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Taming the Elites


Anthony van Dyck, “Charles I, King of England, from Three Angles,” 1636

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German translation here [2]

Matt Parrott’s “Ideas Matter [3]” is a superb and thought-provoking piece.

Certainly, American style democracy is a vulgar and disastrous thing. It has to go. However, I’m not convinced that democracy is the problem per se. Swiss style direct democracy has considerable promise, of course with plenty of modifications to suit our particular needs.

When I look at small group or “micro” direct democracy, the results seem good enough. The local homeowners and neighborhood associations can run themselves adequately. There are plenty of examples of small and medium scale cooperatives that seem to do fine. Employee-owned businesses also do well enough.

The evidence suggests to me that, so long as we are talking about homogenous white communities, decentralized direct democracy has a lot going for it. The evidence also suggests that direct democracy generally leads to more “conservative” results than those offered by the elites. If we had decentralized direct democracy for the last two centuries, would we be in our present dire straits? It’s an interesting question, but I can’t help but speculate that things would be far and away better.

As a white nationalist, I try to think in terms of centuries and millenia. My primary concern is the long-term survival of our people. Yet, when all is said and done, my worldview is no doubt colored greatly by the time in which I live, the reality and experience of the present age.

What is that present experience? It is one in which our elites are, at best, utterly indifferent to our plight. More often they are hostile to our cause, actively working to dispossess our people. If, instead of treating the elites as a single amorphous blob, we break them down into particular categories, the picture becomes even more stunning. It’s not just that the conservative elite sold us out, or the business elite, or the university elite, or the media elite, or the military elite, or the Catholic elite, or even the Baptist elite (typing those last two words together pained me, by the way). It’s that EVERY elite sold us down the river. Every last one. Not a single institutional elite will stand up for us.

So, shock of shocks, I’m more than a little wary of “elites,” even though I am an elitist . . . if you get my meaning.

I consider the serious thinkers of white nationalism to be a natural elite, a real elite, and the most important elite on the planet. But can that be instutionalized? In perpetuity? I have my doubts. But that is the elite that I am interested in.

My point is that institutions can be captured and controlled. But always and forever, it would seem, there arises in the folk at least a minority that can see through the corruption. And when that minority (us, at present) speaks out, what do we find? Every institutional elite opposes us, but many of our folk agree with what we say. Even after being subjected to a saturation level of propaganda, I continue to regularly run into normal white citizens that have sound and healthy instincts. To the extent that I get any sort of positive reinforcement whatsoever, it is from the folk, not any institutional elite.

I believe this is organic and natural. I have no reason to doubt that, assuming our race survives in any significant numbers, a thousand years from now it will still produce people like us. There will be someone similar to Matt Parrott. There will be someone similar to Greg Johnson, etc.


Hippolyte (Paul) Delaroche, “Cromwell before the Coffin of Charles I,” 1849

So yes, this joke called American democracy must go. Further, the coming White Republic will initially require draconian powers in order to punish or expel the anti-whites and traitors in our midst, and to crush the institutional elites that are leading us to the abattoir.

“Smash the Left. Smash Capitalism!”

Until we reach the day when a decent number of people would “get it” if you put that slogan on a sign, we haven’t gotten very far. But I digress. Point is, during the transition period, we’ve got plenty of work cut out for ourselves.

We will have to rebuild our institutions from the ground up. Let’s treat that as a given, and now look to the long term.

Here is what makes the most sense to me, once we get past the transition:

1. Decentralized direct democracy.

2. Founding charter of White Republic to be explicitly racial in nature, guaranteeing that the land shall be reserved for our people (and defining our people) exclusively and for all time, and that each generation of whites is a steward in this capacity. No generation, or even a series of generations, has the right to give our land to non-whites. It is not theirs to give in such a way, but belongs to whites and only whites, including generations as yet unborn. Any vote or decision to the contrary is null and void, and armed resistance against it is justified. This part of the charter is permanent and may not be amended. Throw in something similar to Lane’s 14 Words for good measure. “The purpose of this government is to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

3. An explicit and affirmative duty to rebel, by whatever means necessary, if either an elite or even a majority of white citizens attempts to betray the responsibility of stewardship. The duty would be to expel the alien invaders as well as bring the white traitors to justice for treason.

