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Attack the System  
Interview with Robert N. Taylor

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Join Keith Preston as he interviews musician and former activist Robert N. Taylor on Taylor’s vivid experiences with the revolutionary, anti-communist, Minutemen organization of ’60s and ’70s, and his later work with the folk band Changes and the .

Robert N. Taylor has played an active and influential role on the outsider Right for decades. In the 1960s, he was closely involved with The Minutemen, a grassroots anti-communist group headed by Robert Bolivar DePugh. Due to a variety of factors, including pressure from the FBI and other organizations, the paramilitary group widely known for its “Traitors Beware!” stickers eventually disbanded; but a template for many future militia groups had been formed. After leaving The Minutemen, Taylor turned to other interests and founded the first incarnation of his folk band Changes [4] with cousin Nicholas Tesluk. In the ’70s, Taylor helped pioneer the growing Odinist/Ásatrú movement and remains involved with various organizations. In the late ’90s, Michael Moynihan—an editor of the radical traditionalist journal TYR [5]—rediscovered Changes and worked to release old and new material by the duo. Taylor continues to record and tour.

Topics include: