you look at the symbolism of the globalist elite it’s heavily masonic. They believe that the masses are the “profane” that the masons need to chisel into bricks to fit into their globalist pyramid NWO. This is where the program of White genocide comes in. The globalists know that the biggest threat to tyrannical global government is White Man. The program of White genocide (by forced integration and assimilation) is an alchemial operation intended on transmuting a “base people” (Whites) into globalist “gold” (mixed races). Remember that the first step in the alchemical process is to put stress (grinding or burning) on the base material. This is White guilt. It’s the grinding of a people to make them vulnerable to change.

    Of course, Masonry and Jewish metaphysics share many aspects. Masonic temples are set up like King Solomon’s temple from the old testament. The star of David (actually the star of Saturn) in on the wall of every masonic temple. The freemasonic symbol of the compass and square is the star of Saturn/David with two lines removed. The twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz are actually Hebrew words. Both Masonry and Jewishness permit and advocate world domination and looking down on “the other.” (Goyim for Jews, Profane for Masons). Jews work more overtly (think the ADL or SPLC) while Masons more covertly.

    I realize that many reading this will object strongly to the idea that there may be an entity out there that can rival the Jews in power and evilness. That’s OK, as I once thought the same way. But just remember in the future if/when you see the Jews get hammered, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!! Don’t let the non-Jewish globalists types off the hook.

    I recommend the website “Vigilant Citizen” to learn about Masonic symbolism. You should spend a long time on this site. Link:

    • Lew
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

      Believe me, I love the Vigilant Citizen as much as the next guy. How can you not like a person whose tag line is Symbols Rule the World, Not Words or Laws? I have read most of his site in small doses over the last year. He is one my favorite sources of thought provoking entertainment.

      On the positive side of the ledger, VC clearly knows a lot about art, religion, myth, symbols, paganism and the occult. He seems to know a lot about the music industry and pop culture in general. He picks up good information on the police and surveillance state, and his “conspiratorial” film reviews are great.

      But come on. His main claim is that the Illuminati exists, that the Rothschild and Rockefeller families are members, and that they’re harnessing super-natural powers to control humanity and usher in the New World Order. It’s hard to take that seriously.

      VC is basically Alex Jones with a twist. The difference is VC emphasizes the NWO, occult and pop culture nexus, while Jones emphasizes the NWO, politics and economics nexus. I think both men use their talents to traffic on the anxiety of people looking for answers.

  10. Kerry Bolton
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 7:53 am | Permalink

    Masonry has I feel been very much subversive to Western culture, albeit there are different types of Masonry. Anglo UGL Masonry is generally regarded as harmless, but Rudolf Steiner thought differently. GODF claims the mantle of the French revolution, and lists anarchists and other socialists in its pedigree. Masonry also boasts of its role in revolutions in Portugal, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and has been heavily involved in the creation of the European Movement and the European Union. Masonic secularist doctrine is the foundation of the present travesty of United Europe. Kalergi was a Mason who was funded by the Rothschilds and Warburgs, according to his own account. EU is seen by Grand Orient Masonry as a stepping stone to a universal republic. Universalism is still the doctrine.
    Pike plagiarised alot from Eliphas Levi, verbatim. His doctrine and morals seem decidedly socialist (and not in a good sense).
    The Taxil Hoax seems to have been aimed at the Church and intended to bring Taxil back into the fold of Masonry.
    Grand Orient, Mizraim and Memphis and Scottish Rite Masonry were all at one time under the direction of Cremieux of the Universal Israelite Alliance.
    Masons created the New Age movement, via Alice Bailey et al, which works for a ‘new world order’ (Bailey havign used the term well prior to George Bush).
    Le Brun seems to have written a pretty balanced account.
    Look out for my forthcoming book on secret societies, New Age, etc., for the most part collated from Masonic and other direct sources, early next year from Arktos Media.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 15, 2012 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

      I loved Artists of the Right, and I am looking forward to your book on Secret Societies.

