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Phases of Resistance, Part 1:
How 9/11 Truth & Other Conspiracy Theories
Prepare the Terrain for Resistance

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Sergeant Brandon Raub, being arrested for Facebook comments

Since we are fighting for the essence of our civilization against the sworn enemies who have taken the commanding heights for at least a generation now, we would do well to study resistance systematically. There are several different ways that guerrilla resistance has been broken into phases, but in every framework we are still in Phase One.

I agree wholeheartedly with Matt Parrot’s earlier article [2] about our elite being Mercantile (Vaishya) in spirit. It is for that reason that I doubt we will have to go through all of the phases of Resistance to achieve our goals. Long before we are putting cities under siege, the mercantile elite will isolate the most important segments of resistance and create a modus vivendi.

That will of course cause great division, perhaps irreparable, within the current elite. As Willis Carto told his biographer, once the “Eastern Establishment WASPs” and Jews have no more new frontiers to conquer together, it is only a matter of time before they start eyeing each other as the next target.[1] Our job as White Nationalists is to speed up the divorce of this marriage of convenience.

Luckily, White Nationalists are not starting from scratch. Phase One has been fairly developed both by fellow White Nationalists like Willis Carto and to an even greater extent by Alex Jones. The work done by Alex Jones, the Militia Movement, and other “patriotards” is problematic to say the least, but a systematic look at the components of any resistance movement will show how complementarity may be achieved.

The table will be set for an exploration of the place of intellectual White Nationalists who read Counter-Currents in the second installment of this series. By understanding these elements and how they fit into prevailing paradigms of resistance, an endgame strategy may be developed so the collaboration between White Nationalists and Libertarians will terminate favorably for our side. (Spoiler alert: none of this collaboration entails donating to Ron Paul rather than Counter-Currents.)

Phase One of Guerrilla Resistance

Mao once famously compared the guerrilla partisan and the masses he fights for as a fish and the water. In the preceding decades our enemies have focused a lot of energy on “draining the swamp.” While most could not connect the two metaphors, I’m sure it was not lost on our adversaries (many of whom had a soft spot for Mao and Ho Chi Minh in years past). Some of the researchers focused on Holocaust Revisionism, and almost all of their supporters were hoping to wedge a couple of sticks across the drainage pipe in the hopes of clogging that process. Sadly for us they failed.

Now as the generations pass and the tide rises again for us, we may be able to reverse what happened. This time it will not be through counteraction as the title “Revisionist” obviously implies, but through attack, both direct and indirect. In Phase One, the regime must first lose its legitimacy in the eyes of as many people as possible. The people have to feel more loyalty to those who act against the state than to the servants of the state. The State must come to represent disorder, injustice, and theft rather than security, justice, and a helping hand. That way, when given the choice between betraying a disciplined revolutionary and keeping their mouth shut, they will choose the latter.

Once respect for the state disappears, the masses may next be prepared for passive resistance and civil disobedience (i.e. abstention from paying water and electricity bills or strikes by strategically important unions) at the risk of their bread and circuses.

The resisters at this phase must begin to network (preferably as specialized cells). They must also acquire the materiel needed for survival as the state turns to violent repression (sparking the second phase) and resisters escalate toward violent resistance in the next phases.

Following the Special Forces model[2] the cells should specialize into Guerrillas, Auxiliary, and Underground. In any resistance movement, guerrillas are the minority in this troika, often as low as 10-20%. There have been claims that at its peak membership, the IRA had no more than 300 full-time guerrillas. The auxiliary is focused on logistical support for guerrillas, coordination of intelligence and targeting, propaganda, and recruitment. The underground will be focused on internal subversion.

To put it more succinctly, the target is being softened, bases of support are being fostered, and the future resisters are organizing, specializing, and equipping themselves.

