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Andy Nowicki Media Blitz Continues


Tullio Crali, "Bombardamento aereo," 1932

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Counter-Currents’ own Andy Nowicki is at it again, with two new interviews at the Voice of Reason:

1. Keith Preston interviews Andy Nowicki at Attack the System [2]

2. Robert Stark interviews Andy Nowicki at The Stark Truth [3]

Also see Andy’s earlier interviews:

3. Greg Johnson and Mike Polignano interview Andy Nowicki for Counter-Currents Radio [4]

4. Mike Connor and Matt Parrott interview Andy Nowicki for The Friday Show [5] (starting at the beginning of the second h0ur)

Also see James J. O’Meara’s reviews of Andy’s recent books:

1. Under the Nihil [6]

2. The Doctor and the Heretic and Other Stories [7]

3. The Columbine Pilgrim [8]

Our recent free Kindle edition promotion [9] for The Columbine Pilgrim netted 397 new readers.

Our thanks to Andy, to the interviewers, and to you, our readers.

Greg Johnson