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Divide & Conquer:
Anti-German Hatred Distracts from Real Problems

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Translated by Osimandia; French translation here

Here we go again: Once more anti-German sentiment is created across Europe and the world to build up a scapegoat.

After German soldiers were accused of skewering Belgian babies on their bayonets and chopping off their hands out of mere sadism during WWI, and after Germans had allegedly fabricated lampshades from human skin during WWII, the claim is today that Germany is on the verge of subduing all of Europe. In Greece, Spain, and Italy fairy tales about a “Fourth Reich” are circulating. Il Giornale writes:

Now they’re coming back, this time not with cannons but with the Euro. . . . we are to accept everything, to bow down to the new Kaiser called Angela Merkel, who now wants to command in our homeland as well.

Anti-German Propaganda from WWI (“Fischietto”, Italy, 1915)

As a private person, it is difficult to make one’s voice heard against the lies of the big media in a short article, aimed at as many readers as possible. Many facts prove, however, that the anti-German hate propaganda is at odds with the truth.

Merkel: A Vassal Becomes “Empress”

According to the statistics (Franz-Ulrich Willeke: Deutschland, Zahlmeister der EU, 2011 – Germany, the EU’s paymaster) the Federal Republic of Germany has remitted 324 billions of €uros to the EU since the reunification in 1990  (that is 45.1% of the EU budget!) and has received only 178 billions of €uros – the “rescue fund” not included. That is to say: Germany has made a present of 146 billions of €uros to other countries during this period. At the same time, Germany has been highly indebted since the 1960s, and money has been lacking for many things (public transport, theaters, schools, roads, pensions, etc.). Why, this being the case, does Germany pay for others?

Anti-German propaganda in 2011 makes use of well-established stereotypes

Germany has been an occupied country since 1945; today there are about 100,000 American and British troops in the country, whose presence is paid for by the German tax-payer. In November 2011, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble stated at a bank summit in Frankfurt that Germany has actually not been sovereign since 1945. The background of this statement is the plan (also propagated by politicians such as Monti, Draghi, and Barroso) to completely abolish the European nation states. Merkel and many more politicians proclaim that Israel’s well-being is part of the Federal Republic’s reason of state. (Israel is a state which yearly receives high amounts of money, armaments, and support of all kinds from Germany.) Can a country which is not sovereign subdue Europe? Is Merkel an empress or a vassal?

The EU and the €uro are not German projects, and they were not invented by France (respectively François Mitterand) either. However, France had the biggest benefits from them over a long period and therefore was instrumental in implementing them (see Herse’s German article „Die Mär von der deutsch-französischen Freundschaft II“). The EU is the consequent further development of the “European Recovery Program” (in Germany known as the “Marshall Plan”) which was started in 1947 by the USA and conceived to create structures which would permit the superpower to exercise influence on the whole geopolitical region.

Representatives of the “New World Order” have stressed the need of a world currency since Adam Weißhaupt (founder of the Order of the Illuminati in 1776), and among the proponents of a “united Europe” a common currency had been under debate even before the Second World War.

As outlined above, the Federal Republic of Germany does not at all profit financially from the EU, and the €uro but is under attack because of the role it is forced to play with regard to it. This has always been well known by German politicians, but, given the country’s rank as a vassal, they had no other choice than to join the EU and the €uro zone.

However, many politicians in Germany and other countries meanwhile seem to identify themselves with international high finance, which is the €uro’s real beneficiary. Merkel is an anti-German politician. Unfortunately the media, which depend on high finance, portray her differently. They tell the Italians, Spanish, and Greeks that Merkel (= the Germans) is out for colonizing them, and they tell the Germans that “lazy” Greeks etc. are squandering German money.

Who does receive the money? The banks, and all the rest have to suffer for their sake. Meanwhile it happens more and more frequently that Germans are offended abroad as a result of Merkel’s politics, respectively of the media coverage and the politicians’ lies.