While there are uncountable ways to undermine the legitimacy of the state, at some point, the masses should find some common ground to reestablish stability. However, one may look to the example of the Iranian revolution to see in a more recent context how a highly organized minority can take control after disorder and about a year of divided rule following the fall of the old regime. I have my doubts about how well that could work outside of Eastern and Northern Europe where there are fewer variations in the kinds of White Nationalism.

It’s worth assessing how well Phase One is being carried out, whether by our own comrades or other types of resisters.

Alex Jones as a Force for Delegitimizing the System

Each day Alex Jones reaches over a million listeners on his daily podcasts and radio show. He also has reached hundreds of millions with his films.

There can be no doubt that Alex Jones is a true Libertarian of the kind often descended from British Nonconformist Protestant stock.

However, there is good reason to doubt his integrity: on the eve of the year 2000 he had a War of the Worlds moment; he does his best to destroy and submerge all rivals rather than fostering more voices of resistance; and, finally, he is focused on bombs in the towers rather than real evidence of American incompetence and Israeli foreknowledge. Nonetheless, he has done more to spread doubt around the world about the official story of 9/11 than any other public figure.[3]



As the first graph demonstrates, doubt grew in the mind of the public over time. The irresponsible linking of the attacks to Saddam Hussein helped the case for invading Iraq and enlisting young men to fight, but in the long term this has eroded public trust. With the foot-dragging on the part of the administration in setting up a 9/11 Commission and the subsequent politicization (releasing their report in August 2004), more members of the public were open to considering government foreknowledge or assistance (16% very likely, 20% somewhat likely in 2006). However the key themes of the film Loose Change and of Alex Jones’ theory, that WTC was brought down in a controlled demolition is significant but less popular (6% very likely, 10% somewhat likely).



By 2007 as public opinion turned against the war and the influence of neocons on foreign policy less than 1 in 3 Americans would dismiss the “Let it Happen” theory out of hand.

The most recent polls are even more surprising. In September 2009, 27% of Liberals, and 10% of Conservatives, “think President Bush intentionally allowed the 9/11 attacks to take place because he wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East” (Public Policy Polling). A March 2010 poll found 15% believed controlled demolition destroyed the WTC (Angus Reid Public Opinion). That would indicate that a steady 15% are in the Alex Jones camp.

Most importantly a 2 in 3 Americans are willing to believe that their leaders are criminally negligent in protecting American lives when it fits their foreign policy goals. (For the conservatives among them, particularly returning veterans, Alex Jones has a ready-made paradigm to explain what happened.)

The willingness to believe such things about the US government reflects an overall drop in confidence Americans have in their institutions. One were to look at the poll results below without knowing this was the US in question, how highly would one rate the likelihood of a military-led caretaker government taking over. Alex Jones may be right about a Martial Law Police State in the works, but he’s probably wrong about how popular it will be.[4]



The Alex Jones Business Model

One must only listen to Alex Jones radio show for 30 minutes to understand the business plan. He convinces the listeners of either an imminent crash of the system or of the opening up of FEMA death camps as part of a global plan to reduce the population by 80%. If George W. Bush really was planning on using FEMA to round up vast swaths of the population, wouldn’t he hire an ex-General, instead of his buddy who never ran anything other than the local rodeo? This thought obviously doesn’t occur to his listeners who keep the water filtration companies, firearms training camps, and canned food companies in business and Alex Jones on the air.

The Alex Jones Demographic

Jones’ Libertarianism and Non-Conformist descended Protestantism is anti-racist and neutral on the Jewish Question. He has gone to great efforts to expand his appeal beyond the John Birch Society’s white rural demographic. He has been mostly successful with newly urban and suburban young men who have some tertiary education, usually White or of various Asian ethnicities. These young men make up the base of his activist, for example the group We Are Change.

He has also reached out to blacks with mixed success. He has included rappers KRS-One and Professor Griff (formerly of Public Enemy) in his documentaries and broadcasts. His focus on developing a celebrity following has been limited to Willy Nelson, Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura (partially), and an extra from the X-Files.

