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Jerome Deppe, “Dead Horses”/Review of Songs of Love, Hate, & Fear

time: 3:30 / 158 words

http://youtu.be/32eK0IN0HIo [1]

Jerome Deppe is a highly talented musician and composer who frequently collaborates with David E. Williams. Most of our loyal readers have already heard his work: he composed the theme music for our Counter-Currents Radio podcasts.

Jerome’s new CD is called Songs of Love, Hate, and Fear, and “Dead Horses” is a representative track.

This is the best “neo-folk” album I have heard in years.

The CD contains original songs by Jerome Deppe as well as some excellent covers: Hank Williams, Senior’s “Alone and Forsaken”; The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”; David E. Williams’ “Ship of Snails”; Bob Dylan’s “This Wheel’s On Fire”; Michael Gira’s “God Damn the Sun”; and Lee Hazlewood’s classic “Some Velvet Morning.”

Songs of Love, Hate, and Fear is available from Disques de Lapin [2] in CD and MP3 download formats. Please buy this CD. You will be supporting the work of a worthy artist, and you will enjoy every minute of it.