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Balkanizing America

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The 2012 Presidential Election is over. Despite being a vulnerable incumbent in a sour economy, Obama defeated liberal Republican “moneybags Romney” and can now preside over four years of radicalism without any more electoral worries.

Even before the election results were in, the usual suspects were talking about how a Romney loss means that the age of the “Anglo voter” is over, that the GOP has to “move toward the center” (as if they are not already there), and champion “immigration reform” (i.e., illegal immigrant amnesty) to “win over the Latinos.” After all, as we all remember, when Ronnie Raygun gave the last mass amnesty in the mid-’80s, that really brought all the “Latinos” into the conservative Republican fold, didn’t it? All sarcasm aside (but that last point is a good talking point for the Paleoconservative patriotards holding on to the last remnants of the GOP), what does all of this mean for us?

Greg Johnson is correct: the Republican Party must be destroyed [2]. How can this be achieved?

Many pundits predict that demographic change will make the Republican Party increasingly unelectable at the national level. The GOP may attempt to deal with its declining white voter base by accelerating its current broad strategy of pandering to minorities while taking white support for granted. This, I think, will not help them – in the long run. It’s difficult to see how the Republicans can out-pander the Democrats, and the more they try, the greater will be white disaffection.

Granted, American whites can take much abuse, and seemingly are addicted to voting for Republican Presidential candidates who give a “wink-and-a-nod” to (implicit, of course) white interests during the primary season, while quickly ditching any adherence to those interests during the national campaign — and more so if elected. For example, in the 2012 election cycle, Romney predictably moved to the Left on issues such as immigration going from the primary season to the general election.

I stress “predictably,” because this happens over and over again, without end, and stupid whites – including some in the “movement” – never seem to catch on. Of course, the same process takes place on a smaller scale in more local elections. After all, GOP reasoning is that “white voters have nowhere else to go,” so those voters can be continuously betrayed on a regular basis, in order to pursue the pipe-dream of a significant fraction of the colored vote.

However, as overall conditions in America continue to degenerate, and as white Americans become increasingly uncomfortable with their impeding minority status, it is quite possible – although, unfortunately, not definite — that white voters will wake up to the long-standing GOP con game. Therefore, a long-term strategy for us would include hastening the political destruction of the GOP as a viable electoral player while, at the same time, increasing racial pressures continuously and irreversibly on a permanent basis, rather than depending on some sort of immediate “outrage” which the masses won’t find “outrageous” enough to get off the couch about, anyway. If, also, economic collapse feeds into this, so much the better, but the strategy should be able to stand alone independent of any hoped for major, history-changing catastrophes.

The basic strategy is that of “balkanization” – or as certain non-whites may say (albeit in other contexts), “the politics of exclusion.” Overtly explicit (NOT implicit) pro-white politics and social organizing must be initiated. Given the feckless nature of the white masses (at the current time), this would initially be targeted only toward a relatively small minority of the white population. However, given the close nature of most American “elections,” particularly at the national level, even a small decline in support for the GOP, especially in “swing states,” can make that party unelectable even earlier than what is expected without implementation of this balkanization strategy. At the same time, overt white politics would trigger outrage among non-whites – after all, even though most whites can seemingly take unlimited sociopolitical abuse, non-whites become outraged over the smallest of “slights,” even for “slights” which are completely imaginary.

Intelligent white politics, performed seriously (and not as the usual “movement” freakshow) and with a long-term sustainable focus, and with sufficient success to garner media attention, will trigger balkanizing reflexes from non-whites who believe they have a moral-based monopoly on “identity politics.” The pro-white politics could then utilize this non-white hostility to pry away another thin layer of white support from “mainstream conservatism,” making the pro-white political movement a bit stronger and, in a virtuous cycle, provoking even more useful non-white outrage and non-white anti-white identity politics, in turn allowing for the next thin sliver of white support to leach away from the GOP.

At the same time, the loss of a few more percentage points of white support will make the GOP ever more increasingly unelectable, even at the state level. This in turn would further diminish the appeal of “Republican conservatism” to those disenchanted whites still stubbornly adhering to the GOP. Thus further decline in Republican fortunes, and the enhanced discrediting of their “implicit whiteness” con, would increase the appeal of more explicit pro-white politics. This would result in further leaching away of white support, making the GOP even more unelectable, etc. Meanwhile, the minorities will continue to be outraged, and colored antics would reinforce white support for explicit identity politics and melt away remaining bastions of implicitly white “conservatism.”

The GOP would thus be forced to choose between moving in a pro-white direction themselves – further outraging non-whites and increasing the balkanizing pressures – or overtly abandon an increasingly “radicalized” white electorate, thus hastening the processes described above.

Of course, the Republicans are self-destructing quite nicely even without any push from our side. Their enthusiastic embrace of America’s demographic changes has hastened the demise of their own voting bloc. Further, the GOP has the amusing tendency to put forth the most unappealing candidates, particularly at the Presidential level, and some of these aspirants to power are unable to put together a coherent and disciplined campaign. The likes of Dole, Dubya, McCain, and Romney [3] – not to mention also-rans such as Gringrich, Santorum, Bachman, and Cain – could it get any worse?

