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The 2012 US Presidential Election

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On November 5, 2008, I wrote an article [2] arguing that the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States was a good thing for White Nationalism. And I was right. Thus I am going to copy and quote liberally from that article to argue that four more years of Obama will be good for White Nationalism as well.

Whites will regain control over our nations and our destiny only when we have a change of consciousness. First, we must again think of ourselves as a distinct ethnic group with distinct interests—interests that often conflict with those of other ethnic groups. Second, we must again believe that we are entitled—nay, obligated—to take our own side [3] when our interests conflict with those of other groups.

Currently white identity and interests have been suppressed by the ideologies of universalism, multiculturalism, and white guilt. White consciousness and pride still exist, of course, but have been driven into the subconscious mind. Our race is a sleeping giant. The task of White Nationalism is to awaken it. And four more years of Barack Obama in the White House can only help us.

As in 2008, the present presidential campaign has been racially divisive and polarizing, and that is a good thing. Countless whites have become newly conscious of their distinct racial identity and interests. Of course the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, is doing nothing to encourage this process, making every effort to woo the zero point zero something percent of the Black vote that he will receive in November — which will be pretty much the number he can expect due to voter error. As for white voters, well he can take those for granted.

A Romney victory would only dissipate this tendency to greater white racial consciousness. If Romney wins, it will predictably be blamed on Republican racism, even though Obama would presumably be defeated by racist Democrats refusing to vote for him, since most Republicans never would vote for a Democrat, black or white, anyway. Nevertheless, a Romney administration inaugurated under a cloud of whining about white racism would do everything in its power not to further white racial consciousness.

Four more years of an Obama presidency, however, will only intensify racial polarization and stimulate greater white racial consciousness and self-assertiveness. More of our sleeping people will awaken.

Whites, furthermore, will retake our nation only when we realize, finally, that it has been taken away from us. For the better part of a century, the United States has been ruled by a coalition of rootless white plutocrats and ethnocentric Jews, with the power of the Jews steadily growing at the expense of the whites. This ruling elite uses non-whites to gain advantage over the white majority, depressing our wages and diluting our political power.

For the white elites, it is more a status game than anything else. These people feel superior to lower class whites by advancing the interests of non-whites at the expense of those people: integrating those people’s schools and neighborhoods, sacrificing those people’s jobs, families, and futures with Affirmative Action, etc.

For Jews it is a much more serious game. They are after power. They use racial integration and non-white immigration to destroy the white working and middle classes (the kind of people who would vote for a racial nationalism other than Zionism), and they use affirmative action to crowd out the white elites (since there are not enough Jews to replace the entire white elite).

It is very difficult, however, to convince most whites that our country is ruled by race-traitors and aliens who govern on our backs and against our interests. It is hard, because most people will not listen to an argument, much less read the 624 pages of Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority. Most people believe their eyes, and nothing else. And when they looked at their televisions, they saw white men in the White House.

Now they see Barack Obama. That represents real progress. It is truth in advertising. The symbolism now reveals rather than conceals the substance. This has not been our country for a long time. And now it no longer looks like our country. The last thing we need is another white face on a system that is promoting nothing less than the genocide of the white race.

In 2008, I wrote:

There is no telling how Barack Obama will govern their country. There is no point in examining his platform or promises. He is a politician, after all. It is easy to tell when he is lying: his lips move. It is likely, however, that Obama will turn out rather like Bill Clinton. Both men may be Leftists by conviction. But, for them, there is something far more important than their convictions, namely, themselves. They are posturing, narcissistic empty suits.

Obama, like Clinton, will probably begin his administration with an orgy of high-minded oratory and high-priced social uplift programs, rapidly wear out his welcome, suffer a series of humiliating defeats, and end his administration as a centrist: exhausted, cynical, morally-compromised, an object of near-universal scorn. Despite this, Obama might gain re-election, if the Republicans nominate another old, feeble moderate like Bob Dole or John McCain—someone fit only to lose gracefully. In fact, I would bank on it.

