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Philosemitism & Brutality


Artemisia Gentileschi, "Judith and Holofernes," ca. 1620 oil on canvas Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

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Gentiles, all Gentiles (well, almost all), love the Jews. More than that, they worship them. Why?

There are many reasons, but one is Jews’ innate brutality.

As Sigmund Freud, following French psychologist Gustave Le Bon, wrote in Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego (1922), a group “respects force,” and “What it demands of its heroes is strength or even violence. It wants to be ruled and oppressed and to fear its masters.”

What are a few things virtually synonymous with Jews?

Communism and the murder of tens of millions in Russia and Eastern Europe, “unconditional surrender,” the Morgenthau Plan, the development of the A-bomb to destroy Central Europe, terrorism, Zionism, Irgun, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Mossad, contemporary war-making, endless foreign intervention and “revolutions from above,” the “Russian” and Jewish mafias, “American” mobsters like Dutch Schultz, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc., the ADL, SPLC, JDL and JDO, AIPAC, the US Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI), disgusting decades-long persecutions of Ernst Zündel, John Demjanjuk, and dozens of other innocent people, assassination, torture, political correctness, “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, replacement migration, and arbitrary imprisonment or reputational and financial ruin for exercising one’s freedom of speech or thought.

Strip away the Persecution Myth, the preposterous fairy tale of the “poor, persecuted Jew,” and one is left with Jews as they really are: wealthy, powerful, domineering, self-centered, greedy, lying, cruel, indifferent to the suffering and rights of others, socially, educationally, financially, politically, and ethnically advantaged, racist, top dog, intolerant, violent, mass murdering, genocidal.

Jews are the Bully writ large, quasi-psychotic, not right in the head. (One of their famous gangsters was nicknamed “Bugsy” for that reason.) Paradoxically, this fundamental disconnect from reality enhances rather than detracts from their power.

Jewish behavior is not constrained by internal morality or external laws. And no de facto countervailing power exists.

When present in sufficient numbers, and their power becomes consolidated, Jews distort both state and culture.

The state becomes little more than a Jewish instrument or tool, a criminal enterprise vested with the veneer of authority. The governments of the world, including transnational and international organizations, are thereby delegitimized. Force and power supplant organic forms of authority.

In the Jewish-Gentile dynamic, Jews represent the masculine principle, whites the feminine, Jews the brutal sadists, whites the adoring masochists. The greater the psychological, emotional, and physical abuse the victims suffer, the more admiring they become. And it is no false adoration.

Whites are demure, available coquettes in the presence of the psychologically commanding Jew.

Fear of the Jews

Closely related to the same Jewish evil is a diametrically opposite response: “fear of the Jews.” Some whites fail to challenge Jewish attacks upon their race, culture, religion, customs, laws, liberties, or persons not because they love Jews, but because they fear them.

Such fear is well-grounded.

Therefore, one might mistakenly imagine that, in general, fear motivates professions and acts of devotion, while secretly abhorrence trumps fealty.

But it seems likely that genuine love for and worship of Jews is a much greater contributor to Jewish success and power than fear.

Still, there remains the issue of widespread ignorance due to lies and censorship. Most whites are probably completely unaware of the truth about Jews.

If they knew it, would they hate them?

Jews assume so. That’s one reason rigid censorship goes hand-in-hand with Jewish power. (Totalitarianism is also innate to them.)

But simply because Jews are convinced the truth would harm them does not make it so. Jews entertain many crackpot notions. Conceivably, currently clueless whites could respond to the truth with heightened adoration.

Yet Jews think not. Perhaps they’re right. At any rate, censorship has become obligatory. It’s good for the Jews!

Admiration Exposed

Philo-Semitism rooted in admiration for brutality is understandably not openly expressed very often. Still, it exists.

One vivid example I recall is a syndicated opinion column from the 1980s or ’90s by conservative writer Jeffrey Hart, a longtime fixture of William Buckley’s National Review.