The Euro: Monopoly Money and Tool of International High Finance

The American Federal Reserve is a private banking consortium, holding the monopoly on printing money and lending it at interest to the United States, which in turn is liable for it with all its national property. This means the Fed lends out monopoly money, the production of which costs only  a tiny percentage of its nominal value and which is accepted as legal tender for the only reason that this is stated in the rules of the game (=laws). This entitles them to either claim the repayment of this money, including interest. or, in case this cannot be accomplished, to claim real assets such as property, for example. The state itself is not allowed to print money but only to collect taxes. In the face of further expenditures (especially because of expensive wars, which are, we should not be surprised, promoted by high finance), the national debt will rise inevitably, until eventually national bankruptcy is no longer avoidable and the Fed can collect the collateral. The same concept applies to the Bank of England, founded two centuries earlier, and to the €uro as well, although in a more complicated way. Congruously Benjamin Shalom Bernanke now calls for the need of a Fed in Europe as well.

The €uro was created to gather as many European countries as possible in a common currency system. The resulting low interest rates (which were especially due to the strong economic performance of Germany) were to lure Southern European countries into ever more indebtedness without worrying. The pretext of “European solidarity,” called for by politicians and the media, enables international high finance to seize all the national property as well as the realty of all of Europe.

By downgrading suddenly and drastically the deeply indebted Southern European countries, the big US rating agencies, which are controlled by high finance, started a vicious cycle of rising loan interest, increasingly rising indebtedness, and, as a consequence, always lower ratings.

In order to “rescue” these countries and the €uro, countries such as Germany are forced to run deeper into debt as well, and each time a “rescue measure” turns out to be not sufficient, these countries are forced to concede even more money in order to avoid the money for the preceding “rescue measures” being spent in vain.

This game will be played until even the strongest European countries are irretrievably indebted, and all the property serving as asset backing for national, commercial, and private debts, falls to the banks, which, for their part, belong to international high finance.

Even prior to this, states – this is currently the case of Greece – will be forced to sell public property, which is bought up on the cheap with Dollars (also coming from China!), as long as these assets are still of value.

Admittedly, the Dollar will later go the same way as the €uro, but as it is still useful as “world currency” to buy up Europe, the €uro currency system must be destroyed in a controlled crash before.

And to make sure that not a single country can escape from this expropriation program, the ESM system (which, according to the treaty, cannot be legally quit or annulled!) was created; it is currently being ratified by the governments of all countries in the Euro zone.


As you can see, the situation is quite different from what is depicted in the mass media. Merkel is not a German “empress” but at best a handmaid of international high finance who is pushing the Germans and all of Europe into ruin. Presumably many questions are now arising in your mind. Unfortunately it is not possible to answer all of them in this article, but with the knowledge now you dispose of now, you are able to do further research by yourself. It is crucial to know that the €uro harms all European peoples and that the actual culprits distract from this by their vicious propaganda.



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  1. guiscard
    Posted August 27, 2012 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    Wow. Same old North v South propaganda. I know in Italy and Spain, there is very little ‘local’ hatred for Germans. Most of the finger-pointing is at themselves with regards to corruption whilst German Economics/Industry are held in the highest regard. And I’m really struggling to see how a 1915 cartoon balances out the outright hostility found in German papers today.

    Anyway, we all know who is pulling the strings. The fact the puppet Merkel helped Israel to a few nuclear subs is deeply troubling.

  2. Lew
    Posted August 27, 2012 at 5:51 pm | Permalink

    The media sows discord and divisions among Europeans for the purpose of helping international finance and the European banks. Classic.

    The problem here is that every person who wanted to put a stop to this were defeated in or around WW2 on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Long ago, as hard as it is to believe now, some Americans actually spoke against these forces but to no avail.

    This is my all-time favorite clip of Father Coughlin. In this two minute clip, he denounces the US Federal Reserve, FDR, Republicans, Democrats, Communists and Capitalists. He saw the Republican/Democrat kabuki for what it was even then, and recognized that communism and capitalism were two sides of the same coin.

    Nowadays, few Americans outside of dissident circles know who he is.

  3. fnn
    Posted August 27, 2012 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    I’ve yet to see a good study of the anti-German hate campaign in the 1930’s. The most information I’ve found is in Tansill’s book, Back Door to War.

