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Who are the One Percent?

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Who are the one percent of super rich getting fabulously wealthy by dominating the American economy? If you watch media portrayals in television and movies you might think they’re arrogant WASPs, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Some rich folks like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs are, but they’re the last of an old breed of entrepreneur inventors, folks like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, who once made themselves and their country very rich by making products the world wanted.

They’re a dying breed though.

In the mid-nineties the financial sector eclipsed the manufacturing sector as the largest part of our economy and has increasingly dominated it ever since. That trend has perfectly tracked another: income inequality has exploded as our economy became more and more financialized. One percent now owns 42% of American wealth. The reason is easy to understand. In a financialized economy wealth tends to flow to the few who move it around on computers, so there’s less and less for the many folks who actually make things.

Or at least they used to make things. An increasingly financialized economy rapidly sheds good jobs making things and never fully replaces them when an increasingly rich one percent hires more poverty level nannies and gardeners. In such an economy the majority of Americans – the 99% – have become increasingly superfluous. They now have value only as bomb fodder in wars to drive the earth’s last few holdouts into the global financial system.

Who were the players that financialized the American economy? Their names are well known: Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, George Soros, Andrew Fastow, Jack Abramoff, Alan Greenspan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, and Bernie Madoff. They may be white, but they’re neither Anglo-Saxon nor Protestant. Their Jewish ethnicity is so overwhelmingly ubiquitous that when the rare WASP Timothy Geithner entered their ranks it was such an anomaly that whole websites were devoted to proving he isn’t Jewish.

Is all this coincidental, and does any of it matter? It might not if Jews copied WASPs in lacking ethnic solidarity or concern for their group interests, but they didn’t. Instead they created a vast establishment of ethnic organizations – American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, B’nai B’rith, and Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations – a collective power bloc that dominates far more than just America’s economy.

For example, when Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington to address our congress he got continuous and unanimous lockstep standing ovations like the response of the old Soviet Politburo to their premiers, an honor congress would never pay our actual president. Bettylu Saltzman of the Jewish Establishment’s Chicago branch hand picked Barack Obama and launched his political career. He consequently knows his place and who he works for, which he was reminded of when his hand, briefly extended to Palestinians in friendship, was quickly slapped down and withdrawn for good.

Similar media domination maintains a myth that WASPs dominate our economy. Jews in contrast are always portrayed as innocent victims even though they’re 16% wealthier than the former in cities and 66% richer when America’s vast WASP rural poor living in Kentucky, West Virginia, and nearly everywhere else are included. Academic institutions are no less dominated. As a consequence if Americans leave college knowing anything about small ethnic minorities controlling nations it is more likely to be Alawites dominating Syria than Jewish domination in their own country.

What does the Jewish Establishment do? It basically always asks just one question of everything: is it good for the Jews? Which can make it very bad for everyone else. In the Jewish state of Israel and its adjacent occupied territories, for example, the majority of non-Jewish Palestinians live very different lives from their Jewish neighbors. They can’t vote, live in poverty, frequently lose their homes and farms to government confiscation and destruction, are often subject to government approved targeted assassination and random violence, and move only with extreme difficulty through a maze of checkpoints on rutted roads while watching their neighbors breeze by on Jews-only superhighways.

In America, where it can’t rule directly, the Establishment uses more subtle methods like de facto total dominance of both our two parties. Republicans are useful for avoiding taxes on their wealth and regulation of their often shady ways of acquiring it and are who they turn to for wars to take out Israel’s enemies like Iraq and Iran. Since their power is indirect and non-governmental, Republicans are also handy for attacking government’s potential countervailing force.

The Democrat alternative, once promoters of income fairness, conveniently shifted its focus in the seventies to rarely fully fulfilled promises that various protected groups would be allowed to enter the one percent. The one group never protected, though, was European-descended Gentile families, an American majority pathologically feared by the Jewish Establishment in the belief it might someday revolt against their influence even though just a generation ago its parents rescued Jews in World War II.

Democrats and their allied institutions function to weaken the majority in every way from attacks on its folkways to promoting massive immigration that reduces it to a powerless minority in the country it founded while creating a population so rootless and polyglot it is expected to be incapable of unifying enough to revolt. And just as Israelis demonize Palestinians as “terrorists,” the one percent create hatred toward and self-hatred among America’s majority by universally labeling them “racists.”

The two parties may appear increasingly polarized on issues irrelevant to the Establishment, but they’ve never been so unified on policies serving its interest. Support for war and Wall Street changed little in the transition from Bush to Obama.

Not every Jew supports their Establishment’s destructive programs and many actively oppose them just as many Germans once opposed their nation’s aggression toward its neighbors. And not everyone in the one percent is Jewish. Nevertheless when a ruling class’ critical mass fails to value those it rules like Israelis devalue Palestinians, things get bad for the ruled, and they’re getting much worse for Americans.

