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The Counter-Currents Summer Fundraiser 
Jonathan Bowden on Counter-Currents


Jonathan Bowden, “Mussolini with Bi-Planes”

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Since our last update, we have received three new donations totaling $163.81 (the odd numbers are due to Euro-Dollar conversion). Thank you for your generous support!

Thanks to our matching grant, this amount will be doubled to $327.62. There is $191.19 remaining on our matching grant, which expires in 10 days. Please give now, so your gift will go farther.

This brings our grand total to $14,346.92. Our goal is $25,000.

Matching grants are a great way to give and encourage others to give as well. If you wish to offer a matching grant to help us make our goal, please contact me at [email protected] [2].

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One way to convince readers of the importance of donating to Counter-Currents is for us to collect testimonials. Here is the late Jonathan Bowden on our work:

. . . I regard initiatives like Counter-Currents as very important. Counter-Currents is, to my estimation, a sort of Right-wing university. A sort of free access Right-wing university on the Internet, a radical Right-wing university. The whole point now is that higher education has locked off the Right end of the spectrum. You can learn about conservative ideas, you can learn about liberal ideas, you can learn about socialist ideas, you can learn about Marxist ideas in the university context; you can learn about all forms of pan-religiosity and so forth. But you can’t learn about radical Right-wing ideas in the university context unless it’s adversarial, unless you’re deconstructive, unless you’re against these ideas in a prior way.

. . . Counter-Currents is one of the means by which people can educate themselves to defend themselves and their own honor and future prospects. Counter-Currents is what I personally believe the best, most educative Right-wing site that I’ve come across, and it’s used by an enormous plethora of people who want information about their own past and their own future. There’s a great wealth of material on it, and it provides this tertiary education of the mind in a radical right sensibility. I believe that this is crucial if we’re to have a future.

. . . Only when people gain the courage and the conviction to read what is on Counter-Currents, to internalize it, and to defend their own possibilities — of development, biologically and culturally — will we see a change here in America and elsewhere.

These words are from Jonathan’s lecture “Western Civilization Bites Back,” available in podcast and transcript form here [3].

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