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Toward a Secession of the Mind


Carl Milles, sculptures at his home, Millesgården, Lidingö Island, Stockholm

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The thirteen principles of Richard McCulloch’s “Separate or Die”[1] are a beautiful and perfect plan for white survival through secession. He is convincing and persuasive about why his plan is superior to a clunky unworkable secession plan proposed by Michael Hart.[2]

McCulloch’s plan is so beautiful and perfect it reminds me of the better worlds science fiction envisions for us, those where star ships take off to other galaxies from ordinary airfields and smaller craft fly in and out of gateways to buildings so tall their summits are lost in clouds. The only problem with such beautiful visions is that the technology to build them doesn’t exist because of formidable physical constraints.

Craig Bodeker’s exploration of white people’s negative attitude toward their survival[3] reviewed in the same TOQ issue suggests political constraints on implementing McCulloch’s plan are also formidable, which he acknowledges. It is unfortunate but likely true that right now far more white people are motivated to hunt down and kill rather than join the tiny minority of their kinsfolk ready and willing to secede. Far too many whites seek their ethnic heritage’s destruction through amalgamation with other races. Until this amalgamation of the mind prevailing among whites is fixed by replacing it with secession of the mind, physical secession is not possible. When it is fixed, physical secession may not be necessary.

Does the behavior of biological entities ever reduce their chance of survival? It happens all the time. So does extinction. Moths fly into flames they mistake for light signaling a path to a mate.[4] Eagles gliding on the wind through mountain passes like their ancestors did for millennia suddenly confront the deadly blades of wind farms.[5] Social parasitic species[6] like Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) induce many North American bird species to neglect their own offspring in favor of baby cowbirds and thus collaborate in their own significant demographic decline.[7] Many other social parasites behave similarly worldwide.

Such self-destructive behavior isn’t confined to animals dependent on instincts that can be fooled and become counterproductive. It is also common among people. In 1857, for example, South Africa’s Xhosas destroyed all their cattle and food crops because a young girl prophesied this would bring revenge on the white man and provide better food from heaven. The immediate consequence was mass starvation and an estimated population fall in affected chiefdoms from 105,000 to a mere 37,000.[8]

During the reign of Russia’s Catherine II (1762-96) a sect of skoptsy or self-castrators became wildly popular especially among wealthy Moscow merchants and military leaders denied access to inner circles of her court, which generated hostility because of her foreign origins and its promiscuity.[9] Skoptsy origins were in “the rejected radical Protestantism of Central Europe [which] was to find roots in eighteenth-century Russia second only to those it found in America,”[10] which may be why sects similarly rejecting their genetic heritage have been especially notorious in the United States.

Shakers, for example, practiced total celibacy because they completely rejected sex.[11] Their membership peaked at 6,000 in 1840 and then went into slow decline, causing their upstate New York “Mother Church” to be sold in 1947 when they were virtually extinct.[12] Recently other American sects rejecting life came to more sudden ends when the People’s Temple practiced mass self-poisoning in 1978 and was copied by Heaven’s Gate in 1997.[13]

The current tendency of American whites to embrace their self-destruction clearly resembles past suicide cults but is a phenomenon on such a vastly larger scale that it even dwarfs the fratricidal slaughter of World War I trench warfare.[14] Its origins are no mystery since Kevin MacDonald thoroughly and brilliantly described them.[15] They are almost entirely a direct consequence of a Jewish Establishment and its supporters gaining increasing dominance of American intellectual discourse and media during the last century. That Establishment’s motivation is clear. It sought what it perceived was good for Jews: destruction of ethnic consciousness among the majority in America, where it is a permanent minority, and promotion of ethnic consciousness in Israel, where Jews are numerous enough to rule directly.[16]

Less explored is why America’s white Christian majority so readily accepted concerted attacks on their self-worth. Self-hatred among white Christians and their non-Christian descendents is often dismissed as mere “white guilt,”[17] but it is a far more complex phenomenon critically linked to Christianity itself, which, next to race itself, is the most significant ethnic characteristic of the European homeland of whites, which has long been also known as Christendom.[18]

People live and die by stories, which can evolve a little like species.[19] Sir James Frazer, for example, a pioneer in archeology of stories, implied Europeans were preadapted for Christian theology because they were agricultural people, and many farmers sacralize the crops that die to give them life at fall harvest time before being reborn the next spring to begin the cycle anew.[20] Preadaptation is when traits that evolve in one environment have a different function when the environment changes.[21] Moths, for example, are preadapted to fly into flames. Since America’s founders were mostly Protestants,[22] they brought a Protestant story to America, which goes like this: mankind is burdened by original sin, a weakly developed concept in earliest Christianity. It was made a very strong element of Western Christianity by Augustine of Hippo (354-430), who explicitly identified it with human procreation. Catholic theologians during the Middle Ages preserved original sin but gradually began decoupling it from Augustinian identification with sex.[23] Then came the Reformation, which was largely a rediscovery of Augustine.[24] Original sin as sex came roaring back if it had ever left, and sin was punished by eternal torture by demons in a very real Hell. Until Christ returned to earth and ended sin, the only hope for escape from the tortures of Hell as well as a sin-filled world was Christ’s suffering at Calvary, which offered hope of escape to eternally blissful Heaven[25]. While it is evident how this story could be a slippery slope to self-destructive extremes, it mostly functioned fairly well for white survival till quite recently.