  4. Erik V.
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    Even if she is just “a handmaid of international high finance” that doesn’t make her any less responsible. I don’t remember seeing her with a gun at point-blank and being told what to do. Puppet or not, she plays the role of her life and preparing our (White Europeans) slow death. Her being an White European makes it even more despicable for her to “play” (I use quotes because, again, she is a natural) this role.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted August 28, 2012 at 7:52 am | Permalink

      The whole message is that this is not Germany versus Greece but international capitalism versus Europe. Of course it makes Merkel “less responsible,” since Merkel is not an independent agent operating in what she thinks is Gemany’s interest, but the satrap of an occupied nation who acts in the interest of her Anglo-American Zionist rulers and the international capitalist system. But I’ll grant that it does not make her less contemptible.

      • kinist reputation
        Posted August 28, 2012 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

        You should skewer this article- it follows the trite anti privilege formula that works so well in promoting the interests of the Victim Industry while criminalizing Whiteness.

  5. anon
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    “Here we go again: Once more anti-German sentiment is created across Europe and the world to build up a scapegoat.”

    The crisis in Europe has been engineered by the globalist overclass to drive Europeans into a version of the Federal Reserve system so the overclass can parasite off them. The media whipping up anti-German hostility is designed to get the Germans to surrender to that project. I hope they don’t.

    • Lew
      Posted August 28, 2012 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

      I’d speculate the German elites have already surrendered and the point of whipping up this anti-German sentiment is just to foment divide and rule. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angela Merkel came up with idea of slapping a swastika on her picture herself.

      • anon
        Posted August 31, 2012 at 11:17 am | Permalink

        “I’d speculate the German elites have already surrendered”

        I think that’s probably true – the majority at least – and they’re colluding in the overclass charade to steamroll the majority population (and the patriotic minority within the elite).

  6. NC
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    “As outlined above, the Federal Republic of Germany does not at all profit financially from the EU, and the €uro but is under attack because of the role it is forced to play with regard to it. This has always been well known by German politicians, but, given the country’s rank as a vassal, they had no other choice than to join the EU and the €uro zone.”

    The FRG (i.e. german tax payers) may not profit financially from the EU, but the big “german” banks and corporations do profit a lot: they got access to huge markets, the free circulation of goods and capitals and the abolition of tariffs as allowed them to place their products very easily and cheaply in other european countries thus destroying any possibility of those countries ever developing strong and efficient economies such as that of Germany. German tax payers are “subsidizing” big “german” capitalists and the southern europeans are the ones being blamed for it and pushed into ruin in order to divert attentions.

  7. jack
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    Well Germany did exert its hegemony in the Balkans during the 90’s first by supporting long time ally Croatia and smuggling Eastern Germany arms to Croat and Bosnian forces then supporting KLA terrorists in Kosovo who have pretty much committed genocide against the ethnic Serb population via terrorism, pogroms and ethnic cleansing of almost the entire Serb population now under control to a bunch of terrorist Iranian/Al-Qaeda connected gangsters who entire economy is mainly based on Afghan heroin trade in Europe and the sex slave industry.

    Those who haven’t fled live in ghettos and are attacked by Albanian gangs with electricity and water routinely cut off.

    I think German companies benefited the most from Yugoslavia’s demise with invest well below the market price and rewarded the majority of rebuilding contracts after the Kosovo war.

    Little bit embarrassing after 9/11 that Europe’s new Jews the Bosnian Muslims advised by Richard Pearle at the Dayton Peace Accords when it was exposed the Bosnian governments connection to Al-Qaeda, Islamic militants and 9/11 and mass graves in Kosovo that turned out to be mostly KLA fighters in civilian clothing who have been exposed running drug and sex trafficking networks in Europe and harvesting organs from capture Serb civilians.

    In almost every case regarding terrorist attacks in Europe from Madrid to the recent Toulouse gunman there is almost always some kind of Balkans connection.

    Senior Jewish officials were off course involved both in Europe and the US with Lantos promising to lobby on Albanians behalf in 91 and provided us with the of the best quote ever mentioned by a politician that sums up US foreign policy.

    “Let me just raise a few items, Mr. Secretary. The first one: just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led governments in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe”

    • Stronza
      Posted August 31, 2012 at 11:59 am | Permalink

      What a dirty old viper (Lantos). Looks like he’s getting his wish.

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