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White Survival & Its Enemies

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“It is madness to believe that a great people of sixty or seventy million cannot be destroyed. It perishes as soon as it loses its drive for self-preservation.”–Adolf Hitler, speech at the Bürgerbräukeller [3], Munich, February 27, 1924

On one level, white nationalism or white racialism is a straightforward exercise in conservation biology. Whites, or a remnant of them, must be physically preserved as a racially-conscious, culturally coherent breeding population, or group of genetically similar breeding populations.

Many white nationalists are put off by this idea. They take umbrage, considering it to be a form of reductionist biologism.

[4]But if it is acceptable to “save the animals” or “save the planet,” it’s unclear why so many people not dedicated to anti-white racism have such a problem with defining who’s “white,” or with saving the white race in the biological sense.

As the old National Alliance bumper sticker boldly put it: “Save the white race, the Earth’s most endangered species.”

Biology isn’t the only thing, but it’s the first, and in many ways, most fundamental thing.

Before you can save a people, you must define [5] it [6].

This may raise people’s hackles, but it must be done.

The Main Enemy

The main enemies of white survival are the closely-aligned “four estates”: Jews, the government (Left-t [7]otalitarian and anti-white, at all levels, everywhere), the mass media, and academia.

To maintain their grip on a rapidly fraying social order, these groups continually press for more and more tyrannical power.

In terms of cohesion, the only really potent social glue holding the fractious elements of an increasingly dysfunctional society together, the one thing they have in common, is anti-white hatred mixed with intense philo-Semitism and, less fundamentally, contingent sanctification of non-whites. This is what deeply engages their passions, their emotions. They are united, fundamentally, by burning hatred.

Indeed, their racism has assumed the character of a public cult, a set of institutionalized dogmas that cannot be questioned.

Jews are now God-people, demigods, or stand-ins for God, usurping the role of Christ. They are the crucified deity, supernaturally risen from the ashes of Auschwitz, where Hitler-Nazis-Germans-Christians-Europeans-whites—the epitome of Evil—attempted to murder God by annihilating his sacred children.

As Jewish spokesman and powerful censor Abraham H. Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, put it:

The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God Himself. –ADL On the Frontline (January 1994, p. 2)

[8]The penalty for whites’ sin is Death: the genocide of the white race, “the cancer of human history [9].”

So this genocide is not accidental, not perpetrated in some inconceivable fit of absent-mindedness.

Nor is it something “we did to ourselves.”

It is deliberate, purposeful, intentional.

The guilty parties know perfectly well that racism and genocide are crimes according to their own laws and pronounced standards.

The Necessity of Confronting the Jewish Problem

Because Jews are the most powerful of the four estates, controlling and infusing the others with fanatical and unswerving purpose, white survival necessitates confronting the Jewish problem. It cannot be evaded.

Yet the one thing that offends many white nationalists even more than the idea of biological race is any criticism of Jews. Whites and Christians can be freely criticized, but not Jews.

It would be wonderful if we could ignore Jews, not even think about them. Who wants to confront, alone and unaided, the brutal bully, the thug, the Mafia that now engulfs and directs a massive and terrifying police State?

No one.

[10]But it is not possible to avoid the Jewish problem if whites are to survive.

Within white nationalism, philo-Semites and anti-anti-Semites are part of the genocidal problem, even when they talk a good line otherwise. We have reached the end of our rope, and there is no margin for error on such fundamental matters.

As long as Jews or their sympathizers control or substantially influence this movement, racial destruction and totalitarianism must inevitably result, just as Buckleyite conservatism [11], another philo-Semitic Trojan horse, played an indispensable role in destroying American liberty and erecting the anti-white globalist police state we suffer under today.

Can Whites Live Without Jews?

This is an interesting question.

It is by no means obvious that whites are capable of directing their collective destiny anymore. They have been dependent on Jews for guidance, direction, and “moral” instruction for so long that they seem addicted to it. They have forgotten what it means to rule. This is as true of conservatives and most white nationalists as it is of other whites.

[12]Can whites do anything at all without Jewish leadership?

Whites’ profound philo-Semitism, especially in light of Jews’ inconceivably vicious behavior toward their race, strongly suggests that they cannot. Most whites are enraptured masochists in love with their sadistic, hate-filled masters, willing victims in the biggest snuff film ever made.

Their forebears could live without Jews, but present-day whites are like children in desperate need of their Jewish “elder brother,” “father,” social superior, spiritual master . . . their God.

Can whites grow up? Can they assume responsibility for their own affairs?

More importantly, can they abandon their god, the Jews, as they did their former Savior, Jesus Christ?

Can they develop and publish their own authors in their own media, and create their own news and entertainment content?

[13]What would white movies and television look like? (We do not know because Jews have controlled both mediums since their inception.)

Can whites still develop their own serviceable political philosophies?

Can they construct and operate their own organizations and governing institutions?

Can they write their own laws—that is to say, sane ones?

If emancipated, would they continue to fear freedom of speech and thought as they now do?

[14]What would their art look like?

There is no way to know. Whites have not been free and independent of Jewish control for at least a century now. They have regressed. They no longer know how to lead.

Jews are an obstacle to human progress and white survival that cannot be avoided. Those who cooperate with Jews or subordinate the needs of this movement to Jewish interests, are themselves part of the problem.

That is the path to destruction.