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You Must Change Your Life


Jean-Léon Gérôme, “Diogenes,” 1860

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This is one of the shortest essays I will ever write. If I could get it down to a haiku, I’d be delighted. But the truth is that it doesn’t need to be long, and it probably couldn’t be any shorter.

You are probably reading this website because you are drawn to the principles espoused by the North American New Right [2]. But like so many of us you live in two worlds. In one you are somehow, in one way or another, integrated into the system. You have a job, in other words. The other world you live in is a kind of virtual world: an online Right Wing world of websites, chat rooms, and Facebook pages where you can safely and anonymously vent your spleen against the modern world.

Congratulations. You’re no better than a Wiccan. Yes, I mean those people who channel goddesses, brew a lot of herbal tea, and can’t get laid. Theoretically, they have the means at their disposal to turn people into frogs and make beetles swoon. But nobody gives a damn. A few hundred years ago becoming a witch would have been a radical choice indeed. But today it is simply one “lifestyle choice” among countless others.

You see, witches aren’t a threat to the modern system because the modern system doesn’t believe in anything. Oh, yes, of course it believes in “tolerance.” But as G. K. Chesterton said “Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions.” So long as Wiccans are tolerant of non-Wiccans and refrain from using their awesome powers to weird, bewitch, and glamour others, the system has no problem with them. Wicca is system-friendly because it’s just a bunch of cranks and weirdoes posting comments online and generally engaging in sub-mental masturbation.

The modern system can handle any number of such subgroups — so long as there is a kind of tacit agreement on the part of these groups to tolerate each other and to never do anything that really has the potential to wreck the system that makes their co-existence possible.

Do you see where I am going with this? For a great many of us, being a Right Winger amounts to nothing more than yet another non-threatening lifestyle choice. We slave all day in the system’s ruby mines, then come home and bicker with each other on our various “movement” websites. We tweet with rage at the system (and at each other), down a few to kill the pain, log off and try and get a few winks . . . before we have to get up the next day and go help perpetuate the system again.

Friend, you need to wake up to the fact that this life you’re leading isn’t worth a damn. You’ve got to change it. Now. You’ve got to find something more meaningful to do about our present predicament. In fact, you’ve got to find a way to strike back at the system.

What is absolutely imperative here is simply this: begin to think of your engagement with the New Right as your real life. (And on this subject see my essay “My Real Life [3].” Begin to think of your job as a mere means that makes your real life possible. This will give you a whole new perspective on things — and make going to work a lot easier. (It’ll almost turn you into a workplace Buddhist, like Jack in Fight Club.) But, ultimately, to lead a meaningful life and engage yourself with the New Right, you’ve got to do something. And it’s got to be real, not virtual.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should go out and commit reckless acts of violence and destruction. I’m not even suggesting that you should quit your job. What I am suggesting is that you support, in a meaningful way, New Right movements and — yes indeed — websites that have the potential to make a cultural impact.

The most obvious (and, truly, easiest) form of support you can give is financial. How much money are you spending a month on cable? On Netflix? On pay-per-view? In other words, how much are you spending a month to avail yourself of cultural and intellectual poison? Do you really need to pre-order that new Burt Bacharach import CD [4] that costs $48? You could send that $48 instead to some movement outfit that’s fighting the good fight.

But which one? I only contribute to one Right Wing cause. In fact, it’s the only contribution I make. I make a monthly donation of $200 to Counter-Currents.

Wait! Stop! I know you probably didn’t expect a fund-raising appeal. Perhaps you even feel cheated at this point, like I’ve led you down the primrose path then hit you up for money. But please bear with me. I’m writing about something I feel very strongly about. If you’ve enjoyed the other things I’ve written, if you’ve ever felt like I was speaking for you, please read on. I’ve written this piece because I’m genuinely afraid of losing something I value greatly. And I think you value it too.

Why do I donate to Counter-Currents? Well, there are a lot of “movement” organizations and sites out there begging for money. But for my money, most of them are wide of the mark. They’re preoccupied with IQ, demographics, ritual circumcision, and with revising certain details of recent history. Some of the people claiming to be on our side apparently think that if we could just run all the non-whites out of the country everything would be okay. But if that really happened we’d soon take one look around and realize that the whites are still the same gelded, spiritually empty, money-hungry humanoids that we’ve been for some time now.

What is needed is not more statistics and cranial measurements. What is needed is a ruthless critique of the entire modern, post-Christian world. What is needed is historical and cultural self-understanding, so that we may recognize and root out all those ideas and trends that have brought our people and our culture to the brink of destruction.

The Marxists created their own philosophy, history, economics, sociology, anthropology, literary theory, and psychology. For God’s sake they even created their own biology! We must do the same. The Marxists took over the world of ideas. For us to win back that world, we must create a new counter-culture. And it must be pitched at the highest intellectual level, while still being accessible to non-specialists. We must create a North American version of the European New Right. This is exactly what Counter-Currents is all about.

Counter-Currents — through its blog and its publishing imprint — is the intellectual vanguard of a North American New Right. To be sure, the high intellectual level of Counter-Currents’ essays and books has actually drawn criticism. Some take the position that what we need is “street activism,” not more pointy-headed innerlektual talk. The truth, however, is that he who controls minds controls lives. Non-intellectuals are only spurred to activism by ideas — ideas which they do not themselves create but absorb from others.

The tyranny we live under is an intellectual tyranny. It is control by bad ideas which most well-meaning people have never questioned and would be afraid to question. The only way to change this is through the dissemination of new ideas. And as more and more come to know these ideas and share them, they will slough off their timidity and sense of isolation. It is then that things get really exciting. Sadly, for those who are skeptical of intellectual movements, it is simply axiomatic that we must sit through the slow part before we can get to the action.

Make no mistake. Counter-Currents is not yet another “lifestyle choice” in this rainbow-colored, modern world. Its aim is the destruction of that world. It is not a support group for disaffected white males. It is a revolutionary movement. But the revolution, for now, is intellectual [5].

What you may or may not know, however, is that Counter-Currents is only two people (Greg Johnson and Mike Polignano), who have made this their full-time job. Unlike the rest of us they are not bifurcated into job-world vs. Right Wing world. They have devoted their time entirely to the Movement and are surviving on donations and book sales. They’ve succeeded in doing this for two years now — which, frankly, I find remarkable. But although readership of the website and book sales continue to increase (growth in online readership is particularly impressive [6]) donations are few and far between. Things are stable for the moment – but just barely. Right now, it is not clear that Counter-Currents can be sustained long term.

If you have derived any pleasure at all from reading this or any of my other essays please support Counter-Currents by making a donation. If you have learned anything from the essays on this site, repay that debt by sending some money. If you feel that this site is a resource, and that it is a force for good send money, damn it! It doesn’t have to be that much. If you are a student or a pauper, send $5 or $10. It’s VERY easy to do this online: just GO HERE [7]. If you are financially secure, consider making a recurring donation of $50 or $100. Hell, even $25 extra dollars a month would be welcome.

You may think that a small donation doesn’t mean much, but small donations from a lot of readers add up. If everyone reading this website on a regular basis made a one-time donation of $10 it would support Counter-Currents for a year. If everyone donated $100 it would support Counter-Currents for several years.

And we want this website and its publishing imprint to exist far into the future. Because without the creation of a new culture and the dissemination of new ideas — the very work Counter-Currents represents — we have no future.

So, in closing, if you want to do something tangible for our cause, and if you value this website and the difference it has made in your life, then make some donation now [7]  before you do anything else today. Thank you.