While his black following remains small, the Illuminati-focused conspiracy theory has been thoroughly “Cadillacked,” probably thanks to copycats of Jones’ work and the use of Masonic and Alchemical symbols by the Jay-Z stable of rappers. Blacks have the highest likelihood of a conspiratorial view of 9/11. His international effect is probably easily overlooked by Americans, but he has thoroughly penetrated the educated secular youth of much of the developing world.



Alex Jones, Part of a Tradition of Conspiracy

Alex Jones has produced numerous documentaries. The early works are low quality productions in which at times he is literally chasing black helicopters. After 9/11 he has steadily moved toward professional quality documentaries and even high quality nightly newscasts. He is firmly rooted in the history of conspiracy theory, particularly the strand fostered by Willis Carto’s Spotlight and American Free Press.

This strand is deeply focused on monetary history and borrows its economic philosophy from the gold-loving Austrian School. The Federal Reserve and the short-lived predecessor national banks are facing off with the liberty-loving few. They acknowledge that the US public was tricked into WWI but they soft-pedal the Balfour Agreement as a factor. The Rothschilds are a prominent enemy, but the Jewishness of their international Banker enemies is otherwise not pointed out. For the most part they ignore WWII (unless to point out that Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen). The major event in the takeover of America is the JFK Assassination. Since then America has been under total control of the enemies of liberty, who are slowly tightening their grip.

JFK and the Death of the Cold War Liberal

If you think that Oswald killed JFK alone, you are probably better off keeping it to yourself. Chances are most Americans will think you are a fool, as this graph demonstrates.[5]


It is worth knowing that that the Oliver Stone film was released in 1991, after doubts of the official story peaked. The film changed few minds; rather it gave support to those already believing in a conspiracy of an anti-Castro/mafia combine.

The real turning point came after Jim Garrison, the subject of the film, filed his case for conspiracy as New Orleans District Attorney. The rise trended alongside a general drop in confidence in Federal institutions. The Zapruder film was shown on television in 1975, moving more people into doubting the official story put out by the Warren Commission. In 2003, 68% of Americans believed that there was a deliberate official cover-up perpetrated by the government.

The Warren Commission was headed by the Earl Warren, the most left-wing Chief Justice in American history, not the kind of guy to cover for anti-Castro Cubans and the mafia. This is the Commission that created and endorsed the lone gunmen/magic bullet theory in 1964. However, in 1976 the House Select Committee on Assassination affirmed its belief in a conspiracy that probably involved a second gunman on the grassy knoll (who missed) and may have included rogue individuals from the anti-Castro Cuban and Mafia milieu. They ruled out Russians, pro-Castro Cubans, and the government.

Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union and renounced his US citizenship, but he returned with his Russian wife because he found Russia more bureaucratic than revolutionary. Six months before the assassination he tried to kill a Segregationist John Birch Society spokesman, General Edwin Walker, in Dallas. Three months before the assassination he was turned away from Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, but the Cuban embassy welcomed him. This was immediately reported by the State Department after the assassination.

President Johnson had voiced concern within his inner circle that blaming Communists would only elevate tensions internationally (on the heels of the Bay of Pigs debacle and the Cuban Missile crisis). The fall of Khrushchev just under a year after the assassination indicated that powerful elements in the Soviet Union desired a de-escalation of tensions. The end of the Khrushchev’s policy of strong support to all Socialist revolutionaries worldwide allowed Johnson (and the Soviets) to focus on domestic goals.

The blowback of this framing of the event was quite serious. As James Piereson explores in his book Camelot and the Cultural Revolution,[6] the collective blame placed upon America for its culture of violence and paranoia and Jackie Kennedy’s efforts at portraying him as a martyr for civil rights (though JFK never took a risk on the issue in his career) planted a certain hostility toward American culture and institutions within the Center-Left of the political spectrum.

