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Battered White Nationalist Syndrome

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Matt Parrott: “Civic nationalism isn’t a softer form of what we want. It’s a completely different thing from what we want, a complete alternative to what we want.”

This is spot on. It’s amazing how many White Nationalists, including ones acting in good faith, are willing to support something quite distinct from and in many ways opposed to White Nationalism. My response is that if someone has a problem with the Fourteen Words, I have a problem with him. Certainly he will not get my vote, money or informal endorsement.

There is a big difference, as Matt astutely points out, between a “soft” White Nationalism and something that is simply not White Nationalism, even hostile to it. The “softs” are mildly acceptable in my book (though they warrant extra scrutiny, but I’ll leave that for another day), so long as they don’t attack the real thing. Apparently, Merlin Miller is attacking the real thing [2]. Therefore, he is unacceptable and unworthy of support. If, through no intent of his own, he advances our cause, then great. But he is not worthy of our support. We’re not getting anywhere until at least some people start taking us seriously. That will never happen so long as we accept being spat upon, but still clinging fast like an abused wife.

If we won’t support our own, if we won’t take our own side, then who will? Nobody, obviously.

Those who advocate supporting people that are unfriendly/hostile to us love to imagine that a non-WN approach is somehow viable and can reach large numbers of whites. Well, if it’s so viable, then why do they need our “extremist” money? By trashing us, has Merlin Miller garnered meaningful support? I seriously doubt it. Where are his white throngs, filled with people who would support him and shun us?

The only alternative movement that has achieved any measure of support is the Ron Paul campaign and the Tea Party in general. Ron Paul undoubtedly cashed many a White Nationalist check (a couple of mine back in 2008, I’m sorry to say), while doing nothing to advance our core agenda. The fact that there is some overlap between his message and ours is inconsequential. We must advance our message, instead we helped him advance his. Who’s the winner there? Not us.

Even Paul’s message, as effective as he was at spreading it, is going nowhere. This is rapidly becoming a Third World country, and the takers now either outnumber the givers, or soon will. Further, Paul’s libertarian approach fails to address numerous genuine concerns of the intelligent white citizenry. Libertarianism isn’t the future, rather it’s a narrowly focused fetish.

We’re even getting to the point where a conventional Republican is going to have a hard time getting elected president. The idea that someone like Ron Paul could win is absurd. Or Merlin for that matter. This isn’t about winning in the conventional sense.

So let’s get serious: none of these movements are going to win at the ballot box. It’s literally impossible. So what’s it all about? It’s about spreading the message and, to the extent possible, encouraging grassroots organization. And it’s about money. So while Paul did not win, he did spread his ideas. He didn’t spread ours. Apparently Merlin is on the same path, if far less successfully.

Something further needs to be said. There is an unspoken assumption that White Nationalism is not attractive, that it doesn’t have legs. This assumption is not only false, but poison. In contrast, I think we can have an extremely attractive White Nationalist message, one that ties in our racial imperative with cultural renaissance, environmental and community sustainability, sovereignty, direct democracy, sound money, economic honesty and coherence, etc. Really, it’s all of a piece – so support Counter-Currents!

Let’s develop a powerful message centered around sustainability at all levels, and then take it out for a spin. That’s the future, not trying to be a pale imitation of Thomas Jefferson. The future is in homogeneous, high-trust ethnostates – the only societies that will have the social capital to meet real and varied challenges. We offer a real future, the non-WN alternatives are just lame retreads and economic fetishists.

We need to go forward, not backwards like the Paulists. They are the residue of a dead past; we are the harbingers of a new day . . . perhaps even a Golden Dawn?

Couldn’t resist.

Let’s focus on developing that message, and of course getting it out there. Let’s quit acting like abused wives, and support our own instead. Those that denounce us are either flat out losers like Merlin who enjoy virtually no support outside of our own ranks (think about the absurdity of that for a moment), or people like Ron Paul who, despite the fact that their cause is doomed, do in fact enjoy tremendous financial support, and therefore don’t need our money anyway.

Either way you look at it, it makes the most sense to support our own, and only our own. If you aren’t one us, you don’t get so much as the time of day. We’ve got to start being the cool kids, not the losers who get sand kicked in their faces, and then try to curry favor with the oaf who did it. Until we take that attitude, which is the proper attitude, we’re getting nowhere.

Meanwhile, and far away from the cabbage patch . . . Golden Dawn shows us at least part of the way.