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Good Friday Special 
On Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

60 words

There has been a recent upsurge in Google traffic on the following articles, to which I wish to draw your attention:

Please post these articles far and wide.

Greg Johnson

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  1. phil white
    Posted April 7, 2012 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Jews make a profession of living as minorities. This gives them advantages.
    In insider trading for instance, if 90% of stock holders are non-Jews (likely in most societies Jew live in) then 90% of the victims of a Jews insider trading are non-Jews too.
    Thus in insider trading the Jew perp and thus Jewish society reaps $9 profit for every $1 l0st Jewish stockholders.
    This motivates Jewish society to promote insider trading among it’s people.
    Nowin the same society, assuming 80% of the stockholders are white gentiles, and should a white gentile engage in insider trading, white gentile stock holders will lose $8 for every $10 reaped by the white gentile inside trader. Thus white gentile society, being the vast majority of stock holders is much less motivated to promote insider trading.
    Even with out these typical Jewish antics, any minority is going to get picked upon. So minorities have to develope a sense of paranoia.
    This is similar to what selects for paranoia in successful long term dictators like Stalin and Sadam. Stalins paranoia may have incited him to shoot 9 innocent men, but due to his paranoiahe was also ensured of getting that 10th man who was dangerous to him.
    Peoples who succeed as minorites are selected for paranoia just as dictators are. Not just the individual Jew or Black or what have you, but their whole culture becomes paranoid.
    There is only one way to flush out the twin traits of paranoia and double dealing that tends to arrise among minorities. Make then non-minorites by moving them away from other cultures to space of their own.
    Once Jews are living working and interacting with bosses, coustomers, fellow workers, neighbors and fellow citizens who are all Jews (and also some place where they don’t periodically trade rockets and bombs with Arabs) cultural selection will weed out the paranoiac and double dealing traits from within the society.
    That is the one true Final Solution.

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