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Counter-Currents Matching Grant Update
Why Do You Read Counter-Currents?

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First, the update, then a question for discussion.

Since our last update, we have received $125 in donations, plus several people have contacted us about sending donations in the mail. Again, we want to thank you for your support.

If support keeps coming in at this rate between now and Halloween, we will make our goal of $25,000. So now is the time for you to back a winning proposition: click HERE [2] to make a donation.

Remember: Counter-Currents has found a “mysterious benefactor” who will match donations made between now and Halloween up to $6,000.

However, our benefactor will only match donations that are actually made before the end of the month. We cannot ask him to match pledges of monthly support, which can go on indefinitely — or be cut off after a couple of months. But if you sign up for a monthly payment program, your first month’s payment will be matched. (You can sign up at our donate page: https://counter-currents.com/donate/ [2])

Second, a question for discussion. Last month, more than 45,000 unique visitors came to Counter-Currents. Many of those visitors come back multiple time. Yet only a small fraction comment here. I am dying to know: Why do you read Counter-Currents?

Please post your answers below as comments. And please, don’t talk yourself out of replying. No answer is too short. You don’t need to be cute, clever, witty, or profound. You just need to be sincere.

Thanks again for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson