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In Memory of Louis T. Byers, c. 1932–October 22, 1981

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The name Louis T. Byers only seems to have been maintained among Rightist circles by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s dedication to him of The Enemy of Our Enemies, his critique of Francis Parker Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe (Liberty Bell Publications, 1981).

Dr. Oliver’s dedication reads:

To the Memory of

The Founder of the Francis Parker Yockey Society

Louis T. Byers

Aryan of the Aryans

Who Fought a Good Fight to its Tragic End

22 October 1981

Yet, although apparently little known today, Byers obviously played a seminal role in the establishing of a doctrinal foundation for the Right above and beyond the common run. In his day, he drew significant ire from liberal hacks such as Jack Anderson and Drew Pearson.

Byers, like many others of the radical Right, including Dr. Oliver, started his political sojourn in the John Birch Society, as the area co-coordinator for western Pennsylvania and New York, but was, again like many other stalwarts, expelled from the JBS in 1968 for radical views.

Also in 1968, Byers was the Pennsylvania organizer of the George C. Wallace presidential campaign. He was instrumental in transforming the Youth for Wallace organization into the National Youth Alliance with the support of Willis Carto. Under Byers’ direction, the National Youth Alliance intended to establish its presence on the streets and in the campuses by physically confronting the New Left, which was then running rampant under the covert auspices of the Establishment it claimed to be fighting.[1]

Byers, described as “a fast-talking, articulate Philadelphian,”[2] was head of the Francis Parker Yockey Society, which seems to have been founded as a type of Rightist version of the Fabian Society – to infiltrate and redirect the Right. NYA was to effect the street organization[3] that Yockey had himself predicted would come to the USA. A Washington Post photograph shows the NYA office adorned with a large picture of Yockey.

The first issue of the NYA’ tabloid, Attack! came out in Fall 1969, listing Byers as publisher. It announced a campus program called “Right Power,” with the by-line “Stop Riot Power with Right Power,” featuring films and speakers, but with the advice that Hippies would not be admitted. The program was launched at UCLA, and the front page of Attack! depicts Byers addressing a student audience of 2000, while another picture shows “a spellbound hippie” reading Imperium. Following the rally, the students presented their demands to the Dean: Restore law and order to the campus; continue to give credit for ROTC; rename Ralph Bunche Hall as Douglas MacArthur Hall; add eugenics, genetics, and ethology to the curriculum; fire teachers who encourage anarchy; dissolve the SDS. If demands were not met, Rightist counteraction was threatened. Page 3 of Attack! carried a large advertisement for Imperium.[4]

By the fifth issue of Attack! Dr. William Pierce had become the editor, succeeding two prior editors, while Byers remained the publisher. With the seventh issue (Fall 1971) Byers’ name no longer appeared. As many readers will know, the NYA was transformed into the National Alliance under the direction of Dr. Pierce. What happened to Byers from then until his death from cancer in 1981 is unknown to this writer.

It is hoped that these few words will prompt others to contribute further information, or to contact this writer, in regard to Byers, whose name should be remembered by those who value the legacy of Yockey.


1. K. R. Bolton, Revolution from Above (London: Arktos Media Ltd., 2011), “New Left from Old.”

2. Paul W. Valentine, “The Student Right: Racist, Martial, Insular,” Washington Post, May 15, 1969.

3. Paul W. Valentine, “NYA: Alive & Well Here,” Washington Post, December 22, 1969.

4. Attack!, National Youth Alliance, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1969.


  1. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted October 22, 2011 at 11:36 am | Permalink


    I have the feeling of having been awakened from a deep sleep – Hell, a coma! – by having a very cold bucket of ice water thrown on me.

    Of COURSE!

    The Wallace Campaign! In ALL WNist literature, the dog that has never barked! Damn, that got thrown down the Memory Hole fairly quickly, didn’t it?

    Political organization? Check!

    Disciplined, focused political soldiers? Check!

    “Feet in the street, boots on the ground” political soldiers? Check!

    Metapolitical focus – the Francis Parker Yockey Society? Check!

    Dealing explicitly with the issues of Race, particularly with a political focus? Check!