Now the old Protestant story has been thoroughly replaced by a new anti-racism story. Sin is passé. Television heroes can now be drug dealers (Kingpin), Mafia bosses (The Sopranos), and even serial killers (Dexter). But what they never are, and can never be, are white nationalists. Racism now irrevocably taints all whites as much as original sin once tainted their ancestors. Just as those ancestors were once reminded of their sinfulness each Sunday morning, their descendents are reminded of their racism each day by a media cacophony. And its logic is impeccable. Since racial equality is as unquestioned as God once was and evidence of inequality is everywhere in non-white poverty, crime, low achievement, and general misbehavior, the only possible explanation is white racism. Just as sin only ends with Christ’s return, white racism can only end when non-whites become so equal to whites they are like them in every way, two events so hypothetical and unlikely they can be disregarded in the real world. Just as the only route to the eternal bliss of heaven in the old story was death, the only path to a blissful utopian future of racial equality in the new story is death of the white race[26]. In the old story sin brought eternal torment by demons in a lake of fire. In the new story racism brings torture by sadistic Nazis in Auschwitz. Torture is not eternal in the new story, however, since in it Auschwitz is both Hell and Calvary, the place Jews died and then were resurrected to save mankind from racism.

Any similarity between the old and new stories is not coincidental. The old was clearly preadapted to morph into the new with the help of social engineering. The media expose all Americans to bits and pieces of the new story every day. The more advanced their education in academic humanities, the more they receive it in pure form and must assimilate its verities to succeed. This is especially true at prestigious theological seminaries providing clergy to mainstream Christian churches. There they learn “Auschwitz becomes the analogue to Golgotha (Calvary) and once more the Servant [sic] suffers to bring redemption. For some, this is evidenced in the establishment of the State of Israel”[27] and “support for the State of Israel and its right of self-defense is seen as something of a litmus test of Christian seriousness about a new age of post-Holocaust Jewish-Christian relations.”[28] Replacement of the old story by the new is a significant reason why mainstream Protestant churches are hemorrhaging members to Evangelical churches more true to the former[29].

Since prestigious universities propagate the new story in its purest form and also provide entree to high incomes, it is not surprising belief in the new story tends to increase with income among white Christians. It also continues to provide them functional benefits long after college. It obviously helps their relations with the culturally, politically, and economically hegemonic Jewish Establishment, but that’s not its only function. Like the old story may have helped successful Protestant entrepreneurs see their wealth as evidence of salvation relative to sinful masses[30], the new story frees its believers from guilt for impoverishing American workers through layoffs, union-busting, outsourcing, downsizing, and plant closures. They can take comfort that their victims are mostly just white racists anyway, and therefore scum of the earth. Meanwhile they, like Bill Gates, demonstrate righteous belief in the new story by sending billions of dollars to Africa so its population can grow even farther beyond its carrying capacity and continue slaughtering each other to make room.[31] His actions, like those of movie stars adopting third world children, are ostentatious acts of faith in the new story’s god of racial equality. It’s no accident the favorite philosopher in these elite circles is the former wannabe Protestant minister John Rawls,[32] whose A Theory of Justice contributed significantly to the new story by simultaneously justifying extremes of racial equality and income inequality.[33]

It is evident the white race’s survival will take more than physical secession by the tiny minority that still value it. It will take a race war of ideas in which the First Amendment is critical and the Second just a distraction. To win, the new story must be defeated. It’s an elusive opponent that’s never been fully named till now and yet is as pervasive as Christian belief when America was first settled nearly 400 years ago. Like then, entities like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center exist to enforce orthodoxy and attack heresy.[34] The new story’s very elusiveness presents both opportunities and challenges. Since it lacks a name or a real institutional infrastructure, it could disappear overnight like Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Nevertheless, its very invisibility makes it difficult to attack directly. Since it exists in the shadows, the first key steps are exposing and explaining its nature.

Since the new story is built on lies, the most effective weapon against it is scrupulous respect for truth. It’s a mistake to accept less just because falsehoods can sound more pleasant and convenient. Truth is an important weapon for regaining the moral high ground among our kinfolk, which is crucial for success. Also basic is appreciating arts of salesmanship and persuasion from Dale Carnegie to the latest texts in social marketing, which emphasize the importance of proper branding. Getting exposure on a program called The Political Cesspool may be convenient, for example, but its name’s reinforcement of negative stereotypes could be counter-productive. An example of negative branding is use of “hate” by enemies of white nationalism to describe it even though it exists because it loves its race. In recent American history gratuitous hate is most evident among Jews for the white gentiles who sacrificed so much to save them during World War II, a phenomenon graphically and sympathetically portrayed in the little-seen 1995 film Unstrung Heroes. On the other hand, it may be time to stop running from the term “racist” and start flipping it the other way. Since it’s been so widely applied to all whites that it’s now drained of meaning, why don’t those for whom race matters proudly claim it? If bad things were done in its name, what belief can’t say the same?

