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Trayvon & the End of White Guilt

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Pacifists sometimes ask,”What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Good luck with that. But with the fizzled martyrdom of Trayvon Martin (a petty thug in Sanford, Florida who was killed in February by a neighborhood watch volunteer), we have witnessed the spectacle of the mainstream media and the organized Black community launching a national campaign of White Guilt . . . and nobody felt guilty.

Blacks organized and rallied across America, including here in Indianapolis. Aside from some anarchists and “antifa” characters (and our monitors) there weren’t really any White people at the events [3]. White America yawned when it was first reported, then smiled knowingly as the grossly distorted story first presented by the media fell apart piece by piece.

White Guilt jumped the shark over a decade ago. Perhaps the apex of Peak Guilt [4] was when Bill Clinton triumphantly heralded an exciting new future where we will no longer be the majority in our own country. In his eagerness to appease his diverse constituents, he overreached, accidentally drawing attention to the fact that we’re not invincible overlords at all: We’re derelict and declining relics of a bygone era, buoyed demographically for a couple more decades by the beating hearts [5] of the aging Baby Boomer generation. The bubble of White Guilt was doomed to pop sooner or later, as it was a mere posture from the beginning, the most recent in a procession of moral panics we Americans are famous for.

White people in America don’t actually care about Black people, and they never will. Acting guilty about Black people on behalf of White people in other regions, social classes, and historical periods was good theater, but that’s all it was. The entertainment industry already moved on years ago. Trying to make Whites feel guilty doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t sell tickets, meet ratings expectations, or raise money. The smart money has moved on to a greener pasture: White Pity.

In The Blind Side, the Black community is an alien and evil world from which the wealthy and superior Whites adopt themselves a Rescue Negro. In Precious [6], White and light-skinned social workers descend like guardian angels on the Black Undertow of ignorance, violence, filth, sexual abuse, and pregnant teenagers vomiting up fried chicken into trash cans in welfare office waiting rooms. In Kony 2012 [7], Whites are invited to help the intrinsically helpless Ugandan villagers.

While the goal remains transferring wealth and privilege from us to them, the motive has changed from guilt to pity. Blacks are victims of Blackness and we can help them by shining our bright light of Whiteness on them.

Of course White Pity and White Guilt are integrally supremacist. Of course the moral posturing and crusading is integrally Christian.¬†You didn’t actually think centuries of White Supremacism were overturned in a couple decades with a couple of speeches about dreams and mountaintops, did you? You didn’t actually think centuries of Christian moral and cultural indoctrination evaporated when people stopped showing up for church and taking the Bible literally, did you?

Even if White Americans did want to feel guilty about the death of Trayvon Martin, the guy who shot him isn’t even White. George Zimmerman is of Peruvian descent, votes Democrat, mentors Black youth in his spare time, and is an anti-racist activist. The hapless child with a bag of skittles turned out to be a drug-dealing burglar who hovered over Zimmerman and turned a neighborhood watchman’s failure to look the other way into a violent confrontation. He was only in the neighborhood at the time because he had been suspended from school for drug-related offenses. While dealing drugs, toting around stolen goods and burglary tools, and cultivating a rather convincing thug persona on Twitter aren’t offenses deserving the ultimate punishment, (former [8]) New Orleans police officer Jason Giroir accidentally expressed what tens of millions of us were thinking: “Live like a thug, die like a thug”.

What Trayvon does...

The Black community will continue trying to milk the episode for mileage for months to come, but Al Sharpton and his riotous minions don’t actually care about Trayvon. If they cared about the untimely demise of Black youths, they would focus on what’s actually killing a statistically significant number of Black youths: Black youths.

The mainstream media doesn’t actually care about Trayvon, they’re just grasping for the Great White Defendant to boost ratings and reinforce their anti-White worldview.

Trayvon’s parents didn’t care enough about him to reign in his spree of delinquent behavior or even look for him when he didn’t come home.

In an ironic twist of fate, the only one in this whole sorry farce with a demonstrable track record of constructively mentoring and advocating for Black youths like Trayvon Martin is the guy who shot him in self-defense.

For us, the most important and exciting development was the effectiveness with which Kyle Rogers [9] of the Council of Conservative Citizens [10], Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent [11], Nicholas Stix [12] (Jewish) of VDare, and others from across the movement effectively subverted and scooped the lumbering and lazy media conglomerates at every turn. The mainstream media kept lying, and our people kept catching and exposing them.

While mere tens of thousands perused the explicitly pro-White websites and articles exposing the inconsistencies and delivering original research, the respectable right followed our lead, watering down our message and passing along our facts and talking points to tens of millions of readers and viewers.

The media’s botched presentation of the Trayvon Martin case created an opening, and our movement has reached a critical mass of organization and talent to capitalize on their mistakes. Our beleaguered and vilified band of latter-day heretics have managed to play a pivotal role in a major political episode.

This might be the twilight of the age of White Guilt, White Pity, and White Flight. Maybe, just maybe, this is the dawn of White Fight.