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Happy Birthday to Us!

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It was two years ago today that the Counter-Currents Publishing/North American New Right website went online.

In our second year, we published online 877 posts and 7,809 comments. We also published 6 new books, with many more in the pipeline. Furthermore, we began our Counter-Currents Radio podcasts, which have been quite well-received.

I want to thank our writers, readers, subscribers, and generous financial donors for making all this possible.

Special thanks are due Mike Polignano for his many hours of help in designing, maintaining, and upgrading the site, as well as for his work hosting and producing the Counter-Currents Radio Podcasts.

Looking back on our goals for our second year, I am quite satisfied with our performance.

1. Our readership has grown tremendously. In May of 2011, Counter-Currents had 36,596 unique visitors. In May of 2012, we had 56,323 unique visitors. For a full table of our web traffic over the last two years, see our most recent Newsletter [2].

2. We added our Counter-Currents Radio podcasts.

3. We have developed a roster of regular writers, many of whom have created followings of their own.

4. We have expanded our coverage of new books in English dealing with New Right metapolitics.

5. We have intensified our coverage of film and popular culture, which is one of the most effective ways of building our readership, spreading our message, and subverting mainstream propaganda.

6. We have continued to publish attractively designed books on important topics.

7. We have been steadily developing donors.

8. I have worked to clarify the vision and program of the North American New Right.

One of last year’s projects has come to naught: We decided not to split our existing website in separate publishing and webzine sites. We thought that creating Counter-Currents Radio was a better use of Mike Polignano’s time.

Other projects were simply delayed:

1. North American New Right, vol. 1, is coming out only now.

2. The White Nationalist Manifesto project is still in gestation, but with some exciting new developments.

These are our goals for our third year:

1. We will continue and improve upon what we are doing right: our books, webzine, podcasts, etc.

2. Our White Nationalist Manifesto project will move forward along the following lines. First, there will be a small book, the outline of which is clear. But we have not yet settled on the author or authors. Second, just as many novelists write with a view to the movie rights, the book will be produced with an eye to creating a documentary which will present its ideas in a compelling form, which will reach a much wider audience. Documentaries like the Zeitgeist films, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and Kony 2012 are our models. Mike Polignano’s big task for our third year is to apply his formidable technical skills to learning about video production. It is an ambitious, long-term project. But we think it will dramatically increase our impact.

3. As always, we need to put this enterprise on sounder financial footing. For our first year, Counter-Currents was run almost entirely on idealism. In our second year, we developed a larger donor base. We have done a lot. But at present, we still do not have a sustainable long-term model. Like the metapolitical publishers and periodicals of the left, Counter-Currents/North American New Right is dependent on donations from its supporters. Thus we are kicking off our Third year with a two month fundraising campaign. Our goal is $25,000. Our priorities are to pay ourselves and our authors to keep this project going and growing. Please give generously.

You can make two different types of donations:

Recurring donations are particularly helpful, since they allow us better to predict and plan for the future. We have added several new levels for recurring donations. Please visit our Donations [3] page for more information.

We can also customize the amount of a monthly donation. There are, moreover, other ways to make monthly donations¬† than Paypal, although it is the most convenient. For more details, contact Mike Polignano at: [email protected] [4]

There are several ways to make one-time donations:

Please give generously!

Note: Donations to Counter-Currents and North American New Right are not tax deductible. Real change never is!

Remember: those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today. Thank you for your support.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd.
& North American New Right