      I definitely agree that Masonry is subversive. After the failure of the second Jacobite Rising in 1745 and following the 1737 papal ban, it seems that all the various conspiracies have had as their object the transfer of sacerdotal, governmental, and military powers to the Mercantile class to be guided by Mercantile values. Maybe one reason why Anglo Freemasonry seems harmless now is that they feel they have totally won.

      I have to say, though I have found many credible stories of corruption of particular members or Lodges, I have never heard or read a credible account (with names and dates) that point to a top down conspiracy (apart from the quasi-Masonic orders Carbonari and Giovine Italia and maybe the outbreak of revolution across Europe in 1848). Have you come across such exposes?

      Also, since we are the subversive in the current system, do you think that the Lodge is a tool that our movement could get some use out of, or is it an organization that can never be utilized for our goals?

  11. Jaego
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    Remember folks, especially those who think that Masonry will be an easy entry, the real power is in the higher degrees – the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, in the Anglo-Sphere. And the Scottish is the powerful one here in America. And guess who is already there and from the begining? Yes, the Jews. The full title of the ADL is the Anti Defamation League of Bnai Brith – Bnai Brith means Sons of the Covenant. And they sprang at least partly from the Scottish Rite. I’ve heard Pike was involved but that may not be true. Here’s an article on some of the basics. Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in.

    • Guest Lurker
      Posted November 14, 2012 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

      “Remember folks, especially those who think that Masonry will be an easy entry, the real power is in the higher degrees – the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, in the Anglo-Sphere. ”

      ….which are likewise a very easy entry, at least here in Socal. It’s always amusing to me that people who have never been members always seem to know most about masonry. You can get your 32nd degree in 2 weekends in what the Scottish Rite Valleys here call “reunions”. Actually, the Europeans from what I understand don’t even recognize our Scottish Rite masons and won’t admit them to their lodges. In Europe, the Scottish Rite is taken very seriously as a very gradual process of Hermetic initiation. It takes years to get all 32 degrees there, and most never do complete the entire 32 in their lifetime. Naturally, leave it to America to strain the substance out of everything and bastardize it.
      The Templar Grade in the York Rite is really merely a matter of filling out the applications and going through the Royal Arch, Cryptic, and Templar degrees, and voila! You’re a Knight Templar. Now admittedly, even beyond these there are invitational orders, like the Royal Order of Scotland, the Red Cross of Constantine, and quite a few others. Are people recruited into those and into some kind of conspiracy? I don’t know, since I’m not a part of those, but I really doubt it. I know members of those orders, and they hardly strike me as masters of the universe. But I guess one never knows what goes on in secret cliques within cliques.

      • Jaego
        Posted November 15, 2012 at 2:25 am | Permalink

        Thank you. I didn’t know it was so corrupt. I knew that they used to do that with Presidents, but now everyone is just interested in pieces of paper.

        Now what about Bnai Brith, the Jewish Masonry.

  12. Patrick Le Brun
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    Special thanks again to Mark Robinson for pointing out the Jacob Cohen book on Mossad’s Jewish assets throughout the world.
    Here is an interview in French conducted by Franck Abed, a Catholic Monarchist.
    At 17:30 he discusses how he was in a normal Lodge of the GODF. In 2002,he was approached by a number of Jewish Brothers who wanted him to join in a petition to create a new Lodge that would be specifically Jewish and Zionist. When Franck asks him directly if the GODF is under Zionist control he says, “the point of my novel is to present…it is this the power of the Sayannim…the chief of the Sayannim discovers there is a Counselor of the [Masonic] Order, a Jew who loves Isreal more or less but not extravagantly, was approached by a Mossad agent to work for him [in recruiting and managing Sayannim]…but you can’t draw the conclusion that the Grand Orient is in the hands of Zionists.”
    This fits a net-centric view of Masonic conspiracies. It sounds like what Armenians and Filipinos in California are doing and what I am proposing American WNs consider.