Since Auschwitz is such a basic part of the new story, Germany’s behavior in World War II is an unavoidable issue. Despite the new story’s portrayal of it as the quintessence of racial consciousness, the Third Reich never practiced white racial nationalism. Its nationalism based almost exclusively on language, which it consistently confused with race in its rhetoric, explains its abominable behavior toward its own racial kin like Slavs and other ethnic groups speaking non-Germanic languages.[35] Further evidence is its alliance with Japan, which practiced race war against whites throughout Asia and the Pacific.[36] That it never authentically taught its population about race is even evident in post-war eagerness of its women to fraternize with black American occupiers when that was still stigmatized in the United States.[37] America has been a white nationalist nation at various times, particularly from 1830 to 1855 and from 1900 to 1925. Australia was one from 1890 to 1945,[38] as was South Africa from 1948 to 1989.[39] Germany, however, was never a white nationalist nation.

Since the Third Reich was hostile to Jews, and Americans fought it for mostly different reasons, it is politically advantageous for America’s Jewish Establishment to use its vast media dominance to constantly emphasize these events,[40] and deemphasize those distracting from this association. Among such deemphasized events are the Pacific War, German atrocities against non-Jews, Communist atrocities against anyone, and the Armenian and Rwandan genocides. The exception proving the rule is media interest in Darfur, which is located in Sudan, a Moslem country hostile to Israel.

The role of Jews in creating and profiting from the new story is readily demonstrable historical fact. A natural and reasonable response when discovering this is to blame “the Jews” for America’s ills. Unfortunately this just reinforces the martyrology on which their power depends. It is better to clearly name the Jewish Establishment, which consists of organizations represented by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations[41] as well as its many collaborators among all ethnicities. Then its current collective activities can be identified as aberrant ethnic attacks on other ethnicities analogous to those by Germany’s Third Reich. That’s a comparison Americans can understand. They know every German didn’t support the Reich, and they don’t believe every Jew does harm either.

Modern science is ultimately the best friend of white racial nationalism as well as all other races. Despite resistance, the human genome’s exploration is finally revealing the deep structure of why each race is distinctive and valuable. Discovery of genes correlating well with known distribution of intelligence is only the beginning.[42] Radical equalitarians seek to block such research, but their efforts are futile. Understanding the genome is too critical for finding cures to diseases like type 2 diabetes caused by complex gene-environment interactions.[43] The world is also increasingly concerned about loss of biodiversity, of which human racial diversity is an important part. Conservation biology, an entirely new science, has developed to accomplish the important task of preserving earth’s biodiversity.[44] Contrary to myth, however, biodiversity doesn’t flourish when biological entities are forced together. That causes extinction.[45] Biodiversity is highest where barriers to mixing are maximal and opportunities for secession greatest. That’s why diversity of plants, animals, races, cultures, and languages tends to be greatest in mountains, where high ridges and deep canyons are barriers reducing the possibility of extinction through mixing.[46]

Cultural renewal is important as well as science. In 1976 the replica voyaging canoe Hokule’a was sailed from Hawaii to the Society Islands using traditional sailing methods. Its success as well as further voyages contributed to a renaissance of traditional culture among Hawaiians,[47] a people dispossessed in their ancestral homeland much like white Americans. The journal Tyr is leading a similar cultural renaissance among America’s whites.

As white nationalism resists the anti-racism story, it must replace it with a better story. Since the old story never recognized human diversity, it was preadapted for replacement by the new story’s destructiveness. The Establishment can even now use the old story for attacking the threat it faces from science.[48] With a new better story guided by love of its people, however, white nationalism can help all people preserve their unique value, which globalization threatens everywhere. Even now that better story is being written in publications like The Occidental Quarterly and Tyr and in actions by groups like European Americans United. For it to win, smart adaptive management will be required as events and the Zeitgeist changes, but ultimate success is likely because truth is on its side. No matter what comes, keeping all eyes on the prize of racial survival is necessary to ensure that success.

That success will come when secession of the mind, the collective desire of a critical mass of whites to preserve their race, is achieved. Just as physical secession is unlikely to be successful without mental secession, achieving it may make physical secession less necessary. The British did a decent job of bringing order to the world in an Empire lasting as long as they believed in themselves and stayed aloof from those they conquered.[49] Jews have survived far longer by preserving their mental secession.[50] Whites are a race of Volkerwanderers, pioneers, and explorers. Confining them to one place may be like bottling lightning. With secession of the mind, their survival doesn’t depend on that.


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Source: TOQ, vol. 10, no. 2 (Summer 2010)