And while Bush’s aggressive personality led to fairly competent political campaigns, Dole and McCain hardly made an effort, and “rich-man” Romney’s efforts (apart from one credible debate performance) bordered on the tragicomic, a wooden “vulture capitalist” without the slightest idea of how to seem even the least degree appealing. And the less we say about the atrocious Palin, the better. Even so, the process described above could greatly enhance the rate of GOP collapse, and put in place an alternative that can compete with attempts by the enemy to co-opt white disaffection (see below).

Of course, this is predicated upon that at least a minority of whites are intelligent enough, and disciplined enough, to – at the very beginning of the process, when we need to peel away that first layer of white Republican support — eschew voting for an anti-white liberal Republican (“our guy”) so as to defeat the (ideologically identical) anti-white liberal Democrat (“their guy”).

One wonders how long whites will be fooled. Do we have to remind them of how often they are betrayed by “conservative Republicans”? It would be bad enough if the GOP simply did nothing and just preserved the status quo. But the reality is much worse — Republicans actively push for anti-white policies, sometimes more aggressively than do the Democrats.

It wasn’t Carter or Clinton who have us a massive illegal alien amnesty – that was conservative superhero Ronald Reagan.

The white working class brought Richard Nixon to the White House, and Nixon “rewarded” them by championing affirmative action and school busing.

The latest enthusiasm for illegal alien amnesty would never have “picked up steam” if it wasn’t for the bipartisan cover given to “immigration reform” by George W. Bush and John McCain.

One cannot forget the “Civil Rights Republican” Bob Dole and the “Martin Luther King Republican” Jack Kemp, and their declaration that “bigots” and “racists” were not welcome and should leave the 1996 Republican Convention.

Republicans in general are enthusiastic about “legal” immigration to add to their love for the illegals. Romney shifted to the Left on immigration after the primaries, and he was the most fervently pro-Zionist Presidential candidate in US history [3]. Which leads us to — the GOP ruining America in order to fight wars for Israel. That’s “pro-white conservatism”?

That whites are so slow to realize how they are being scammed does not speak well for their general intelligence or their faculties for critical thinking. Nevertheless, we must hope that at least a significant minority of “right-wing” white voters can be convinced to stop drinking the “Republican Kool-Aid” so we can get the balkanization process well under way. Although whites are easily fooled and can take an enormous amount of sociopolitical abuse from “their” leaders, a breaking point – at least for a minority of whites – hopefully will be reached. And that moment must be seized upon.

This balkanization strategy is also predicated upon the idea that the pro-white politics would be able to defeat any attempts of the GOP to (à la Sarkozy vs. Le Pen in past French elections) to superficially mimic an explicit pro-white stance for elections before “moving to the center.” This last possibility would seem to be implausible, since it appears impossible for the GOP to both explicitly support white interests while pandering to minorities. They could both implicitly appeal to whites (as they have been doing) while pandering to minorities. But then we know – or we should know – that “implicit whiteness” is the deadly enemy of “explicit whiteness” and the two are ultimately incompatible. And only one – the explicit – has the power to immunize white politicians from the colored-pandering and “shift-to-the-center/left” approach they have been practicing so successfully for decades.

Therefore, a crucial point is that we must get over our infatuation with implicit whiteness. Again – and this can’t be stressed enough — implicit whiteness is our enemy, it is a dead-end, a cul-de-sac, a detour, a weed preventing the full flowering of explicit whiteness. For the plan outline here to work, the GOP con game of subtle implicit whiteness needs to be exposed and ridiculed, and the distinction between explicit and implicit whiteness needs to be made very clear — again and again.

After all, the Republicans – who have shared with the Democrats a political monopoly in America since the time of Lincoln – will not simply roll over and give up. They and their behind-the-scenes handlers will make every effort to stretch implicit whiteness as far as it can go without becoming explicit enough to scare away the coloreds. They have a massive infrastructure, much experience, much money, and decades worth of success in bamboozling naïve whites. They simply cannot be allowed to get away with the implicit con game anymore. They cannot be allowed to continue to run right in the primaries, shift center in the campaign, and then govern left if elected. It is our responsibility to expose them to the extent possible, and present to white voters a clearly distinct and appealing alternative.

This plan is also predicated on the idea that the pro-white politics would be sufficiently organized in depth so as to defeat “social pricing” targeted against its adherents, and, as well, that the USA doesn’t follow Canada and Europe in restricting free speech to the extent that the strategy becomes untenable. For the former, it is advised that pro-white politics follows the lead of groups such as Greece’s Golden Dawn, and form a movement – a real movement – rather than just a political party.