Jewish Establishment power over America is no myth or mystery. It was fully described back in 1988 by New York Times reporter Hedrick Smith’s in his book The Power Game and more recently by academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their 2007 book The Israel Lobby. But because Establishment power began in and continues to dominate media Americans depend on for understanding the world, it is still the room’s 500 pound gorilla ignored by all.

Mark Yudof, President of all University of California campuses, is a fairly typical member of the one percent who made news when his campus police violently suppressed Occupy Movement protests against them. That story went around the world but another one about the UC system is unlikely to.

Every ruling class has its upstarts and parvenus, outsiders who intrude on its power. A fictional one who met a disastrous violent end because he failed to know his place and got too close to the old English ruling class was vividly portrayed in the 1982 film The Draughtsman’s Contract.

Now America’s new ruling class seems to have its own upstarts. Ryan Clifford is suing a UC campus where he tried to pledge its Alpha Epsilon Pi Jewish fraternity in 2008. His suit alleges that as a non-Jew he was subjected to especially severe hazing including sexual assault. Later, after the fraternity learned he had told his parents about this, it crippled him with a severe beating and chronically harassed and terrorized him when he eventually returned to school after two surgeries. Meanwhile UC, despite being fully informed and having an official zero tolerance policy against violent hazing, failed to discipline Alpha Epsilon Pi and instead told Clifford to drop out of college, which he did. Welcome to the new America, Ryan!


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  1. Ted
    Posted December 16, 2011 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    they’re arrogant WASPs, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Some rich folks like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs

    Ethnically, Jobs was part Syrian. Do you refer instead to his upbringing in his adopted family?

    • Andrew Hamilton
      Posted December 16, 2011 at 7:21 am | Permalink

      Jobs was half Syrian (father) and half white (mother). He has a biological sister, a prominent novelist, who was raised by the couple, and whom he learned about and met only later in life.

      His adoptive parents were reportedly Armenian-American, so you run into the same problem there.

      Is billionaire Kirk Kerkorian white? Was novelist William Saroyan? (Armenia, like Turkey and Syria, is traditionally deemed part of Asia.)

      Whiteness is a complicated thing.

      • Verlis
        Posted December 16, 2011 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

        Is billionaire Kirk Kerkorian white? Was novelist William Saroyan? (Armenia, like Turkey and Syria, is traditionally deemed part of Asia.)

        Italy is traditionally deemed part of Europe, but was Sal Mineo white? Was Victor Mature? Is Ralph Macchio? Is Enrico Lo Verso? Or maybe more importantly, how much whiter are (or were) they than Kirk Kerkorian or William Saroyan?

        Whiteness is a complicated thing.

        Yes, it is. Which is why it may have been a good idea to formulate some methods of drawing racial distinctions in such a way as to increase the likelihood of those so distinguished identifying with their own kind as per racial distinction drawn, particularly in a heavy racialized social atmosphere (of the sort or intensity necessary for any meaningful racial change to be possible), rather than the opposite, which is what has in fact occurred: those so distinguished rebelling against the distinction.

        But I take it there are more important tasks, like addressing the dearth of good new Jewish jokes.

      • Vercingetorix
        Posted December 16, 2011 at 6:09 pm | Permalink

        [Job’s] adoptive parents were reportedly Armenian-American, so you run into the same problem there….Armenia, like Turkey and Syria, is traditionally deemed part of Asia.

        So, Andrew, now Caucasians aren’t White? Armenia is deemed to be in Europe, by the way, not that it matters. Also, the phrase “Asia Minor” came from the Greeks who lived there.

        Whites include not just Mediterraneans and Nordics but also Caucasians and perhaps Levantines, such as Assyrian Christians whom most of us do not want to exclude either. I hope you don’t exclude them just because Jews are Semites. That is the wrong criterion. Jews have subjectively defined themselves as being completely different from all humanity, let alone Whites.

      • mysmackan
        Posted December 17, 2011 at 1:22 am | Permalink

        Most armenians look mideastern, some look european. So as a people I would say that, no, armenians are not a white people. I would say that Jobs were white since he could pass as a european. But e thnically he was half syrian and half anglo-saxon and culturally he was an angloamerican.

  2. kukluxklancy
    Posted December 16, 2011 at 1:45 pm | Permalink

    “Not every Jew supports their Establishment’s destructive programs and many actively oppose them just as many Germans once opposed their nation’s aggression toward its neighbors.”

    “Agression towards its neighbors”? You are clueless about history.

