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Pick Up Artists

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On a recent date with a semi-suave Australian venture capitalist, I experienced what all western women currently go through to find a proper mate. Things started out nicely. Over VIP treatment, he complimented me on my natural beauty and told me that he was impressed with my “real” conversation skills — only to demand a short time later direct control of my nether region’s grooming habits.

“Do you mind if we order dinner first?,” I casually replied.

Welcome to modern day misogyny, a.k.a. the Seduction Community: an online community where lust-filled beta males devour techniques of trickery to strip unsuspecting members of the opposite sex of their panties along with their honor. As Andy Nowicki has said, game is a “reverse feminism [2]” that has become a national “machoism” phenomenon.

If you’re white and under the age of 45, you know all about it. You’ve been introduced to it by osmosis within your frat clique or by reading the New York Times bestseller The Game by Neil Strauss. There’s even been a prime time reality show on VH-1 [3] following poor schmucks around as they implement the game under the tutelage of pick up artist legends.

Just as feminism has brainwashed women into acting like men, Pick Up Artistry brainwashes men into acting like monsters. Primitive animal behavior that whites criticize as beneath them is now glamorized and analyzed by millions of white youths eagerly awaiting their turn to swap whatever moral fabric is left in Western Civilization for soiled sheets as proof of their promised instant sexual gratification. Forget about Negroes, are we no better than gorillas?

Just as feminists guilt-trip women for not joining the “liberation” bandwagon (“Men deserve to be hated!”), Pick Up Artists have hijacked the term “Alpha” and used it to manipulate insecure men into following them like good little betas.

Case in point, on a recent mega-misogynist website, a Lolita-inspired story [4] was hailed and glorified as the epitome of Alphadom. Where is the chase when a school teacher preys on a minor, again? With that logic, I guess child molesters must be über-alpha since they deflower little girls before they have chance to form syllables and object to foul play. Shouldn’t Jim Bob Duggar — a happily married stud who we know has had sex at least 19 times [5] — be considered Alpha man of the month and not a creepy professor gone wild? Only in the seduction community are “Alpha” and “Honor”  mutually exclusive and always will be. They can’t sell books otherwise.

In regards to the general population, pick up artistry is not surprising. Most men and women accept whatever trends the mainstream media gives them. But when it comes to my racially aware white brothers, I expect better insight. Why? Well just as modern feminism is a Jewish intellectual movement from Friedan and Steinem on down, the PUA movement has Jewish roots and promoters as well: Ross Jeffries (born Paul Jeffrey Ross [6]), the Anthony Robbins of the seduction community; Nick Benedict (Savoy) founder of Love Systems; dating guru Jesse Krieger (Starlight); and last but not least Mr. Strauss himself all belong to the tribe [7]. “Jews set up, Jews knock down.”

The clash between feminism and PUA is just a Jewish family quarrel, the natural reaction of narcissistic, emasculated, manipulative men against aggressive, neurotic, castrating harpies. And whites, like the children we are, just sit in the backseat and listen to them bicker and then try to act just like them — until they drive us off a cliff.

Furthermore, a lot of the language and techniques of “game,” as well as its general atmosphere of degeneracy, comes straight from the ghetto. But this wouldn’t be the first time that Jews have profited packaging black degeneracy for white consumption. (I’ll give you one clue: it rhymes with “crap.”)

So, why have White Nationalists embraced this obvious Jewish manipulation of their libidos?

And don’t tell me that “game” is about restoring patriarchy. If it were, I would be all for it. But game is only about being on top for a few minutes in the sack, with no subsequent commitments or consequences. It is not about a restoration of male power and the responsibility that goes along with it. Roissy says it best: “Feminism has been very, very good indeed for men who want to play the field, and have the skills to do so. A return to patriarchal norms would really cramp my style.”

Fellas, if you want to halt the destruction of the white race, you need to stop being part of the problem and start embodying a real alternative. So, please, stop taking out your frustration and anger with modernity on us, as if we were disposable blow up dolls. Stop hating us. You can’t win without us. You need us. The war between the sexes is just another way that Jews profit from our decline.

Game is merely a reaction to feminism. Game follows feminism just like conservatism follows liberalism: right into the abyss. And don’t tell me that women have to change first. That puts women in the lead. But women will never restore patriarchy. Besides, aren’t Alpha males supposed to be leaders, not followers?