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Mapping the Third Way

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On Monday, I recorded an interview with Robert Stark of the Voice of Reason Network. We discussed Occupy Wall Street and the rich tradition of nationalistic “Third Way” economic thinking, which has never been more relevant.

Beyond capitalism versus socialism is a whole range of options, from National Socialism (which could just as well be called National Capitalism) to Corporatism, Social Credit, Populism, and Distributism.

To get a sense of the richness of this tradition, I urge you to read F. Roger Devlin’s “The Family Way [2],” a review essay on Allan Carlson’s superb book Third Ways: How Bulgarian Greens, Swedish Housewives, and Beer-Swilling Englishmen Created Family-Centered Economies – And Why They Disappeared [3], and Kerry Bolton’s series “Breaking the Bondage of Interest: The Right Answer to Usury [4].”

We will keep doing our small part to get these alternatives before the public as the economic crisis and popular discontent deepen. I just wish we had the ability to compete with sellers of the same old free market versus state socialism snake oil. But we don’t. Not yet.

That is why we are asking for donations. We need to build alternative media and hone our alternative message. And that takes time, energy, and talent that I would prefer that our writers be able to devote to our cause rather than sell to the system that is destroying us, just so they can pay their bills.

Since our last update, we have received $1,315 in additional donations, in amounts ranging from $10 to $700. Again, I want to thank our donors for your continued generosity and faith in our efforts.

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The interview with Robert Stark will air on Friday at the Voice of Reason: [6] Please tune in, and be sure to share your thoughts and reactions.

Thank you for your readership and support.

Greg Johnson