  3. Annis
    Posted December 16, 2011 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    There are three groups of White people. Mediterranean, Alpine and Nordic. There are few Alpine left. The founding stock of the United States and most European people are Nordic – as for the Spanish and Italian – I don’t know.

    If you visit this website you can view the areas in which jews have complete control which gives them power over us and the rest of the world – over our publishing or movie industry or the world’s food industry for instance.

    The late John “Birdman” Bryant said that our problem is that we have weaknesses or vulnerabilities and that jews take advantage of those. He suggested that even if jews were not the ones doing this, if we don’t fix our weaknesses then someone else could step in and take advantage of us.

    I think that is brilliant. Just as Kennedy set for us the goal of putting a man on the moon within ten years, we need our elites to set the goal of creating real competition for the jew in every area he dominates. We should not only compete but utterly destroy him.

    We desperately need tv channels in order to take back Congress and get our own people into office. And definitely we need paper ballots. It doesn’t matter if we had the best man in the world to run for office, jews can fix electronic voting machines and there is no doubt they do just that.

  4. Ted
    Posted December 17, 2011 at 2:00 am | Permalink

    Interesting how a correction of the idea that Jobs was specifically a “WASP” – which he objectively was not – devolved into a debate on “whiteness.” This debate has been going on online endlessly for years, and is not going to be resolved here or at any other forum.

    “Whiteness” is “complicated” because it is subjective. Other terms are less subjective. Was Jobs a British-derived Protestant (“WASP?”). No. Was he a European-American? Being, half-Syrian, no. Was he Caucasian? Yes.

  5. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted December 18, 2011 at 5:30 pm | Permalink


    Let’s try to find a few Golden Threads in the maze.

    George Hocking in blockquote:

    An increasingly financialized economy rapidly sheds good jobs making things and never fully replaces them when an increasingly rich one percent hires more poverty level nannies and gardeners.

    THIS is the megatrend no one dares discuss. The financialization of the economy reduces America to Brazil, with snow. Everything is encumbered to such a degree that positive investment is swallowed whole by the disinvestment of financialization.

    The economic “collapse” will probably level off with the average America’s standard of living dropping to, say, 1935 or so – think the First Great Depression, with electricity and the Internet.
    From my back of the envelope analysis, given the creative accounting that is at the center of pension fund accounting and municipal accounting, I see a restructuring of Social Security – already under way, by the way – as to being formally defined today what the Supreme Court admitted it was back in the Forties – then, it was called a “welfare program,” and today it is called “income maintenance.” It will become a welfare program in fact, linked with TANF – formerly Food Stamps – for those ineligible for Social Security. Ultimately, as the market valuation of pensions goes to a all but a negative number, the following scenario seems most likely:

    (1) your pension/401K/SEP, followed by (2) PBGC as that goes under, which greatly limits your pension income, and (3) the new Social Security. Note that PBGC – Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation – already has a dollar for dollar offset against Social Security. Those people you see riding around in big RV’s with bumper stickers proudly proclaiming “We’re Spending Our Grandchildren’s Inheritance,” will soon park those things in their grandchildren’s driveways.

    The new Social Security, combined with TANF, will become the new welfare.

    Prepare accordingly.

    In such an economy the majority of Americans – the 99% – have become increasingly superfluous.

    A very good observation, and it is this fear – that those who still have “good jobs” may lose them in the next round of throwing the furniture, and the tools, into the fireplace to state the cold for an all too brief moment – that will allow the OCCUPY Movement to become a true political Movement. Yes, they are largely a Controlled Opposition, but it begins to offer a sort of lightning rod/circuit breaker for the Newly Dispossessed.

    What is OUR alternative for when jobs go away, for good? Ecological economics offers a start.

    Jewish Establishment power over America is no myth or mystery.

    “Jewish Establishment power” is a mile wide, and an inch deep. It requires your willing support at all save a very few points. Did they use force to get too many people to treat their houses as ATM’s? No. Their houses are now essentially debtor’s prisons, with the debtors in charge of maintenance.

    Those who see themselves as victims will never be effective.

    Those who play “Blame the Jews” must be aware that, yes, they took advantage of our weaknesses, our lack of personal, familial, and Racial responsibility, but we allowed this to happen, and still have not learned the lesson of simply taking the Red Pill to its logical conclusion.

    Have I mentioned the writings of Mr. Harold Covington, and the Northwest Republic?

    It’s nice to blame the Jews. It is effective, much more effective, to begin writing a diary of your life as you would imagine it fifty years from now, and begin preparing yourself to fulfill that greater Purpose for which you were chosen and trained before God laid the foundations of the Heavens and the Earth.

    Or, you can go back to sleep, and watch ESPN.

    Guess which choice your Posterity will applaud?

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

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