    • Jaego
      Posted November 15, 2012 at 2:30 am | Permalink

      A Catholic Monarchist in a Masonic Lodge? Then he’s not a real Catholic. So then this confused chap is approached by Zionists and when he questions them they get spooked and pretend they are just writing a novel? Is that what happened?

      • Guest Lurker
        Posted November 15, 2012 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

        “A Catholic Monarchist in a Masonic Lodge? Then he’s not a real Catholic.”

        I’m not so sure about such a statement. The Scottish Rite, even though French, is called Scottish because the legend is that its rudiments were brought to France by Scottish Jacobites fleeing Scotland after losing at the Battle of Culloden. As acolytes of the Stuart dynasty, the Jacobites were devout Catholics who believed in the divine right of kings. In fact, it should be noted that in addition to anti-judaic conspiracy theories, there are fundamentalist protestant fanatics out there who contend that the Scottish Rite is instead ultimately controlled by the Jesuits.

        As to your query on the B’nai Brith lodges, who knows what goes on there. I’d imagine they’re pretty tightly knit and probably don’t let non-jews in. By contrast, jews have been admitted into the Knight Templar commandery that I’m a member of, even though you’re supposed to profess to defend Christianity above all other faiths. Do you think the jews take this oath seriously? They must laugh at us. That’s the malaise of western civilization in a nutshell. We do it to ourselves, because white men are such suckass sellouts.

      • Patrick Le Brun
        Posted November 15, 2012 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

        To clarify, the Catholic Monarchist was conducting the interview. The novel writer was Jacob Cohen, an anti-Zionist left wing Jew. Cohen is recounting his own experience in a Grand Orient lodge that inspired aspects of his novel about the role of Sayannim, Mossad assets in the Jewish Diaspora.

        Guest Lurker is right about the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of France not recognizing American degrees. French Masons I have spoken to (who don’t know my politics) have a very negative view of American Masonry. They say it is like the Lyon’s Club (a grave insult for them) because it is less secretive, focused on charity, and degrees are given out so quickly. It took Christophe Bourseiller about 7 years to get to the 4th degree. In contrast, William Cooper’s lodge infiltrator took under 2 years, as I recall, to receive the 32nd Degree in the Southern Jurisdiction. Not sure if the Northern Jurisdiction is the same.

  13. Britona
    Posted November 14, 2012 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

    I have been saying this for years. Masonry can be easily infiltrated and injected with as much Traditionalism as the fellow infiltrators can energetically muster. It is also a built-in business network where men can utilize each other’s talents and connections to gain power and influence in their communities. All the while they can “leak” out their WN views ever pushing the anti-modern envelope. Like-minded men will be found and good things will start to happen. Believe me this works. Get out there and start taking back and taking over Western Institutions. Once Masonic brick at a time.

    • Deviance
      Posted November 15, 2012 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

      The belief that it is possible to “inject” and “leak out” WN views (which are probably the most controversial in the world and the most difficult to understand) among people who are not originally WNs with successful results strikes me as particularly naive. I don’t know what “traditionalist FMs” are supposed to be like and to really think, but I highly doubt they are close ideologically to WN, the only ideology that matters in 2012 when the entire European and North-Am continents are being overrun by non-Whites and siphoned by the international Jewish banking cabal. Being a WN takes (a) a particular mindset and intellectual abilities (b) being fully white (yes, it is really required, otherwise you have sociobiological interests and inferiority complexes that add up). I don’t believe that you can go into a meeting room or a freemasonry lodge and begin “converting” people. Even if a WN infiltrator were to reach the top of the lodge by dissimulating his views for a long time before “coming out”, even as the chief of the whole operation, I still doubt he would be able to influence his subordinates toward WN, and would refrain from doing so by fear of seeing them leaving or petitioning for his departure. You seem to have a distorted vision of how hierarchies, influence and power do work. You can’t do anything just because you’re the boss.