Pro-white American politics must become a comprehensive and integrated program encompassing an alternative system for white Americans, including a real and strong support infrastructure for white activists, so as to evade social pricing – and at the same time, this political movement, like Golden Dawn does in Greece, must provide real-life assistance to their present and possible future supporters.

It’s not enough to simply canvass for votes at election time. Activists must be in the community on a daily basis, dealing with individuals at the local level, and integrating themselves in the fabric of white society. If you want to take (votes), then you have to give (social and economic assistance, development of a sense of community and organic solidarity built on race and culture).

As America becomes darker – both figuratively and literally – problems for white Americans will only increase, and the multicultural establishment will be part of the problem for suffering whites, not the solution. We must be part of the solution. We must earn the support of whites – not by the usual “movement” freakishness and misanthropy, not by the usual crackpot pseudo-scientific and pseudo-historical racial theories, not by irrational conspiracy-mongering, not by theosophical nonsense about “Hyperborea and root races,” but by being a positive everyday presence in the lives of the members of our racial/cultural community.

With respect to free speech, that issue must be at the forefront of explicit white politics, up at the top of concerns along with immigration or any of the more obvious racial issues. Another practical issue is ballot access and other structural blocks put in place to obstruct third parties and maintain the “two” party monopoly. These are serious issues and have to be addressed in some manner.

However, the more disenchanted whites become with the GOP, the more anxious they become about their future, the more the demand an alternative, then the greater the pressure for third party formation, and – hopefully – the greater will be the will and the resources to overcome the roadblocks that are placed in the path of third party success.

Is there a place for metapolitical activism in all of this? Yes, and it will be more important than ever. There needs to be an overarching ideological framework, an underlying intellectual foundation, to political activism. There needs to be a cadre of elite activists to exhibit responsible leadership, looking at the long-term broad strategic picture, not just at the immediate street-level tactics.

There are many “ifs” and potential problems, but here is presented at least a very rough outline to follow that may help to create irreversible fissures within the multicultural society. Needless to say those ideas that would help heal these fissures and reverse balkanization – such as Sailer’s aracial “citizenism” – must be absolutely eschewed and recognized for the anti-white memes that they are. We need more racial division, more conflict, more balkanization, more and more and more proof that multiculturalism is a failure. More – not less.

As Salter states in On Genetic Interests, for a majority being dispossessed, the only thing worse than a multiculturalism that does not work is a multiculturalism that does work. Therefore, anything that would tend to reform the System and prop up the multiculturalist regime – “citizenism,” constitutional patriotism, voting for the “lesser of two evils,” conservative compromise, implicit whiteness, endlessly running to ever more remote suburban enclaves – all of these are the enemy of explicit white racial interests.

Conversely, anything that tends to increase racial balkanization, increase cynicism and bitterness toward the System, increase the sense of “there’s nowhere left to hide” – that’s all to the good. Ballkanize, balkanize, balkanize.

One very important worry is that the enemy will – and let’s have no doubts about the definitiveness of “will” – attempt to co-opt any white resurgence to channel racial discontent into harmless and/or “Semite-safe” directions. With respect to “mainstream” politics, we can expect a dual effort to invest in aracial libertarian Paul/Tea Party activities, as well as a solidly neoconservative “Conservative” movement that will champion a “muscular” (i.e., pro-Israel) foreign policy, coupled with robber baron economics and proper “social values” (i.e., abortion bad, miscegenation good).

Further, they will attempt to co-opt the “movement” itself. Before you scoff, consider the success they have already had in doing so. We can all think of certain philosemitic precincts of the “movement,” in which individuals who are not of indigenous European ancestry preach their memetic poison. Let’s establish a multiracial, multicultural “white separatist” (sic) state! Others, who “danced in the streets” when the civil rights laws of the ’60s were passed, tell us to support the “racial status quo” and that implicit whiteness is the best we can hope for since, after all, we are viewed as the moral equivalent of child molesters. Others suggest that racial preservationism for its own sake is “insane,” and others make a “litmus test” for “sane” activism contingent upon whether we support Israel.

We’ve seen hardcore white racialism be transformed into some sort of libertarian-conservative “HBD race realism” and “cognitive elitism” in which “high-IQ” Jews and Asians are the racial supermen we must embrace as our betters.

So, yes, indeed, the “movement” can be co-opted, and the more hardcore elements – particularly the top leadership — of the “movement” that resists such co-opting can then be targeted by government infiltrators, online trolls, and the ever-present “watchdog” groups, while being undermined by the sincere yet stupid among their own (legitimate) ranks.

The co-opted will be allowed to thrive while the resistant activist leadership will be more directly eliminated – unless of course the more hardcore leadership are shrewd enough, intelligent enough, and disciplined enough to eschew morons, trolls, and infiltrators, while evading pressures from the government and the NGOs (often working hand-in-glove). And this they so far have shown no ability to do.

The eventual, impending collapse of the GOP will hand us an enormously valuable opportunity. Will we blow it, as we have done with other opportunities time and time again?