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Death in June & Boyd Rice, “Paradise of Perfection”

time: 6:31/494 words

http://youtu.be/NFDC9eHAemY [1]

Editor’s Note:

This is a fan video for “Paradise of Perfection,” from the Death in June/Boyd Rice collaboration Scorpion Wind [2]. “Paradise of Perfection” gives a sense of the musical “sound” of Scorpion Wind. Rice recites his own words, as well as texts from Marquis de Sade, C. G. Jung, Alfred Rosenberg, Meister Eckhart, Charles Manson, Gabriele d’Annunzio, Arthur de Gobineau, and Savitri Devi, against the backdrop of minimalistic, mellow fascist lounge music.

The words to “Paradise of Perfection” appear below. Most of the words are drawn from Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun. Those words that are not from The Lightning and the Sun are in bold. If anyone knows the source of the words in bold, please contact me at [email protected] [3].

All men, inasmuch as they are not liberated from the bondage of time, follow the downward path of history, whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not.

Few, indeed, thoroughly like it, even in our epoch, let alone in happier ages, when people read less and thought more.

Few follow it unhesitatingly, without throwing at some time or other a sad glance towards the distant lost paradise towards into which they know, in their deeper consciousness, that they are never to peer; the paradise of perfection in time within so remote that the earliest people of which we know remember it as only a dream.

Yet they follow the fatal way; they obey their destiny, that resigned submission to the terrible law of decay, that acceptance of the bondage of time by creatures who dimly feel they could be free from it, but who find it too hard to try to free themselves, who know beforehand that they would never succeed, even if they did try, because at the bottom of that incurable unhappiness of man the deplored again and again the Greek tragedies, long before these were written.

Man is unhappy because he knows, because he feels, in general, that the world in which he lives, of which he is a part, is not what it should be; not what is could be; not what, in fact, it was at the dawn of time, before decay set in.

He cannot wholeheartedly accept the world as his, especially not accept the fact that it is going from bad to worse. Be glad. However much he may try to be a realist, and snatch from destiny whatever he can, when he can, still an invincible yearning for the better remains at the bottom of his heart; he cannot, in general stomach the world as it is.

In heralding the most widespread massacre, I believe that war is preparing mystical spheres for the apparition of great ideals.

Where the charnel house dissolves, joy will be born in ferment; where the weight of mortality sinks down, the soul’s freedom will be uplifted.

The greater the offering, the greater will be the wonder and the miracle.