Hart described in loving detail, and with unbridled enthusiasm, the Israeli assassination of a Palestinian or Arab. I believe the victim was a dissident poet or literary figure. The Jews killed the man by booby trapping his telephone handset with a bomb. To detonate it, they simply rang him up.

The writer could hardly contain himself as he described with joy how the explosion blew the man’s head off, causing it to roll across the floor.

Hart, a professor of English Literature at Dartmouth College, has a surname that could go either way, was born in Brooklyn, and graduated from Columbia University. But I think he’s white anyway. If he’s Jewish, the column simply expressed innate Jewish brutality. I strongly suspect, though, that his paean to politically-correct assassination was the demented expression of a certain type of white soul.

Another example, not explicitly relishing the Jewish lust for homicide, but nonetheless indicative of deep admiration for Jewish aggression and power, is the following statement by movie director John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The Asphalt Jungle):

[Hollywood is] the jungle. It appeals to my nature [emphasis added]. . . . It’s more than a place where streets are named after Sam Goldwyn and buildings after Bing Crosby. There is more to it than pink Cadillacs with leopard-skin seat covers. It’s the jungle, and it harbors an industry that’s one of the biggest in the country. A closed-in, tight, frantically inbred, and frantically competitive jungle. And the rulers of the jungle are predatory and fascinating and tough. L. B. Mayer is one of the rulers of the jungle. I like L. B. He’s a ruler now, but he has to watch his step or he’ll be done in. He’s shrewd. He’s big business. . . . L. B. is tough. He’s never trying to win the point you’re talking about. His aim is always long-range—to keep control of the studio. He loves Dore [movie executive Dore Schary, subsequently National Chairman of the ADL]. But someday he’ll destroy Dore. L. B. is sixty-five. And he’s pink. And healthy. And smiling. Dore is about twenty years younger. And he looks old. And sick. And worried. Because L. B. guards the jungle like a lion. But the very top rulers of the jungle are here in New York. Nick Schenck, the president of Loew’s Inc., the ruler of the rulers, stays here in New York and smiles, watching from afar, from behind the scenes, but he’s the real power, watching the pack close in on one or another of the lesser rulers, close in, ready to pounce! Nick Schenck never gets his picture in the papers, and he doesn’t go to parties, and he avoids going out in public, but he’s the real king of the pack. And he does it all from New York! God, are they tough! (Quoted in Lillian Ross, Picture, 1952, pp. 11–12.)

Yes, they’re tough.

As Huston well knew, the movie capital was a hotbed of upper class Communism and deviance.

It also furnishes lush soil for organized crime. A “Golden Age” example is Columbia Pictures’ well-connected president Harry Cohn. When Ronald Reagan was governor of California, he called upon his Hollywood connections to enlist the services of a Jewish racketeer to end a troublesome strike. And recently Hollywood’s attraction to gangster/private eye Anthony Pellicano continued this unbroken tradition.

Hollywood was established partly for the purpose of violating Thomas Edison’s motion picture patents, for which early Jewish moguls refused to pay royalties. Since Edison’s enterprise was based in the East, the pirates fled to Hollywood to escape costly legal fees. California was remote enough from Edison’s reach that Jewish entrepreneurs could effectively pirate his inventions without practical fear of sanctions, despite operating in violation of the law.

This is the sort of “toughness” Huston admired, though he was politic enough not to spell it out so explicitly. But he knew all about it.

Hart’s and Huston’s fervent philo-Semitism typifies the feelings of all too many goyim. They fully understand what’s happening, but don’t care—indeed are enthusiastic about it. To such Gentiles, Jews are more gods than demigods. Even popes bow to their “elder brothers” [2] and fathers [3] in the faith.

Humanity seems deeply attracted to the sort of atavism, cruelty, viciousness, hatred, and iniquity Jews personify. So in a sense it has chosen (or, rather, had imposed upon it) a near-perfect god, ideally suited to its black soul.