      Admitting that your true suggestion was to do what the Jews did in the United States (arrive en masse and wait for the old elements to die so that the institution falls into your hands by two generations), I must condemn it too: I grasp the point of making a renowned university or known brand fall under your control, but what is the point with a hidden organization whose only power is the sum of its members?

      Finally, if the whole point is to find business partners and create a WN mafia-like body, why should we pass through freemasonry lodges to do that, if freemasons are mostly hostile?

      I cannot help but conclude that the WN fascination for freemasonry has to do with the old hope of finding, finally finding, friendly wealthy men that we can work with. To me it is a forlorn hope. My experience growing up in France in the 90s showed me that the traditional higher middle class, the most likely to be friendly, had died decades ago, did not have children, intermarried with Jews, or had its patrimony squandered by the new generations in expensive cars and failed investments.

  14. Gina
    Posted November 15, 2012 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    I’m a long time British admirer of this site, but as a granddaughter of a Freemason I’m shocked at the notion of infiltration and chain initiation. I also think knowledge of Rene Guenon and Julius Evola among Freemasons is more common than you would expect. In my case, I read Julius Evola when I was a teenager.

    • Patrick Le Brun
      Posted November 15, 2012 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

      Is that English or Scottish Freemasonry? I understand that they are very different, and the English strand is still dominated by Whig-type attitudes and is less esoteric that the Scottish. Is that true?

      • Gina
        Posted November 15, 2012 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

        I’m having a sleepless night so I thought I’d reply now… To an extent, yes. Scotland has also managed to retain its old customs after 1717. However there is many good English research lodges that deal with esoterism and freemasonic philosophy. This is where the meaty stuff is nowadays. Apart from this, quite a lot of members nowadays treat freemasonry as a social club. I would assume this is the case for most countries. As for the blue state-red state divide stuff below, I would assume that American freemasonry has problems with fundamentalist Christians changing the character of the lodge, it seems that these people are being strongly opposed by people who joined freemasonry thinking it was a proto-liberal organisation. Sounds like there could be a nasty clash there.

  15. Patrick Le Brun
    Posted November 15, 2012 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    Here are two interesting blog posts by US Masons. These seem to reflect Guest Lurkers story about the differences between Masonry in California and Georgia.

    This is the first installment of an interesting 4-part story about a cosmopolitan guy in a small town Lodge and the drama that ensued.

    Here is post from a different blog comparing Blue State and Red State Masonry.

    Guest Lurker,
    It’s unfortunate to hear that setting something up in California is so challenging. I still hope you reach out to the guys at C-C though.

  16. Jaego
    Posted November 16, 2012 at 2:08 am | Permalink

    Guest Lurker: I grant you know far more about Masonry than I do. But as a Catholic, I can say categorically that Masonry has been declared Verboten by the Popes. And many men have left Masonry to become Christians so the content of the rituals is known. At least one of the Scottish Degrees has the Candidate crushing a Bishops hat etc. And as of course there is the Universalism, the refusal of ordinary morality in favor of Masonic favoritism and their general Revolutionary attitude.

    I don’t defend everything the Church has done or does. God forbid. The curse uttered by DeMolay at his execution, that before the year was out both Pope and King would stand with him before the Heavenly Tribunal was just – and was fufilled.

  17. Lew
    Posted December 5, 2012 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    Found this on

    On the night of the American elections, the entire world saw the results displayed in real time on the Rockefeller building which is owned by the…Rockefellers. Between the bars representing the Democratic and the Republican party is an artwork depicting a Demiurge “shaping” the world with a Masonic compass – an important gnostic symbol in Secret Societies. The symbolism of this scene is quite telling and flagrant: No matter who wins, it is the Masonic compass that will ultimately shape the world…And that’s pretty much all you need to know about politics.


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