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Video of the Day 
Byron Jost’s Minority Rule

time: 57:34/221 words

http://youtu.be/tz8pzG02oxU [1]

Editor’s Note:

Minority Rule: The Rise of Political Correctness is an unfinished documentary directed by the late Byron Jost (A Line in the Sand). The focus of the documentary is the role of the organized Jewish community in creating political correctness. Interviewees include Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. E. Michael Jones, Dr. James Sanchez, and Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm.

Byron Jost was a personal friend. Viewing this video again underscores in my mind what a shame it is that Byron never finished this project. He was a sincere and convinced White Nationalist who wanted to use his talents to advance our cause. But he was also a sensitive, artistic type who lacked self-confidence. Byron also suffered from depression and was given to drink. Unfortunately, the “movement” did more to repulse him than to cultivate his talents, and finally he walked away.

Eventually, Byron moved to Russia, which was not a good choice, given his personality type. He found the long cold winter of 2009–2010 hellish. Eventually, he fled Russia for a vacation in Cambodia, where he died of a heroin overdose in late March, 2010. I was deeply saddened, but not entirely surprised. When I think about why we need to create a better movement that cultivates the creative and talented people among us, I think about Byron.