I think I pretty much nailed it.

I also argued that a failed Obama presidency would be a good thing for White Nationalists for two reasons. First, it is probably best that Obama not be able to enact far Left programs. Second, the threat of such programs will energize the Right. As I wrote then:

During the Clinton years, there was a great deal of energy on the right. Remember the conservative writers and commentators who offered principled, passionate, and inspiring critiques of liberalism—only to metamorphose into unprincipled Republican shills when George W. Bush was elected? Remember the conservative idealism and activism—exploited by phonies like Newt Gingrich? There was also, frankly, a lot of nasty personal hatred of Bill Clinton and his wife. But hatred, like all forms of energy, can be channeled into good things. . . . Obama (and his wife) will create similar energy on the Right.

I wrote this just a few months before the birth of the Tea Party.

But I also said something that turned out to be almost completely wrong:

And this time White Nationalists are positioned to channel this energy into advancing our agenda. To give just one example: Now that a non-white has been elected president, it is possible to mobilize new energies and funds to abolish Affirmative Action as unnecessary.

Obama gave White Nationalists a golden opportunity, and for the most part we blew it. Why? Because instead of channeling racial discontent in our direction, too many of us allowed system politicians to channel our energies and funds into dead ends. Because instead of investing in our own movement, too many of us fell for the folly of “mainstreaming.” The same people who had been giddy over the Ron Paul movement in 2008 became giddy over the Tea Party and then over Ron Paul all over again.

Yes, of course Ron Paul and the Tea Party advocate forms of race-blind classical liberalism, which is philosophically opposed to White Nationalism. Yes, of course Ron Paul and the Tea Party went out of their way not to be branded racist. Yes, of course Ron Paul and the Tea Party were all too glad to take the money and labor of White Nationalists, so long as they gave us nothing in return [4].

Libertarians understand the power of ideas and the necessity of metapolitics. Libertarians spent decades laying the intellectual and organizational groundwork that made Ron Paul and Tea Party possible. Only a fundamental lack of appreciation for ideas and principles, a fundamental lack of seriousness, can explain why some White Nationalists thought they could somehow ride on the coattails of Ron Paul and the Tea Party . . . and arrive at anything like White Nationalism, which libertarians reject as immoral in principle.

Part of the trouble, of course, is that, aside from the issue of race, a lot of White Nationalists are nothing but classical liberals or conservative Republicans anyway.

Another part of the problem is sheer giddiness. After decades of White Nationalism going nowhere, it was nice to be part of a movement that was going somewhere. Just look at the crowds! And too many of our people were willing to overlook the fact that Ron Paul and the Tea Party were going in the wrong direction.

So we were counseled to shut up, blend in, and work to spread non-racialist ideas, advance non-racialist agendas, and elect non-racialist politicians. Unsurprisingly, none of this advanced our cause. What is surprising is that anybody thought it would.

How do we advance White Nationalism? By articulating and spreading our own message, not the message of our enemies. By working and donating our money to build up our own institutions, not those of our enemies. There are legions of libertarians and paleocons and Republicans. They can take care of themselves. But fully awakened White Nationalists are a rare and precious breed. If we don’t put our time and money into spreading our own message, building our own institutions, and developing our own community nobody else will.

For more on the folly of mainstreaming, see my articles:

I concluded my original article by arguing that the economic crisis would also provide immense opportunities for White Nationalists. That is still true, no matter who wins the upcoming election. For decades, movement people have been saying that the white masses will not be receptive to our message until there is a major economic downturn. There is a lot of truth in this view, although it has also functioned as an excuse for inactivity.

Well, we are almost four years into downturn, and White Nationalists have done precious little to invest in the ideas and infrastructure necessary to get our message out to an increasingly receptive white majority. That’s why you should give a donation to Counter-Currents today.

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