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To All Europeans

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Editor’s Note:

The following text is from Ace of Swords, one of my favorite German websites, which has published translations of 63 Counter-Currents pieces [2]. I am reprinting it at the request of Ace of Swords.

In an email to me, they explained that: “We are deeply worried that an intended by-product of the Euro ponzi scheme might be increased strife among the European peoples. The Germans, the Austrians, the Dutch etc. are angry because their tax money is taken away, seemingly to the benefit of other countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal etc., and some just like to cling to the notion that all this is a ‘French’ thing to get a Versailles without war. At the same time the Spanish, the Greek and others are told by their ‘national’ media as well as by the New York Times that all this is a ‘German’ plan to rob them of their money and their property.”

In fact, the only winners in the current Euro-zone crisis are international bankers. For more on banking, including the scandal of public debt, see my essays “Money for Nothing [3]” and “Thoughts on Debt Repudiation [4].”

Merkel does not represent Germany but the banks. All European politicians represent the banks, i.e. international high finance.

 There is no €uro crisis. The €uro is a tool used by the banks to suck off the wealth of the nations of Europe. The €uro works out perfectly according to the plan of its inventors.

Spain, Greece, etc. sink into poverty, and the media tell the Spanish, Greeks, etc., their money is taken by the Germans.

Germany sinks into poverty, and the media tell the Germans their money is taken by the Spanish, the Greeks, etc.

But where is the money actually? That’s not hard to find out, it is even stated openly: Banks must be “rescued.”

Look up the amount of interest in your country’s national budget. Banks create money out of thin air and lend it to nations at interest. The country’s taxpayers are to shoulder the interest.

Thus the wealth of Spain is destroyed and the wealth of Germany accordingly. That’s the fate of all countries with a central bank.

Inform yourself about the money system on the basis of the Dollar (watch the videos Money as Debt [5] and The American Dream [6]). The €uro serves the same purpose as the Dollar.

It is a gigantic heist.

Those who rob ALL our countries lie to us claiming we would rob each other.

Don’t let the robbers step out of the line of fire by using the trick of “Divide and conquer.”

We are Europeans. Together we are a power. Divided we are nothing but the banks’ slaves.

Source: http://schwertasblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/an-alle-europaer-to-all-europeans-a-todos-los-europeos-a-tous-les-europeens/ [7]