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The Mark of Cain

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Herman Cain is Black. He’s not merely racially Black. He’s truly, completely, chromatically black. He knows it, his supporters know it, the media know it, and—presuming you haven’t been hiding under a rock—you know it, too. It’s the core of his shtick and a primary reason for his surge in popularity. In an ironic inversion of the biblical story, this particular inherited mark of Cain is a blessing for him and his campaign.

It’s a shame that the derogatory term “Uncle Tom” has been overused within the Black community to bludgeon Blacks who defy the leftist party line of its mulatto elite, because it now rings hollow, despite being correct in this case. Cain clearly and directly exploits his Black identity to triangulate against the multicult left on behalf of the White conservative middle class. The insecure and self-conscious Whites fear that their own animosity towards Obama might be racist—but Cain’s animosity can’t be . . . because he’s Black! The Tea Party’s cardinal agenda is to thwart ongoing efforts by Cosmic America [2] to redistribute White America’s wealth and privilege: It’s integrally racist and pro-White. Cain absolves White America of the dissonance they’ve been trained to experience when taking their own side in a fight . . . because he’s Black!

There’s been some superficial confusion in some superficial circles about how a movement which is supposedly White and racist could support a Black candidate. There’s really no mystery here, as there are two discreet types of White racist: ideologues and deniers. I’m a pro-White ideologue. I knowingly, consciously, proudly care about my ethnic extended family. I’m versed in and supportive of the arguments for embracing my racial identity and pursuing self-determination for my people. But folks like myself are merely the tip of an iceberg of White racists in America, with the overwhelming majority being deniers.

Deniers deny not only to others but to themselves that they’re racist. They flee to the suburbs in pursuit of “good schools.” They couple their angry outbursts against illegal immigrants with pious paeans to the virtues of legal immigrants. They have a visceral contempt for “thugs,” but insist that it’s cultural and not racial. They understand on an instinctive level that there’s an alien “them” encroaching upon “us” from whom we must “take it back,” but that perfectly healthy sentiment is passed through a powerful filter of brainwashing and taboo enforcement finding its expression in support for balancing budgets, lowering taxes, building a fence, and enforcing drug laws.

There was a viral video a while back, Pants on the Ground [3], which went viral because a Black man offered Whites a kosher opportunity to vent their frustration with Black behavior.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMwhl4IrPNc [3]

Had a White man performed that routine, he would have been racist. When White men attempt to pass laws demanding that Black men pull their pants up, those laws are racist. White Americans laughed a little too hard and a little too long [4] [11:55] at this comedy skit because it offered a safe release to a frustration which is becoming dangerously pressurized. Cain’s campaign, boiled down to its essence, is the childish and pathetic “Pants on the Ground” catharsis applied on an epic nationwide political scale.

Cain’s campaign is little more than a comedy routine, but it’s one which may well propel him to capturing the GOP nomination. White Republicans are so hooked on the relief from the charge of racism Cain provides them that they’ve overlooked the obvious fact that the guy’s entirely unfit for the office. His “9-9-9” tax plan is a pathetic joke. He didn’t even know that China has nuclear weaponry, and he doesn’t even have the geopolitical savoir faire to know that you don’t demagogue against China. This is reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise, one in which a local career politician had to pretend to be a global statesman . . . and hilarity ensued. Not to be a geography snob, but a person who doesn’t know which Korea [5] is the dictatorship is unfit to pour a presidential candidate’s coffee, much less split the ticket with one in poor health. Likewise, a candidate who doesn’t realize why you don’t negotiate with hostage-takers [6] is unfit for office. Period.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gdDTsulrYU [7]

The problem with this isn’t so much that the candidate needs to subject himself to a rigorous process of geographical and historical flash cards while on the trail; the problem is that the men flashing the cards will indubitably be the Zionist weasels who swarm these sorts of campaigns. As groan-inducing as Mitt’s policies and practices are, one can be relatively confident that Mitt stands alongside Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul in being competent and knowledgeable on a level that Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Herman Cain simply are not. Even if Bachmann is more or less with us in terms of identity and spirit, her presidency would go the way of George W. Bush’s, with the Zionist weasels hijacking her administration to pursue their nefarious anti-American agenda.

I do believe that Cain could potentially win the GOP nomination. It’s his to lose. He could very well lose it by unleashing enough gaffes that his supporters are forced to come to terms with his lack of fitness, but it would need to be an extraordinary number of extraordinary gaffes to destroy the powerful sensation of relief and righteousness that racist Whites in denial experience from supporting him. In the coming months, the race will narrow down to the big three: Cain, Paul, and Romney. This means that debates will be less crowded with sound bites (Cain’s forte) and he’ll be increasingly pinned between America’s most serpent-tongued system politician (Romney), and America’s most well-informed and brutally honest politician (Paul).

If he makes it to the general election, he’ll lose, as his shtick is useless in a direct face-off with another Black candidate. There’s this presumption among the Tea Party crowd that Cain will be especially effective in a match-up with Obama because he’s Black, but it won’t play out like they’re thinking. In a Black-on-Black contest, race will cease to be a prevailing factor, and the two men will match wits and ideas. As devoid of ideas as Obama is, he’s eminently more poised, presidential, knowledgeable, and clever than Cain. The GOP will have taken an election which is theirs to lose and lost it on purpose. For the second presidential election in a row, they will throw an entire election in their futile and contemptible effort to demonstrate symbolically that they’re not racist.

Herman Cain’s been taking the exploitation of the race card to ridiculous heights, describing the media’s investigation of his (admittedly specious) sexual harassment allegations as a “high-tech lynching.” He directly accuses the Democrats of opposing him because they’re racist. Rather than “transcending” race, he’s exploiting the fact that his identity is definitively more Black than Obama’s. Obama’s spent his entire adult life [8] desperately trying to deny his global cosmopolitan roots in favor of his mythic Roots [9]™. Cain could probably hurt Obama’s feelings with this angle, but that’s beside the point. Cain’s comedy routine will wither on impact with Obama’s scowl of disapproval. His amateurish sound bites on the issues will wither on impact with Obama’s “articulate” grasp of the complex global and economic issues in a one-on-one debate. Moderates will accurately surmise that while Obama is undesirable and unsuccessful, he’s still preferable to Cain’s vacuous White Guilt-propelled minstrel show.

Cain’s a shrewd businessman who has identified a market opportunity in America’s moral panic about White racism and is effectively capitalizing on it. Whether he’ll manage to ride his winning formula into the general election or perhaps even the Oval Office remains to be seen. One thing is already certain for me: the Herman Cain phenomenon demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the American experiment in popular democracy is an irredeemable failure. Those who predicted American democracy would degenerate into the lowest common denominator of “bread and circuses” lacked Cain’s visionary realization that there’s an even lower common denominator than myopic self-interest: hysterical self-flagellation and self-destruction in response to accusations of “racism.”