The fact that Communists were given a pass lulled the Center-Left into thinking that Communism posed no real threat and that the real enemy was among them (an enemy in common with the Communists). Until the arrival of the neocons and the New Democrat positioning of Bill Clinton, Liberals were in a “blame America first” collective guilt mindset that alienated them from the public and allied them with the Frankfurt School style culture destroyers.

Willis Carto and Yockeyism

Willis Carto’s Spotlight has been a seminal medium for spreading the “official Conspiracy Theory” of anti-Castro Cubans and the Mafia being to blame. They have even been the source of a number of scoops that relate members of the Bay of Pigs-Watergate-Iran Contra milieu. These characters are usually CIA-affiliated scions of either the Eastern Establishment or the Gulf Coast oil wealth families.

It is worth keeping in mind that a young Willis Carto was the last civilian to see Francis Parker Yockey alive. Carto went on to publish the first US edition of his magnum opus, Imperium. Yockey’s major strategic innovation (and it seems that he indeed acted on this) was to view the US as the bigger threat to the White Heartland of Europe than the Soviet Union. There are a number of events that solidify this claim: the Jewish Doctor’s Plot and the Fall of Beria in Russia, and more importantly for Yockey, the post WWII Jewish Purge in the Prague Trials which Yockey witnessed. (He also had strong links with pro-Axis elements of Czechoslovakian Intelligence that survived the war.) In America, Jewish power was on the rise. Simply following Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau’s pre-emptive strike on German businesses before war was declared illustrates their impact. Yockey was in Germany as a military officer after the war and saw the effects of the Morgenthau Plan[7] firsthand.

It is safe to say that the Spotlight’s editorial line on JFK was informed by this strategy. In hindsight it seems that Yockey and Carto were right. Post-WWII European Communism was not nearly as blood-drenched and anti-Gentile as pre-WWII Communism. Prague Square is completely intact since there was no League of Militant Atheists,[8] the largely Jewish group of thugs is Russia who plundered churches and destroyed icons during the Red Terror. Youth in the Eastern Bloc were given a classical education, and their regimes promoted health, fitness, and fecundity. In the Free World, Liberty was a cover for the people to be plundered by corporations that transferred their social costs to taxpayers and to have their culture distorted and destroyed. To be fair, the environmental record of the West was much better, particularly starting in the 1970s.

Willis Carto has also sponsored the very important work of Jim Tucker, the investigative journalist who has single-handedly shone a light on the Bilderberg Group. His sources have been prescient regarding the macro-trends of the world. Jim Tucker is regularly interviewed by Alex Jones.

Conspiracy and Blood in the Face

It is easy to underestimate how easily conspiracy theories can catch on. The very silly theory that Maoists were hiding south of the Mexico-US border, poised for attack was popular in the ’80s and ’90s, and if Google is correct it’s about to make a comeback. A snapshot of the effects of this paranoid fantasy is provided in the documentary Blood in the Face (1991). Future documentary stars Louis Theroux and Michael Moore visit a rally of what Tom Sunic would rightly call “Hollywood Nazis.” Here factory  workers from the rust belt wear SS uniforms and earnestly await the revolution. Inside a farmhouse, a handful of pastors discuss their hilarious views on Biblical eschatology. They then get even more serious as they recount their fears of foreign troops amassing on the border. If they are to be taken at their word, these men and their followers are total failures when it comes to the question of discernment. However, discerning truth is of secondary interest in a resistance.

Jones, Carto, and Conspiracy Theories: Lessons Learned

As embarrassing as it is for any serious person to watch Blood in the Face, chances are that those factory workers and the congregations of those preachers don’t spend their surplus money on power boats or attending overpriced professional football games. They don’t spend their vacations getting drunk in Acapulco. Instead, they are stockpiling small arms, building deep bonds with like-minded people, and participating in disaster preparedness and combat drills. There is a good chance they are in communities with high rates of military volunteers. The same is true for the Libertarians in the Militia milieu, only there are many more of them.