    I always thought “Attack!” began with He Who Must Not Be Mentioned For A Year. I had no idea that this was all going on as well as it did. Suddenly, a lot of pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

    I had a brilliant professor, who believed the Wallace Campaign was running for name recognition, and organizational development, leading to a formal Third Party being developed after the national election. “Youth for Wallace” becoming the National YOUTH Alliance? And then…?

    Watch out for that football, Charlie Brown!

    A Wise and Learned Friend of mine looked at the Buchanan for President Campaign, and said the people Buchanan was trying to lead were so damn stupid they would use his Black VP candidate as an excuse not to vote for him, ignoring the Greater Issue that this would allow his political organization to qualify for Federal matching funds in the NEXT Presidential campaign, while building an effective national political organizational along the way.

    Thank you a thousandfold, Dr. Bolton. This piece has opened my eyes to many unresolved issues that, once again, we failed to learn the lesson from.

    And, many questions regarding HWMNBMFAY and his “national” organization suddenly seem answered, and I do not like the answers, at all.

    Suddenly, Harold Covington is not just right, he is so damn BLINDINGLY right it hurts.

    EVERYONE else, with the exception of Rockwell, Dr. Sam Francis (up to a point), and Dr. Revilo Oliver, have been busy playing their very best game of Lucy’s Rules Football, without even SEEING Lucy, much less who is calling the plays for her.

    “Youth For Wallace!”

    NOW we see where Dr. Sam Francis’s MARSians came from, and we just might see why, and how easily, they have been reduced to stunning ineffectiveness.

    What Is To Be Done?

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Jaego Scorzne
      Posted October 22, 2011 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

      You mentioned the value of Hindu Astrology a few months ago. Can you reccomend a good internet service?

      I don’t want to be stuck as a “Martian”. If the Founding Fathers had been “hirelings” as opposed to tradesmen, would there have been a Revolution at all? There are fewer tradesmen now, more hirelings, and a growing mob that will riot for bread or sell what’s left of their soul for circuses.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted October 22, 2011 at 10:21 pm | Permalink


        Jaego Scornze in blockquote:

        You mentioned the value of Hindu Astrology a few months ago. Can you reccomend a good internet service?

        I mentioned the value of Hindu Astrology in a specific example, specifically regarding one personage who as a VERY advanced Soul who had been incarnated in the Hindu system many times.

        “Western” astrology works very well, indeed, as an outline of the Talents the Soul entered into this Incarnation with, and as a road map of sorts, showing where the Talents could be used to turn what the Mind saw as obstacles, into what the Spirit saw a opportunities. Of course, it is not absolutely deterministic. In a dualistic Universe where we have free will, nothing can be.

        That having been said, I can not say enough good about Steven Forrest, whose website is Remember, considering the money and time (irreplacable time!) you have spent on everything but what works, it might be time to consider a new perspective. Forrest is wicked smart, and I can not say enough good about this man who is trying to get people off the hamster wheels, and back to the fulfillment of their soul’s purpose in this lifetime, and future lifetimes, wherever they are. Vocational horoscopes are very useful; at the very least, they rule out what does not work.

        I don’t want to be stuck as a “Martian”. If the Founding Fathers had been “hirelings” as opposed to tradesmen, would there have been a Revolution at all? There are fewer tradesmen now, more hirelings, and a growing mob that will riot for bread or sell what’s left of their soul for circuses.

        “MARSian” is based on Dr. San Francis’s formulation of Middle American Radicals, people who realized The System was not working for them, and it was not their fault. Think “Wallace Voters/Reagan Democrats.”

        There ARE “more hirelings,” but that is to be expected during the Kali Yuga, which is really getting into gear now. That is why it is all the more important to align your life with your Incarnational Contract, basing your life of Voluntary Simplicity to keep you free to do what needs to be done.

        There are dimensions of Consciousness that may not be visible in the natal horoscope. I talked with a very good astrologer about Uncle Adolph’s chart, and he was surprised because there was nothing there – that he could see – that hinted at the greatness of Spirit that would manifest as his life.

        One thing – when you truly hear/”feel” “The Call,” you will know that THIS is not “Home.” THIS is only a schoolhouse created for Mankind where, alone in the known Universe, one truly has the opportunity for true freedom, true freedom of choice, and true Individuation.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

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