4. Every jury to be informed of its right to nullification. Further, killing traitors should be an affirmative defense. Let peers judge. Point is, make it personally dangerous to be a traitor. Perhaps revive code duello in some form, a la Covington.

5. Graduated franchise, with a citizen earning more votes as he demonstrates greater responsibility and service to the folk. Even if it is set up, as it probably should be, so that most citizens will likely get all of the votes in due time (property ownership, marriage, progeny, military service), the graduated franchise is necessary to destroy the idea that every opinion is equal to every other. It isn’t. Those who have more at stake, those who have demonstrated more responsibility, and those who have rendered service to the folk are entitled to a greater say. Still have universal suffrage in that everybody gets one vote for simply being a white citizen in good standing.

6. Oaths of loyalty to be taken to the folk, and to the government only insofar as it protects the continuity of the folk. The government is merely a tool, the purpose of which is to protect the folk. The folk is the actual object of loyalty, and this should be explicit. I believe that Alex Linder once mentioned requiring people to sign a written contract acknowledging that the racial basis of the nation will never be changed. Might be a good idea.

7. Revive ostracism and exile. Those who speak out against the continuity of our people are no longer entitled to live in the White Republic. Leave. We can learn a lot from the Amish in this respect. We are a people who I believe require a great deal of freedom and latitude. But we are also a particular community with a particular purpose, and we should not allow termites in human form to undermine that in the name of freedom. The termites will be free — to leave.

8. Candidates for public office held to the highest of those requirements stated above, and perhaps others as well. Not to mention term limits, public financing of campaigns, open primaries, etc. Eliminate all party strangleholds on power. If someone wants to consider himself a member of a particular party, that’s his business. But parties will lose control of the choke points that they have today, and may not exist at all absent those choke points (hopefully). Even if they do continue to exist in recognizable form, they will have far less power if the citizenry is free to reverse any decision by calling for a direct vote.

9. Take a similar approach as above with anything that is “big,” whether it is Big University, Big Media, or Big Business. If you’re going to be so big that you inherently overwhelm the power of the typical citizen, then the white citizenry as a whole must have some sort of check upon you, including ordering your dissolution and sale, or revoking your charter. In a healthy society, this power of the citizenry will rarely if ever be used, but never again can we allow our own domestic institutions to be captured and turned against us, while we have no means of recourse. Small and medium sized entities would be exempt from this, though of course their owners would be subject to the requirements of stewardship like any other citizen.

10. Revive, through the above means and others, an honor-based society. There must be real consequences to being a dishonorable traitor to one’s folk. There also must be more to life than just making a buck and stuffing as many pies into our mouths as possible. With honor, on the other hand, we honor not only ourselves and our families, but our people — both its history and its future.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. So sure, let’s institutionalize a pro-white elite to the extent that we can. The coming White Republic will, by definition, have that. It will have its own media elite, university elite, etc. But unless we have a society where traitors can reasonably expect some midnight justice, our people will always be in peril. Unless we have a society in which the white citizenry can provide a real check on corruption, our people will always be vulnerable. It’s just too easy for anyone with real money to capture institutions, and therefore the elites of those institutions. We must have a society where there is no real point in doing such a thing, because both the institution as an institution, and the elites as individuals, will be held to account.

Despite the terrible state of our people today, they are still more sound than our false elites. The future White Republic, or so it seems to me, should attempt to harness that force and encourage that natural strength, as a check against the corruption of elites. Our life experience shows us that, like it or not, we’re the last man standing, so to speak. By definition, therefore, we are the most resilient.