Small arms have changed very little in the last half century. As long as these weapons are regularly cleaned and oiled they are still useful. If starting today new guns were no longer sold or produced in the US, there are more than enough weapons and Ammo for a total insurrection. There are estimated to be over a billion handguns, rifles, and shotguns in the US. These are overwhelmingly in the hands of Whites. A large number of these Whites have very little faith in the state and many have quality training and experience. It is not only anti-White malice that has the DHS focusing on “White Al-Qaeda” (Alex Jones’ term), but it is an honest assessment of the threat to the American State.

Most people will not dig for the truth, but they can smell a rat. Most Americans couldn’t understand why and how JFK was assassinated. But when they saw the Zapruder film, the official explanations stopped making sense. Carto provided them with a well-rounded explanation, and they stopped looking. The Left was satisfied to blame their enemies, and the Right was turned against the Eastern Establishment (the enemy of Goldwater and Reagan Conservatives). What is a conservative patriot to think? What is a patriot to do? With the fall of the Soviet Union, and the election of Clinton, the Constitution’s enemy was domestic. The Carto strand of thinking was there to show dissidents of the Right that this enemy has a history and evil motives.

The militias flourished above ground until the Oklahoma City Bombing. After that, the large organized militias disappeared. However, the stockpilers kept stockpiling. The old Army buddies or the five cousins who grew up together working on their grandfather’s farm kept visiting the shooting range and the paintball field.

With the election of Obama and the return of veterans, their ranks are being replenished and then some. Most of these returning veterans, young conservatives, realize they were tricked by a Republican administration regarding the link between Saddam and 9/11. Many of them even think their government carried out the attack. Will they be ignored?

Sergeant Brandon Raub, the First of Many 9/11 Truth Prisoners of Conscience

Last month a decorated former Marine was removed from his home and involuntarily placed in a Psych Ward. He had made several questionable posts on his Facebook page. He is a 9/11 Truther and a Ron Paul Libertarian. After his arrest went viral, his fellow travelers rallied to his side. What was really surprising is that Glenn Beck (yes, the crying Mormon neocon shill lives on at GBTV.com) who previously called for the mass arrest of “Truthers” rallied his viewers to support Raub.


It is obvious why Raub was committed. Spree killings often come in waves, as men who are on the edge watch others live their fantasy can’t help but join the trend. The spree killer who carried out the Sikh Massacre was a veteran. Whether the authorities were tipped off by an acquaintance or through data-mining of supposedly private Facebook accounts, one look at his posts was enough to frighten them. Luckily for White Nationalists, gun control is off the table as a policy solution. That means Involuntary Commitment is the only preemptive weapon left to authorities.


Psychotic episodes are often accompanied by anti-social political and religious views. We can expect many more such Prisoners of Conscience. They may indeed be unhinged at the time of commitment; however, that does not matter in Phase One. The masses will see that the State is locking up heroes and neighbors for their unapproved beliefs. Libertarians and 9/11 Truthers (and maybe eventually White Nationalists) will be objects of sympathy, and their criticisms of the government will look truer than ever.

Every citizen must be educated about Sergeant Raub and other Prisoners of Conscience, but Involuntary Commitment must remain on the books. It is better to have a thousand Sergeant Raubs than a single Timothy McVeigh. And if an attack ever comes, the authorities must be found at fault for failing to diagnose a psychotic, as is happening in the case of the Aurora Joker Massacre. This way the State can never win and their legitimacy will enter a downward spiral.


The US government’s perceived legitimacy has plunged to post-Watergate levels (if not below). The bases of support for resistance are growing. The materiel for resistance is in abundance. Momentum is in our favor (particularly if Barack Obama is re-elected, as seems likely). The next article in this series will explore how potential resisters are organizing, specializing, and equipping themselves. Since Libertarians and Conservative military veterans are leading this process, we will also explore methods White Nationalists and the North American New Right may use to insert themselves in the process and prepare an endgame.


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