The Stark Truth 
Robert Stark Interviews Alexander Jacob

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Editor’s Note:

We apologize for the audio quality of Dr. Jacob’s telephone connection which makes it hard to understand his accent. But bear with us, because this is a very interesting interview.

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Dr. Alexander Jacob was born in India and received his Ph.D. in intellectual history from Penn State University. He is the author of Nobilitas: A Study of European Aristocratic Philosophy from Ancient Greece to the Early Twentieth Century [4] (Lanham, Md.: The University Press of American, 2000), Atman [5] (Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, 2005), and De Naturae Natura: A Study of Idealistic Conceptions of Nature and the Unconscious [6] (London: Arktos Media, 2011). He is the editor and translator of Europa: German Conservative Foreign Policy 1870 [7] [7]1940 [7] (Lanham, Md.: The University Press of American, 2002) and Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s Political Ideals [8] (Lanham, Md.: The University Press of America, 2005).

Topics include: