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Pick Your Poison

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After years of abortive attempts at devising their own populist response to the Tea Party, the American political Left finally have one: Occupy Wall Street [2]. Like the Tea Party, it’s devoid of coherent leadership or a coherent agenda. Like the Tea Party, it feigns a lack of partisanship or class identification while obviously belonging to a major party. The Tea Party began as a populist outcry against the GOP’s outrages, degenerated into a kabuki theater routine of feigned autonomy, then eventually died in its sleep . . . in bed with the Republican Beltway insiders who patiently and methodically sucked the life out of it.

They’re not exactly yin and yang, though. The Tea Party was initially instigated and guided by a relatively serious and organized vanguard of ideological libertarians. Occupy Wall Street has no such vanguard and no ideological compass to speak of. It’s easy to cherry-pick individuals who claim to speak for decentralized uprisings like this, and it’s more difficult to find its common message. In this case, the only message is that “us” in the 99% are victims of “them” in the top 1% of wealth. I have accused ideological libertarians of lacking in nuance and depth, but this takes the cake!

If Occupy Wall Street is a nascent revolution—the American Fall following the Arab Spring—then it will be the single dumbest revolution in world history.

But what more can we expect of a generation which has been so effectively brainwashed by our global elites that they’ve effectively inculcated taboos against discussing or even thinking about anything which comes close to the root problem? To name the attackers, one would have to name a cosmopolitan cabal of Jews and their technocratic puppets. Of course, we can’t do that. For fear of being anti-Semitic, we must all pretend the perpetrators are “faceless.” To defend what’s being attacked, one would have to defend our last remaining bulwarks of tradition and identity. Good luck recruiting ironic hipsters and alienated individualists to sign on for that.

The argument is shaping up to be one of whether our problem is a cancerous government commandeered by a sinister cabal or whether it’s our rapacious corporations commandeered by a sinister cabal. [Spoiler Alert: The same cabal controls both.] The solution coming from the “left” is to trust the government to “regulate” the corporations. The solution coming from the “right” is to trust the market instead of the government. It’s obvious to readers in these circles that we can trust neither, that both are integrally set against the interest of the “99%” they have the power to control and exploit. Government regulations and corporate policies are both suitable means of breaking a people, and our overlords are magnanimously inviting you to pick your poison in a free and fair election.

We as a movement are in a much better place than we were in previous decades. A large and growing mass of White Americans across the “left” and “right” bands of America’s narrow slice of the political spectrum recognize that something is very deeply wrong. While a good share of it is the predictable dissonance that comes with economic hardship, what they’re experiencing is more than a mere hangover. There’s that, too, of course. But they’re awakening from decades of decadence and distraction and taking stock of just how completely and totally abysmal their future will be.

Most folks on the White Right are joining the controlled Right in buying the mainstream media’s new Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street paradigm. They’re giving up on Occupy Wall Street because there are reports of some leftist and anti-White stuff being shouted by random voices in the mob—some of whom fancy themselves leaders of said mob. This is the defeatist spirit of conservatives, the “beautiful loser” mentality in full effect. They’re resigned to absorb another round of abuse like the battered housewives they are.

When the Tea Party declared that they demanded X, Y, and Z, the Republican machine responded with a condescending smirk of an abusive husband and got busy having its way with them. It got busy influencing, leading, propagandizing, hustling, and organizing. We can’t sit around and wait for the people to apologize to us for being wrong and ask us to lead them. We need to either get in the game and fight for what we believe in or have the integrity and humility to admit defeat and hang it up.

You don’t get to pick your battles, but White Nationalists who carried the torch through our darkest decades would have died to have a shot at diving into this civil unrest. They would have loved to wade into leaderless mobs of desperate youths who are angry about international bankers and the Federal Reserve. The overwhelming majority of people showing up for these events are White. The overwhelming majority of them are both clueless about what’s going on and looking for answers. Unlike the typical Tea Party supporter, these people are more open to radical paradigm shifts, less invested in the current system, and a couple decades younger. They may not care for the answers and solutions I have, but—by God—they’re going to hear them, anyway.